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Topcon Positioning is a leading developer of GNSS positioning technologies and solutions for OEMs of civil and commercial unmanned systems such as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), drones and UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles).

Our embedded and integrated GNSS products are designed to bring enhanced positioning precision and accuracy to a vast range of applications, from precision agriculture to construction and surveying.

OEM GNSS Receiver Boards

Our lightweight, compact GNSS receiver boards are ideal for OEM unmanned systems developers with precise positioning needs, providing a range of tracking and interfacing capabilities.

B111 OEM GNSS Receiver Board

Ultra-compact, low power board

B111 OEM GNSS Receiver BoardThe B111 is an ultra-compact precise positioning solution providing scalable positioning from sub-meter DGPS to sub-centimeter RTK, with “all in view” dual-frequency code/carrier tracking of GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS.

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B125 OEM GNSS Receiver Board

Compact, multi-constellation GNSS board

B125 OEM GNSS Receiver BoardThe B125 is a future-proofed compact positioning engine with tracking support for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou signals. Diverse communications abilities include Serial, USB and CAN as well as high-speed Ethernet and remote web access, all available through a single connector.

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B210 OEM GNSS Receiver Board

Ultra-compact, with future-proof GNSS tracking

B210 OEM GNSS Receiver BoardThe B210 is a highly versatile receiver board with powerful Vanguard Technology that provides high-accuracy VHD heading determination as well as centimeter-level RTK positioning for even the most demanding of positioning applications. Future-proofing is assured with tracking of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou.

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Integrated GNSS Receivers

Our integrated receivers provide rugged GNSS positioning solutions for unmanned systems OEMs as well as for the requirements of existing civil and commercial systems.

SGR-1 OEM Antenna/Receiver

Rugged guidance and mapping receiver

SGR-1 OEM Antenna:ReceiverThe SGR-1 is a rugged all-in-one antenna/receiver combination providing accurate, reliable positioning out of the box. It tracks GPS and GLONASS L1 code and carrier signals as well as SBAS, and receives L-band OmniSTAR correctional signals for enhanced accuracy. Ground speed can be provided as a simulated radar output for improved slow speed operations, making the SGR-1 ideal for precision agriculture drones and vehicles performing tasks such as seeding and spraying.

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MR2 Modular OEM GNSS Receiver

RTK positioning and heading determination

MR2 Modular OEM GNSS ReceiverThe MR-2 is a rugged, modular GNSS receiver designed for harsh environments, with IP67-rated dust and water protection and mil-spec shock and vibration tolerance. It features tracking of every available signal from all current and planned constellations, with support for dual antennas and simultaneous RTK positioning and heading determination. With 8GB of internal storage and a variety of communications options, the versatile MR-2 is ideal for integration into a wide variety of unmanned platforms.

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NET-G5 Reference Station Receiver

Multi-constellation signal tracking

NET-G5 Reference Station ReceiverThe NET-G5 receiver is designed to provide superior tracking of all constellations and signals for network reference stations. With 452 channels for multifrequency tracking of all current and future GNSS signals, the NET-G5 is ideal for delivering GNSS referencing for land surveying, topography and utilities applications.

The receiver can be accessed via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as well as serial or USB, and offers a flexible and intuitive web-based user interface.

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AGI-4 Receiver & Steering Controller

Modular guidance receiver for agricultural applications

AGI-4 Receiver & Steering ControllerThe AGI-4 incorporates a GNSS antenna and receiver with a state-of-the art steering system for unmanned and autonomous agricultural vehicles, powered by sophisticated inertial sensor technology and full terrain compensation for superior line acquisition and holding.

The system is easily upgradeable to 2cm accuracy with RTK radio options, and NTRIP capabilities allow it to connect to existing reference networks via cellular communication. The AGI-4 is ideal for seeding, planting, spraying, water conservation and a variety of other outdoor and agricultural management applications.

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Rugged GNSS Antennas

Our rugged, ultra-reliable GNSS antennas provide stable satellite tracking while minimising signal loss for enhanced positioning performance.

PN-A5 Semi-hemispherical GNSS Antenna

Pin based,