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Northwest UAV - Propulsion Specialists

Northwest UAV is a leader in UAS (unmanned aerial system) propulsion system manufacturing and integration. We provide a wide variety of custom and commercial off the shelf engines and components for unmanned aircraft, as well as a suite of manufacturing services.

NWUAV Small UAV Engines

UAV Engines

Northwest UAV Engines

Our purpose-built unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) engines are expertly designed for small, low altitude aircraft that require fuel efficiency and portable power generation. All our engines are ready-to-fly with minimal or no modifications required, with a lightweight quiet muffler and multiple generator output configurations available. Learn more >

NW-44 UAV Engine

  • Scalable for aircraft in the 18 to 34 kg (40-75 lbs) weight class
  • Tractor and pusher available
  • Multi-fuel (heavy-fuel/gasoline) engine: Non-ethanol 93-100 octane gasoline (R+M)/2, Jet-A, JP-5, JP-8, TS-1
  • Interfaces with popular autopilots.

NW-44 Multi-Fuel UAV Engine

NW-88 UAV Engine

  • Scalable for aircraft in the 34-68 kg (75-150 lb) weight class
  • Boxer configuration
  • Tractor and pusher available
  • Multi-fuel (heavy-fuel/gas) engine: Non-ethanol gas, R+M/2:93-100 octane; Jet-A1, JP-5, JP-8, TS1, F35
  • Interfaces with popular autopilots.

NW-88 Multi-Fuel UAV Engine

NW-500 UAV Engine

  • Scalable for aircraft up to the 250 kg (551 lbs.) weight class
  • Vibration isolation system to minimize interference
  • Gas engine
  • Self-contained

NWUAV NW-500 UAV Gas Engine

Rotron Rotary UAV Engines

Rotron Rotary UAV Engines are 4-stroke Wankel cycle rotary engines that are considerably smaller, lighter, and contain fewer moving parts than piston engines of equivalent power output. The engines are fine-tuned to optimum operating efficiency and feature high endurance and power-to-weight ratios. Fuel injection and ECU-controlled altitude compensation are fitted as standard.

Seven standard configurations are available, with custom configurations available on request.

RCV Small UAV Engines

RCV Rotary Engines are 4-stroke single and twin cylinder engines designed for small UAV engine applications in the 1kW to 6kW range. The engines feature dual ignition, multi-fuel operation, fuel injection and side starting, with muffler and airbox design options available for low acoustic signatures.

Custom UAV Engine Test Cell

The Custom Engine Test Cell (CETC) is a completely self-contained, fully customizable UAV engine test unit housed within a twenty or forty foot container.

Containing a single engine test stand, the CETC features sound dampening insulation and can be housed inside or outside your facility. Optional hatches can be provided to accommodate larger airframes.

Custom UAV Engine Test Cell

System Components:

Fuel System – a low pressure gravity feed system compatible with gasoline and heavy fuels

Cooling System – two heavy duty blowers

Exhaust fan with optional Exhaust Gas Analyzer System – capable of measuring carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrocarbons (HC), and oxygen (O2)

Camera System – four pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras and a DVR

Safety System – equipped with emergency stops that disable fuel and ignition to the engine

Remote Operation – allows control of the CETC from virtually any location

Data Acquisition (DAQ) system – LabVIEW based operator control panel with selectable sample rates, capable of measuring torque, fuel flow, ambient pressure and temperature, relative humidity, exhaust gas and cylinder head temperatures, horsepower, thrust and more

Mobile UAV Engine Test Stand

The Northwest UAV Mobile Test Stand is a customizable platform that can be used to operate, test, develop and record performance data for twin cylinder, single cylinder, and rotary UAV engines. Based around a laptop with LabVIEW DAQ software, the Mobile Test Stand can perform:

  • UAV engine tuning and pre-flight qualification
  • Engine durability testing
  • Engine endurance testing
  • Engine performance testing
  • Exhaust analysis (5 gas)
  • Fuel flow transmitting – minimum 1cc/min
  • Engine fuel mapping
  • In-Cylinder pressure mapping @ 100 KHz when properly equipped (custom option)
  • FAR 33 endurance testing

Mobile UAV Engine Test Stand

UAV Components


Our generator systems for unmanned vehicles, based on the modification and integration of commercially available engines with state-of-the-art alternators, power electronics, fuel processing techniques, thermal management and composite materials, include:

Unmanned Vehicle Generator

  • UAV Power Generation & Generator Control Units for small to medium UAS
  • Ground Robotics Power Generation for Range Extension utilizing JP8 heavy fuel engines
  • Portable Power Generation for Soldier Portable Power Generation
  • APUs for Vehicle Applications.

Small UAV MufflerUAV Mufflers

The innovative design of our UAV mufflers significantly reduces noise while maintaining or even increasing engine power, resulting in lower fuel consumption. The mufflers can be fitted to both single and multiple-cylinder engines, with multiple designs available.

More: UAV Mufflers

Pegasus UAV Servo Actuators

Northwest UAV is the exclusive distributor in the USA. Our Pegasus line features a wide range of servo actuators for multiple rotary and fixed-wing UAV applications, for aircraft from 30 up to 1000 lbs. MTOW (maximum takeoff weight). All of our actuators are EMI/RFI shielded, feature enhanced vibration tolerance and are housed within a rugged water and dust protected aluminium case.

Pegasus UAV Actuators

Features include:

  • Precision sensor coupled to output shaft to close control loop
  • Operated by PWM signal with TTL level, differential PWM signal (RS485 transceiver), or RS485 data protocol
  • State-of-the-art “PA-ME” contactless angle sensor allowing for ±90° deflection angle (alternative angles on request)
  • Operating voltage of 18-32V (alternative voltages on request)

uAvionix Transponders, GPS Receivers and ADS-B Transceivers

Sense & Avoid for drones and general aviation. The smallest, lightest and lowest power ADS-B and Air Traffic integration solutions for UAS available.

uAvionix transponders receivers transceivers

  • Unmanned ADS-B Transponders
  • Unmanned ADS-B Transceivers
  • Unmanned ADS-B Receivers
  • truFYX GPS Position Source
  • CNPC Dual Radio Data Link & MicoLink 2×2 MIMO Data Link Radio

Veronte Autopilots for Unmanned Vehicles

Veronte Autopilots for UAV UGV USVEmbention’s Veronte Autopilots are a series of high-reliability avionics systems for real-time adaptive control of unmanned vehicles (UAV, USV, UGV). The Veronte autopilot automatically adapts to any changing conditions, such as actuator failure or mass changes, and is compatible with a wide variety of sensors to provide autonomous sense-and-avoid capabilities.

The Veronte UAV Autopilot features satellite and 4G connectivity for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operations and UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management). Control modes include fully automatic, full manual, assisted manual and combined, all selectable at any time during flight.

The 4x redundant version of the Veronte Autopilot includes three complete modules with an additional I/O connection for one external unit. A dissimilar arbiter microprocessor detects system failures, using advanced voting algorithms to manage redundancy.

Features include:

  • Triple Redundancy
  • Fully autonomous and adaptive control
  • Works with any unmanned vehicle
  • BLOS communications (4G, Satcom)
  • Cloud connectivity
  • DO-178C/ED-12, DO-254, DO-160 and IP67 compliance
  • Sense and avoid
  • RTK and RTCM positioning.


UAV Systems Manufacturing

Our AS9100-certified production facility allows us to produce both COTS products and custom or build-to-print, ready-to-fly UAV engine modules and subsystems. We can provide high volume output with strict quality control oversight.


NWUAV Engineering ServicesWith highly skilled experts in the fields of physics and mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineering, our rapid engineering capabilities will streamline the design and validation phases of your products, refining any idea or design to production-ready standard.

We specialize in designing to the SWAP (Size, Weight and Power) constraints of unmanned systems, taking into consideration detectability, vibration transmission, lifecycle costs and deployed footprint minimization, and our state-of-the art testing facilities ensure that your flight program will be a success.

UAV Engine Testing & Diagnostics

UAV Engine Testing

With advanced testing and analysis, we help our clients discover exactly how their engine will run before it ever takes flight. Our UAV engine testing and diagnostics service will confirm engine endurance, durability, fuel mapping and more, plus it will allow you to resolve any potential issues before they become flight risks. Testing and diagnostics can be carried out in our high-tech facility on-site; alternatively you can lease or buy one of our portable test cells for use in a location of your choice.

Utilizing engine run-in stations and various dynos to qualify design elements, we’ll help ensure you have the best propulsion system for your application. Our advanced testing and analysis capabilities, and ability to control the testing environment, mean we can significantly reduce flight risk; saving you time, money and resources. Using National Instruments data acquisition modules and LabVIEW®, we’re able to capture real time acoustics and data down to 1/24 octave from 20Hz to 20kHz. Our software systems allow you to access and test your running engine from anywhere.

Whether your UAV engine is big or small, or you want to run your tests in our facility or elsewhere, talk to our team about the testing and analysis for your unmanned project.

UAV Engine Maintenance Repair Organization (MRO)

UAV Engine Maintenance Repair Organization (MRO)With experience from thousands of engine builds, we can provide all levels of UAV engine repairs, overhauls, and customized modifications at fast turnaround times.

We work with you to establish inventory, determine the level of service appropriate to your resources, and if necessary even implement a potential component reuse program.

Research & Development

R&D Services for UAVs


NWUAV provides sophisticated on-site research and testing capabilities, with a team of experts to research, prototype and test your existing or new design concepts. Our R&D services can dramatically reduce the timeframes of your UAV engine development.

Our research and development equipment and facilities include engine dynamometers for small engine characterization, a sound booth for noise characterization, an altitude chamber, gas exhaust analyzers, fuel flow transmitters, an environmental chamber, and engine run-in stations for fully automated engine break-in procedures.

Heavy-Fuel Engine Conversions

We are highly experienced in converting commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) engines for operation using heavy fuels including; JET A, C10, JP5 & JP8.

Our process utilizes a three-phased approach: baseline testing of proposed engine core, development and manufacturing of a base heavy fuel engine and associated components for in-house testing, and finally a build of prototype units for customer testing and integration. This approach limits risk and gives a go-no-go decision point at the conclusion of each phase.

Heavy-Fuel Engine Conversions

Our suite of comprehensive heavy fuel engine conversion services deal with Engine & Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) Systems, muffler systems, Vibration Isolation System, Engine Control Units (ECU), Intake systems for fuel and air, Propeller and Propeller Mounting Hardware, Electric Fuel Injection, wiring and more.

Hybrid Propulsion Systems

We are currently developing a hybrid propulsion system for unmanned aircraft that will combine the strengths of both internal combustion engines and electrical-based propulsion, resulting in improved operational capability and quieter, more efficient operation. This in turn will increase flight duration and efficiency and drive down operational costs.

UAV Hybrid Propulsion System

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