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UnmannedSystemsTechnology.com are thrilled to be working with so many companies attending AUVSI's Xponential this year... By Caroline Rees / 26 Apr 2023
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AUVSI XPONENTIAL gathers together global leaders and end users in the uncrewed systems and robotics industry. Showcasing commitment to collaboration and technological excellence, the event is the most comprehensive trade show and conference for the unmanned sector.

Four days of demos, keynote sessions, workshops and networking opportunities await attendees at the Colorado Convention Center, Denver, May 8-11, 2023. Excitement is building here at UST, we’re keen to be meeting with so many of our partners again in person.

We’re delighted to be working with so many companies attending Xponential this year, whether they are exhibiting, presenting or walking the floor – if you’d like to meet up then why not send a message via our platform? Details below:

  • Advanced Navigation at Booth 3612: AI-based Inertial Navigation Systems (MEMS and FOG), Acoustic Positioning Solutions
  • AlarisPro at Booth 4034: UAS Operations & Fleet Management Software | UAS Monitoring System
  • Alpha Unmanned Systems at Booth 2616: Helicopter UAVs: Rotary Wing Drones for Maritime, Naval & Security Operations | UAS GCS
  • Alva at Booth 1924: High-Power Slotless Drone Motors & UAV Propulsion Systems
  • Applied Aeronautics: at Booth 4242: Affordable Fixed-Wing Drone for Commercial Applications
  • Ascent AeroSystems at Booth 3443: Lightweight & Modular Coaxial Drone for Public Safety, Emergency Response & Disaster Relief
  • Aurora Flight Sciences at Booth 2816: Uncrewed Aircraft Systems, Optionally Piloted Aircraft & CUAS Interceptor Drones
  • Auterion at Booth 3812: Drone Control Software & Hardware for Integrated Drone Mission Planning & Drone Fleet Management
  • Black Swift Technologies at Booth 3616: Autonomous UAS, Research & Inspection UAVs for Industrial Inspection, Survey & Mapping
  • Blue Marble Geographics at Booth 1805: Geospatial Data Analysis, Point Cloud Processing and GIS Mapping Software for Drones and UAV
  • Blue Robotics at Booth 2213: Tethered Ocean ROV, plus Underwater Thrusters & Scanning Sonar for ROV & AUV
  • Blue Vigil at Booth 4914: COTS Drone Power Tether Systems | Drone Tethering Kits for OEMs
  • Botlink at Booth 4512: UAV Solar MPPT, Battery Management Software, LTE Drone Control System & Flight Planning App
  • C-Astral at Booth 2327: Fixed-Wing UAS, Tactical Drones for Long-Range SAR, C4ISR and Surveying Applications
  • Centum Research & Technology at Booth 2616: Mobile Phone Detection System for Airborne Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • Charles River Analytics at Booth 4942, MR7: Automatic Target Recognition for AUV & AI-Based Maritime Situational Awareness for USV
  • Cobham Aerospace at Booth 4142: SATCOM for BVLOS UAV Satellite Communications & Control
  • ComNav Technology at Booth 339 & 3340: High Precision GNSS Receivers, Antennas, OEM Boards & Wireless Datalinks
  • CR Flight at Booth 1621: Electric Propulsion Units for Unmanned Aircraft Systems; Drone & UAV Propeller Propulsion
  • Crystal Group at Booth 2734: High-Performance Compute Solutions that Deliver Powerful, Seamless Performance in Demanding Environments

UnmannedSystemsTechnology.com will be available at Booth 4227

  • Deep Trekker at Booth 2210: Advanced ROVs – Remotely Operated Vehicles – for Underwater Inspections
  • DeTect at Booth 3430: Drone Detection Systems & Tracking Radars; BVLOS & Sense-and-Avoid Technology
  • Domo Tactical Communications at Booth 4111: Software Defined Radios (SDRs) and IP Mesh Radios for UAV, Drones, UGVs and Robotics
  • Doodle Labs at Booth 4416: Mesh Radio, WiFi Transceivers & Wireless Mesh Network Technology for Drones, UAVs, UGVs & Robotics
  • Draganfly Innovations at Booth 2331: Heavy Lift Drones & Electric Quadcopters for Deliveries, Public Safety & Agriculture, Long-Range LiDAR Systems
  • Echodyne at Booth 3634: ESA Radar for Counter-UAS & Ground-based or Airborne DAA (Detect-and-Avoid)
  • Edge Autonomy at Booth 4813: Long-Endurance Fixed-Wing & Hybrid VTOL UAVs, UAV Payload Camera Systems, & Power Systems
  • Elistair at Booth 2531: Tethered Drone Systems for Military and Commercial Applications
  • Embention at Booth 2516: UAV Autopilot Flight Controllers, Ground Stations, ESC Controllers & Tracking Antennas
  • ePropelled at Booth 4410: Electric Propulsion Technology & Power Systems. Drone Motors, Motor Controllers & Starter Generators
  • FIBERPRO at Booth 2518: Tactical-Grade FOG-Based IMU for UAVs, Autonomous Vehicles & Pipelines
  • Fischer Connectors at Booth 2837: High Performance Connectivity Solutions | Rugged & High-Density Circular Connectors
  • FIXAR at Booth 4840: Autonomous Fixed-Wing VTOL UAV and Indoor Drones for Inspections & Mapping
  • Fizoptika Malta at Booth 1424: Miniature Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOG Sensors) & IMUs for UAVs & Robotics
  • FT Wind Sensors at Booth 2139: Rugged Drone Anemometers & Ultrasonic Wind Sensors for UAVs & Ground Control Stations
  • Fusion Engineering at Booth 4623: Drone Flight Controllers for Multirotor, Quadcopter & VTOL UAVs
  • Genuis NY: at Booth 4623: Business Accelerator Competition in Central New York focused on uncrewed systems, IoT, robotics and big data startups
  • Gladiator Technologies at Booth 2946: MEMS Inertial Sensors: IMUs, GPS-Aided INS, Gyroscopes, Accelerometers, AHRS
  • gNext at Booth 2848: Drone Inspection Software for Digital 3D Mapping & Point Cloud Modeling
  • GREMSY at Booth 2746: Stabilizing Gimbals & Stabilized Camera Mounts for Drones & UAVs
  • Harxon Corporation at Booth 3237 and 3340: RTK Antennas; Positioning, Tracking & Surveying GNSS Antennas for Drones & Robots
  • Hexagon | NovAtel at Booth 3649: Precise Positioning for Unmanned Vehicles: GPS & GNSS Receivers, Antennas & Inertial Systems
  • HFE International at Booth 2821: EFI, Mil-Spec & Rotary UAV Engines / UAV Servos Actuators / Fuel System Parts
  • Hitec Commercial Solutions at Booth 4322: Brushless Servo Actuators & Linear Actuators for UAV, Robotics & Unmanned Systems
  • Honeywell at Booth 2605: BVLOS Solutions for UAS & UAM: Fuel Cells, Radar, Navigation Sensors, Flight Control & SATCOM

UST will be at Booth 4227. See you in Denver!

  • Inertial Labs at Booth 2646: Inertial Navigation Sensors: MEMS IMU, Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, AHRS, GPS-INS & Point Cloud Generation
  • InfiniDome at Booth 3113: Anti-Jamming GPS/GNSS Protection Technology for Drones & Autonomous Vehicles
  • Inmarsat at Booth 3412: BVLOS Connectivity & Safety Services for Uncrewed Aircraft & UAVs
  • Inspired Flight at Booth 2416: Professional, Heavy-Lift US Multirotor Drones for Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • Intelligent Energy at Booth 1816: Compact Hydrogen and PEM Fuel Cells for Drones and UAV
  • INVOLI at Booth 1616: Remote ID Drone Trackers, Receivers & Real-Time Air Traffic Monitoring & Analytics for Unmanned Traffic Management
  • Iridium Communications at Booth 4216: Maritime Satellite Communications & Connectivity – SATCOM Terminals and Antennas
  • Iris Automation at Booth 2039: Detect-and-Avoid Drone Collision Avoidance System
  • Kongsberg Geospatial at Booth 3037: Geospatial Software for Real-Time Mapping, Data Visualization & Situational Awareness
  • LI-COR Environmental at Booth 3822: Compact 3D Ultrasonic Anemometers & Weather Sensors for Drones, UAVs & GCS
  • LightWare at Booth 2167: Compact, Micro LiDAR Sensors, Range Finders and Laser Scanners for Drones and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Mejzlik Propellers at Booth 4434: Custom-Designed Carbon-Fiber Drone Propellers for OEM Manufacturers
  • missionGO at Booth 2012: Unmanned Services: Inspection, Medical/Cargo Delivery, UAS Training | Electric VTOL UAV
  • MKS Servos at Booth 4121: Brushless Servo Motor Actuator Systems for Uncrewed Aircraft/Drones & Marine Robotics
  • Mobilicom at Booth 3112: Cyber Protection, Wireless MESH Communications & Data Links, Mobile GCS for Tactical UAVs & Robotics
  • Nicomatic at Booth 1613: Micro Connectors for Aerospace, UAVs & Robotics – Rugged, Modular, High-Performance
  • Northwest UAV at Booth 2016: UAV Engines, Autopilots, Servo Actuators and Design & Development Services
  • Omnetics at Booth 2137: Micro and Nano Miniature Connectors for Unmanned Systems
  • Overwatch Imaging at Booth 3832: Automated Imaging Systems, Multispectral & EO/IR Sensor Payloads for Airborne ISR & SAR
  • Oxford Technical Solutions at Booth 2148: Inertial Navigation Systems / MEMS GNSS-INS Solutions for Drones and Autonomous Vehicles

UnmannedSystemsTechnology.com will be available at Booth 4227

  • Parker – MicroStrain Sensors at Booth 3522: Inertial Sensors, MEMS IMU, AHRS Systems, Vertical Reference Units & GNSS-INS for Unmanned Systems
  • PDW at Booth 4535: Autonomous ISR UAVs, Foldable FPV Drones, Endurance Heavy-Payload Drones & Ground Controllers & C2 Radio Links
  • Phase One at Booth 4011: High-Resolution & Multispectral Aerial Imagery Cameras for Drones / UAVs
  • Phoenix LiDAR at Booth 4420: High-Resolution & Long-Range LiDAR for Airborne Surveys & 3D Mapping
  • Plettenberg at Booth 1519: High Performance Electric Motors, ESCs, Generators & Starters for Unmanned Systems
  • PNI Sensor at Booth 4528: High Accuracy AHRS, Tracking and Orientation Sensor Modules for GPS-Denied Navigation
  • RIEGL at Booth 4008: LiDAR Sensors and Systems / Remotely Piloted Airborne Platforms for Surveying, Mapping & Bathymetry
  • Sagetech Avionics at Booth 3630: Certifiable Situational Awareness & BVLOS Solutions for Uncrewed Aircraft Systems in the Defense & Civil Industries
  • SBG Systems at Booth 3937: Inertial Navigation Systems, INS/GPS, AHRS, and IMU Sensors for Unmanned Systems
  • Sea Machines at Booth 2311: Marine Control Systems & Remote Helm Controls for Commercial Marine Vessels
  • Sierra-Olympia Technologies at Booth 1632: Infrared (IR) Thermal Imaging Camera Modules for Drones, UAV & Robotics
  • Sightline Applications at Booth 3627: Onboard Video Processing Software and Hardware for Unmanned Systems
  • Silicon Sensing at Booth 2420: MEMS Inertial Sensor Solutions, IMUs, Gyroscopes and MEMS Accelerometers for Unmanned Vehicles
  • Silvus Technologies at Booth 3934: MIMO Radio and Datalink Solutions for UAVs, UGVs and USVs
  • Sky Power GmbH at Booth 3213: Heavy Fuel, Gasoline Engines & Wankel Rotary UAV Engines
  • SKYTRAC at Booth 1919: UAV Communications – UAV Datalinks, Satcom Terminals & Mission Servers
  • Specialty Coating Systems at Booth 2022: High-Performance Parylene Conformal Coatings for UAV, Aerospace & Defense Applications
  • Sunhillo at Booth 2037: UAV Tracking & Monitoring Technology, Detect-and-Avoid & BVLOS Communications

UST will be at Booth 4227. See you in Denver!

  • T-DRONES at Booth 4235: Industrial & Multirotor Drones, Drone Motors, UAV ESC & Propellers
  • TEKEVER at Booth 4620: Fixed-Wing UAV Systems, Modular VTOL, Long-Range Maritime UAV, & Tactical ISR UAS
  • Teledyne Geospatial at Booth 1811: Survey-Grade Drone LiDAR Sensors & AI-Based Data Processing Software
  • Teledyne Lumenera at Booth 1811: UAV Cameras: CMOS USB3 Cameras & OEM Imaging Systems
  • TrellisWare Technologies at Booth 3021: Radio Communication Systems – TSM Waveform MANET Radio Modules for Resilient Communications
  • Triad RF Systems at Booth 1706: Integrated Radio Systems, RF Power Amplifiers, Bi-Directional Amplifiers & Assemblies for UAV & Unmanned Systems
  • Tualcom at Booth 4641: Anti-Jam GPS-GNSS Devices, Tactical Data Links, Telemetry Systems, Electronic Warfare Equipment
  • UAV Propulsion Tech at Booth 3646: UAV Hardware Solutions: Propulsion & Fuel Systems, Servos & Flight Controllers, Imaging Solutions, Launchers & Parachutes
  • uAvionix at Booth 2720: Certified UAV Communications, Navigation, Control, Surveillance, and Combat ID Solutions
  • UXV Technologies at Booth 3346: Ground Control Systems (GCS) & Handheld Controllers, UAV Camera Gimbal & Field-Oriented Control ESC
  • VectorNav at Booth 2937: High-Performance Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) for Unmanned Systems
  • Vertiq at Booth 3046: Industrial Drone Propulsion & High Performance Servos for Aerial Vehicles
  • Vision4ce at Booth 3042: Rugged DVR Recorders, Video Processing Units & Software for UAVs; Rugged Computing for Surveillance & Defense
  • Volatus Aerospace at Booth 4205: Drone Technology Supplier & Drone Service Provider for Public Safety, Transportation & Training
  • Volz Servos at Booth 3527: Precision Electro-Mechanical Servo Actuators for Drones, UAVs, Unmanned Systems & Robotics
  • Warren County Community College: Delivering Hands-on Training Workshops in Drone Maintenance and Repair
  • WISPR Systems at Booth 2843: Customizable, Industrial Quadcopter Drone for Aerial Mapping, Surveying & Inspections

… See you there!

UST will be at Booth 4227. See you in Denver!

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