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High-Performance Compute Solutions that Deliver Powerful, Seamless Performance in Demanding Environments

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Crystal Group, Inc.
High-Performance Compute Solutions that Deliver Powerful, Seamless Performance in Demanding Environments
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Crystal Group is a leading developer of rugged, high-reliability computing hardware for challenging military, defense and industrial environments. Our secure computing, networking and data storage systems are ideal for IoT applications, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), drones and autonomous vehicles, delivering superior performance when failure is not an option.

Gain a competitive edge with Crystal Group’s rugged, high-performance compute solutions that deliver powerful, seamless performance while protecting your most valuable assets in the most demanding edge environments.
rugged industrial computing

Predictable performance in unpredictable environments

Our solutions are expertly engineered to meet or exceed a variety of IEEE, IEC, FCC and military standards, including MIL-STD-810, 167-1, 461,and MIL-S-901. All products are manufactured in our US-based production facility and certified to ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D quality management standards.

Our products are tested to strict military standards

Standard 5+ year warranty with optional upgrade

technical support

Rugged Servers

Rack mountable servers for unmanned and autonomous applications

Our rugged servers and workstations provide cutting-edge computing power, secure data storage, and advanced cyber protection, enabling seamless real-time communications, networking, weapons control, situational awareness, surveillance, and autonomous vehicle operations in the most demanding and unpredictable edge environments.

1u rackmount server
rack mountable server
Rugged servers

Built with durable all-aluminium chassis and state-of-the-art thermal management, these high-performance servers are compact yet powerful, capable of withstanding harsh conditions and rough terrains for military and industrial applications.

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Embedded Systems

Rugged embedded computing solutions

Our rugged embedded computing systems are feature-rich, powerful, and compact, making them ideal for program-specific requirements. Equipped with advanced thermal management, carbon-fiber chassis, and field-tested to withstand shock and vibration, extended temperature ranges, harsh elements, and extreme environments, our embedded products are highly durable.

Rugged embedded computers for IoT Computing
rugged industrial computers and Cyber secure hardware
rugged embedded systems for IoT edge computing

Our ruggedized embedded computer systems follow the Intel® embedded roadmap, ensuring access to the latest, powerful Intel chipsets and processors with long life expectancy.

More information: Rugged Embedded Systems >

Networking Solutions

Rugged, high-performance switches and firewalls

Our rugged networking solutions are designed to provide secure and ultra-low latency data transmission to demanding applications in any domain or operating environment.

Cyber secure hardware for rugged networking
IoT hardware for edge computing
rugged network switch

Our high-performance switches and firewalls are housed in compact, lightweight, rugged enclosures such as transit cases or 19-inch racks made of strain-hardened aircraft aluminum. These rugged enclosures ensure that our networking appliances can survive extreme temperatures, humidity, shock, and vibration, as well as exposure to dust, sand, and salt fog.

More information: Rugged Networking Solutions >

Data Storage Systems

Encrypted data storage for ISR and EW applications

Our data storage solutions come in various form factors and are designed as turnkey rugged storage systems, providing high-capacity data storage combined with cutting-edge data protection features that meet or surpass stringent certification levels and standards.

rugged system data storage

encrypted data storage systemsOur products offer a wide range of capabilities, including Seagate® FIPS 140-2 and NIAP-accredited 2.5” SAS SSDs, intrusion detection, and instant data destruction. These features ensure the safety and security of your critical and confidential data against attempted breaches, even in extreme air, land, sea, and space conditions – when it matters the most.

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AI & Autonomy Solutions

High-performance computers with machine-learned intelligence

We have developed a range of AI and autonomy solutions designed to fuse and prioritize large amounts of real-time sensor data to ensure reliable decision-making and performance. With powerful security features, our solutions utilize leading GPU speed and machine-learned intelligence to self-driving vehicle situations. In these situations, split-second accuracy is crucial and can be the difference between success and catastrophe.

rugged autonomous computer
AI autonomy solutions
rugged autonomy solutions

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Video Appliances

Video processing for multi-domain command and control, surveillance & edge applications

Our RVA products are the only video appliances in the world that are ruggedized, military- and IEC-compliant, providing scalable and zero-latency 4K video streaming, recording, extension, and storage capabilities at the edge.

Designed for ease of integration with existing systems and infrastructure, including standard one GbE networks, these RVAs deliver unparalleled video-based data with secure and seamless accuracy.

rugged Video Appliances
Video Appliances

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Rugged Displays

High performance, field-tested displays for demanding edge environments

Our rugged portable and rackmount displays use advanced lamination and glass technology to provide enhanced durability, contrast, and sunlight readability for military and industrial applications in all domains.

Rugged portable computer display
rugged display for industrial computing
Rugged embedded computer display

With durable construction and scratch-resistant screens, the displays are ideal for UAV and unmanned systems mission planning, sensor and video feed viewing, and visualization of photogrammetry and LiDAR data.

More information: Rugged Displays >

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