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MIS-SIM Simulation & training software for surface & subsea robotics

Simulation & training software for surface & subsea robotics

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‌MIS-SIM provides highly realistic 2D and 3D maritime mission and scenario simulation in detailed virtual environments, and is ideal for testing new autonomous USV and UUV systems, pre-mission training and rehearsal, and digital twin creation. The software can accurately mimic charted subsea environments, landmarks and landmasses anywhere in the world, and provides a controlled and consistent environment for robust testing or robotic or human-the-the-loop systems.

The versatile hardware-agnostic solution is designed to work with any vehicle, sensor or asset, and allows real-time or historic mission data to be imported into the virtual environment and explored via 2D plots, chart overlays, and simplistic or fully realistic 3D worlds. The software also provides a fully comprehensive post-mission analysis environment for debriefing, replaying and reviewing operational performance.

MIS-SIM works seamlessly out of the box with Greenroom Robotics’ GAMA autonomy software and Lookout+ optical situational awareness solution. The company can work with you to tailor MIS-SIM to your exact operational requirements, providing a highly effective solution that suits your specific mission objectives.