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Northwest UAV is a leader in UAV propulsion system design, manufacturing and integration, and is now America’s first one-stop UAV Shop. Founded in 2005, we have a reputation for providing reliable, cost effective, and innovative UAV engine and support system solutions – both custom and COTS.

Today, we design, manufacture, build-to-print, repair, ground test and flight test UAVs in our own FAA-designated airspace. We safely and effectively manage all aspects of UAV engine development, from initial concept design through production and flight testing, and beyond to maintenance and overhauls. AS9100/ISO9001 Certified.


Northwest UAV Engines

Our American-made, purpose-built engines for UAVs are expertly designed for small, low altitude UAS that require fuel efficiency and portable power generation. All our COTS engines are ready-to-fly with minimal or no modifications required, and are equipped with a lightweight quiet muffler, with multiple generator output configurations available. AS9100 | ISO9001 Certified. Learn more >

NW-44 Multi-Fuel

  • Scalable for aircraft in the 18 to 34 kg (40-75 lb.) weight class
  • Tractor and pusher available
  • Multi-fuel (heavy-fuel/gasoline) engine: Non-ethanol 93-100 octane gasoline (R+M)/2, Jet-A, JP-5, JP-8, TS-1
  • Interfaces with popular autopilots
  • Field proven
  • Approved for export | EAR99.

NW44 Multi-Fuel UAV Engine

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NW-88 Heavy-Fuel, Two-Stroke

  • Purpose-built to accommodate aircraft in the 34 to 68 kg (75-150 lb.) weight class
  • Heavy-fuel, two-stroke with fuel injection
  • RPM hold capable
  • Dual ignition (per cylinder) and piston rings
  • Automatic altitude compensation
  • Telemetry: Speed, fuel consumption, throttle position, cylinder temperature, intake air temperature
  • Easy cold start
  • Gasoline/Heavy-fuel engine: Non-ethanol 93-100 octane gasoline (R+M)/2, Jet-A1, JP-5, JP-8, TS-1
  • Interfaces with popular autopilots
NW-88 Heavy-Fuel UAV Engine

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NW-500 Gasoline

  • Scalable for aircraft up to the 250 kg (551 lb.) weight class
  • Hirth F23 engine core
  • Vibration isolation system to minimize interference
  • Tractor and pusher available
  • Gas engine: 98 Octane gasoline (R=M)/2, non-oxygenated, non-ethanol, unleaded fuel
  • Simple interface and self-contained.

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NW-500 UAV Gas Engine

Hirth Engines GmbH

High power-to-weight ratio two-stroke UAV engines

We are an authorized Hirth Engines Global Sales Distributor and maintenance facility serving North and Central America. All Hirth Engines are built around an innovative two-stroke propulsion system, providing exceptional performance, efficiency and high reliability. Designed to handle extreme environmental conditions, all are suitable for the demanding requirements of UAVs and undergo rigorous testing.

A range of engines are available with different power outputs, depending on UAV specifications and requirements:

41 Series 8HP UAV Engine
8 HP Hirth 41 Series / 4103
42 Series 15HP UAV Engine
15 HP Hirth 42 Series / 4201
33 Series 30HP UAV Engine
30 HP Hirth 33 Series / F33 AS
23 Series 50HP UAV Engine
50 HP Hirth 23 Series / F23 Lightweight
35 Series 60HP UAV Engine
60 HP Hirth 35 Series / 35HF
32 Series 65HP UAV Engine
65 HP Hirth 32 Series / 3203
41 Series 60HP UAV Engine
70/58 HP Hirth 35 Series / 3503, H35

Northwest UAV can also assist with Hirth Engine maintenance, repairs, overhauls and customized modifications. We’ll work with you to establish inventory of all your major subassemblies to minimize lead time and reduce spare engine requirements.

RCV Small UAV Engines

Easy to calibrate. High power-to-weight ratio. Minimal carbonization.

RCV Rotary Valve Engines are 4-stroke single-, twin- and four-cylinder internal combustion engines designed for small UAV applications, with power outputs from 2.2 to 8.61 kW and a capacity range from 20cc to 140 cc. Delivering low emissions, low fuel consumption and turnkey heavy-fuel operation, and available in air-cooled and liquid-cooled versions, they are ideal for fixed-wing, rotary-wing and hybrid drones.

The lightweight, fuel-efficient propulsion solutions are easy to calibrate and provide consistent performance. The unique combustion system has no injectors in the combustion chamber to decarbon, no valve clearances to adjust, and features shielded spark plugs, resulting in high reliability and low maintenance.

In addition to off-the-shelf units, RCV can provide engines specifically customized for your unique UAV designs.

DF35 Single-Cylinder Air Cooled Engine
DF35 Single-Cylinder Air Cooled Engine
DF35LC Single-Cylinder Liquid Cooled Engine
DF35LC Single-Cyl Liquid Cooled Engine
DF70 Twin-Cylinder Air Cooled Engine
DF70 Twin-Cylinder Air Cooled Engine
DF70LC Twin-Cylinder Liquid Cooled Engine
DF70LC Twin-Cylinder Liquid Cooled Engine
DF140LC Four-Cylinder Liquid-Cooled Engine
DF140LC Four-Cylinder Liquid-Cooled Engine

Autopilots, Control Stations & Accessories

Veronte Autopilots for Unmanned Vehicles

Embention’s Veronte Autopilots are a series of high-reliability avionics systems for fully autonomous control of unmanned vehicles (including hybrid VTOL, multirotor and fixed-wing UAVs, as well as USVs and UGVs). They automatically adapt to any changing conditions, such as actuator failure or mass changes, and are compatible with a wide variety of sensors to provide autonomous sense-and-avoid capabilities.

Features include satellite and 4G connectivity for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operations and UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management), meeting DO-178B/ED-12, DO-254B, DO-160 and IP67 compliance standards. Control modes include fully automatic, full manual, assisted manual and combined, all selectable at any time during flight.

Veronte Autopilot 1X

  • Cloud connectivity
  • Automations
  • Sense and avoid / UTM
  • Custom flight phases
  • RTK precise positioning
  • DO-178B/ED-12 and DO-254B, DO-160 and IP67 compliant
  • Certification support
Veronte Drone Autopilot 1X

Veronte Redundant Autopilot 4X

  • Redundant
  • Elimination of single point of failure
  • High reliability
  • Automations
  • Sense and avoid / UTM
  • Custom flight phases
  • RTK precise positioning
  • DO-178B/ED-12 and DO-254B, DO-160 and IP67 compliant
  • Certification support
Veronte UAV Autopilot 4X

Veronte Autopilot 1X Kit

  • Airborne autopilot
  • Veronte pipe SW
  • GCS electronics
  • HIL simulation
  • Embedded datalink
  • Wiring & Accessories

Veronte UAV Autopilot Kit

Veronte HIL & SIL Simulators

The ability to test and simulate UAV and eVTOL systems is essential for the development of aerial platforms. Flight simulations allow mission-critical systems and configurations to be verified and checked. Two tools are available; our team will help to determine the appropriate tool for your application.

Veronte Hill UAV Simulator

HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) SIMULATOR – hardware simulates specific environments and situations, and monitors the autopilot. Real-time responses of onboard hardware are taken into account.

SIL (Software-in-the-Loop) SIMULATOR – software simulates the operation of the drone or eVTOL, without the need for real hardware. The software system can be programmed to simulate and control the flight (start, restart, etc.) and records detailed analysis of the system’s navigation and control algorithms, which are not available using the HIL Simulator. The SIL Simulator can connect with Veronte PIPE software.

Veronte UAV Control Stations

Choose the control station that fits your mission requirements. Whether you need to access to your UAV autopilot from anywhere, you need a ready-to-use system, or you need to perform a wide range of operations – Veronte Control Stations will help you complete your mission with ease. Ask us about the Veronte BCS autopilot that enables communication between the control station and unmanned vehicle autopilot.

Veronte MCS Station

  • Portable
  • Antiglare screen
  • WIFI connection
  • High brightness
  • Dual screen
  • Rugged
  • Multi-touch
  • Embedded battery

Veronte MCS Control Station

Veronte PCS Pole Station

  • Geo positioning
  • IP66 protection
  • Embedded datalink
  • >3m altitude
  • WIFI & ethernet
  • Expansion bay

Veronte PCS Pole Control Station

Veronte Payloads and Accessories

Veronte UAV Camera Gimbals

The lightweight and compact Veronte Gimbal 10Z Series and Veronte Gimbal 30Z Series offer outstanding visibility, gyro stabilization, artificial vision and video streaming. With cameras offering a range capabilities, including 720p/30fps and x10 optical zoom as well as 1080p/60fps and x30 optical zoom options, Veronte payloads can detect, recognize and identify in both day or night scenarios.

Veronte UAV Camera Gimbals

For enhanced functionality, Veronte Gimbals can be combined with the Veronte Autopilot, to provide geo-location, fly-by-camera, and target following capabilities.

Veronte Tracker

The Veronte tracker is designed for tracking long range operations. With embedded control actuators and installed encoders, the Veronte tracker allows the operator to automatically point the antenna with precision. The Veronte tracker offers flexible configurations, with different types of antenna available and patch and parabolic grid antenna available for optimal performance.

Veronte Drone tracker

With pan and tilt precise positioning, embedded precision encoders and an interchangeable/detachable tripod, the Veronte Tracker is designed for the most demanding applications.

uAvionix Transponders, GPS Receivers & ADS-B Transceivers

Sense and avoid technology for unmanned aircraft

uAvionix’ small, lightweight and low-power ADS-B and air traffic integration solutions are designed to improve UAV flight safety.

uAvionix transponders offer UAS the highest level of cooperation with existing air traffic control, while their full range ADS-B transceivers and GPS position sources are the smallest and lightest in the world.

uAvionix Transponders, GPS Receivers and ADS-B Transceivers

  • Unmanned ADS-B Transceivers
  • Mode S Ping Transponders
  • Data Link Communication: skyLink & microLink
  • Ping ADS-B Receivers
  • truFYX TSO-GPS Position Source.

Industrial & Redundant Servo Actuators

Pegasus UAV Servo Actuators

Northwest UAV is the exclusive United States distributor for Pegasus Servo Actuators. Pegasus Servo Actuators offer exceptional precision and reliability for a broad range of UAVs – for aircraft with maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) as little as 30 lbs or as great as 1000 lbs. Whether you’re flying a high-altitude long-endurance (HALE) UAV or an optionally piloted aircraft (OPA), there’s a Pegasus Servo Actuator you can rely on for power and precision. ISO:2015 Certified; DO-178 and DO-254 certifiable.

Notable features:

  • Dependable oil bath lubrication improves gear train service lifetime
  • Actuators are shielded to minimize EMI/RFI susceptibility and magnetic interference
  • Enhanced vibration tolerance
  • Incorporated aerospace specified connectors
  • IPC-A-600 Class 3 compliant internal PC-board design and manufacturing
  • Redundant Servo’s include PA-ME3 magnetic deflection and angle sensor
  • Rugged water and dust protected aluminum case.

Pegasus Industrial Servo Actuators

Pegasus offer a range of Industrial Servo Actuators that offer extraordinary power density, along with high reliability and precision. From the tiny yet rugged PA-R-135-4 (the world’s smallest professional servo in its class), to powerhouse PA-R-440-7, they are designed for a spectrum of UAV applications.

Pegasus Industrial UAV Servo Actuators

Pegasus Redundant Servo Actuators

Pegasus offers a variety of redundant servo actuators for applications that require higher power and reliability. The PA-RR-340-9 and the PA-RR-720-7 are standalone solutions, while the PA-RR-260-8 offers the world’s first redundant UAV servo actuator for small and medium sized UAV systems.

Pegasus Redundant UAV Servo Actuators

Pegasus HALE UAS Redundant Servo Actuators

Specifically designed to support high-altitude long endurance (HALE) UAS, the PA-RR-Series Actuators can operate at temperatures as low as -84°C (-119°F) for extended lengths of time without landing. With an internal heating system, two independent heating units with independent power supplies, an independent heating control loop from the Servo PCB, and low temperature grease, these actuators are designed to stay at operating temperature even with a single point failure.

Pegasus Redundant HALE UAV Servo Actuators

Pegasus OPA Servo Actuator System

Ideal for a variety of Optionally Piloted Aircraft (OPA), Pegasus redundant duplex actuators allow operators to easily engage or disengage the clutch to conventionally pilot your aircraft or fly unmanned. This versatile OPA servo actuator solution is available for all redundant servo models and industrial servo models from R-250 to R-440.

Pegasus OPA Servo Actuator

Learn more: UAV Servo Actuators

Inertial Labs Position & Orientation Sensors

Inertial Labs Position & Orientation SensorsNorthwest UAV is a distributor of Inertial Labs position and orientation technologies. Inertial Labs is a leader in this technology with an emphasis on quality and principles in developing product solutions that represent the lowest cost and power consumption and the smallest size within their class of performance for all products.

Applications include commercial, industrial, aerospace, and defense and cover land, air, and sea — experienced in position and orientation technologies including Inertial, Magnetic, GNSS, LiDAR, Optical, Acoustic, Ultra-wideband RF, and Celestial/Solar.

Inertial Measurement Units – Professional (IMU-P)

  • Includes three highly accurate advanced MEMS gyroscopes, three high-performance accelerometers and a robust Kalman Filter
  • ITAR-free, tactical-grade performance to compete with most Fiber-Optic Gyroscopes (FOG)
Inertial Measurement Units - Professional (IMU-P)

GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)

  • MEMS-based INS with tactical- or industrial-grade IMU, and reliable single or dual GNSS receiver. OEM versions available
  • Small and lightweight, IP-67 sealed, MIL-STD-810G qualified
  • INS Professional model utilizes an embedded, high-precision, a gyro-compensated magnetic compass; allows the navigation system to measure and output high-precision heading without a GNSS signal.
GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)

Attitude & Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)

  • An inclusive and price competitive solution for antenna pointing, aiming, and stabilizing applications
  • MEMS-based AHRS with tactical-grade or industrial-grade IMU and high-precision Fluxgate Magnetometer
  • IP-67 sealed, MIL-STD-810G qualified.
Attitude & Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)

Motion Reference Units (MRU)

  • High-performance strap-down motion sensor for marine and hydrographic applications, subsea models also available
  • Determines pitch & roll, heave, surge, sway, linear accelerations, angular rates, heading, velocity, and position
  • Performance competes with traditional FOG units.
Motion Reference Units (MRU)

3D Orientation Sensors (OS3D)

  • Low-cost Digital 3D Orientation and Tilt Sensors for pitch & roll and optionally magnetic headings
  • Lightweight, ultra-low power consumption and ITAR-free
  • Designed to easily integrated with development systems and rugged platforms.
3D Orientation Sensors (OS3D)

Wave Sensors (WS)

  • Enhanced, high-performance strap-down wave, direction, and motion sensors to monitor ocean characteristics for maritime observation and analysis
  • Tactical-grade MEMS-based inertial sensor solution, meeting industry wave statistics requirements
  • Determines significant wave height, max wave height, wave period, wave direction, wave energy, directional width, Fourier coefficients, mean spread angle, heading, pitch, angular rates, accelerations, magnetometer data, temperature, heave, heave velocity, and position.
Wave Sensors (WS)

Weapons Orientation Modules (WOM)

  • Military performance to track slow and fast movements of weapons in real-time with calibration techniques for soft- and hard-iron interference
  • Employs the use of three axes each of gyroscopes, accelerometers, and magnetometers
  • Optical tracking within OptoWOM-IITM works through the use of reference images. Heading is determined by comparing reference images – if the system can identify at least 10% of a previously collected reference, it can provide an accurate assessment of the change in heading
  • Embedded features include: ‘on-the-fly’ magnetic calibration, built-in point-light tracking, embedded weapon fire indicators, and SDK package options.
Weapons Orientation Modules (WOM)

Two & Three-Axis Gyroscopes (TAG)

  • Developed for electro-optical systems, gimbals, line-of-sight, and pan & tilt platforms for accurate stabilization and pointing applications
  • Advanced, ITAR-free tactical-grade MEMS sensors, individually calibrated.
Two & Three-Axis Gyroscopes (TAG)

Engineering Design & Development Services

NWUAV Engineering ServicesOur highly trained and skilled team are experts in the fields of physics and mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineering, and are specialists in UAV design, development and problem solving. Our lifecycle approach ensures that any UAV component designed or refined by us is fully considered, with attention to manufacturability and an emphasis on low impact maintainability.

Our engineers consider the impact of UAV design well before your unmanned system is in the air and long after it lands on the ground. Our engineering services include:

  • Mechanical Engineering – Assisting with every aspect of unmanned design, from concept to production
  • Electrical Engineering – Assisting in design, development and adjustment of circuit and electrical systems
  • Aerospace Engineers – Assisting with in flight and propulsion dynamics.
  • Physics – Assisting with heavy-fuel propulsion for operation and optimization
  • CONUS & OCONUS field service maintainers available.

Learn more: Engineering Design & Development Services

Full Service UAS Manufacturing Facility

We offer full-service UAS manufacturing in our state-of-the-art AS9100 certified facility. Our skilled team can build engines and components to your specific requirements – whether it’s one of our COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) solutions or a custom build. When we manage your manufacturing and production, we focus on:

  • Full Service UAV Manufacturing FacilityEngine design
  • Engine vibration isolation and characterization
  • Engine durability and endurance testing
  • Environmental testing with altitude, temperature and humidity control up to 25,000 ft
  • Electrical assembly
  • Carbon fiber propeller design and manufacturing
  • Propeller thrust Noise and torque characterization utilizing our propeller dyno.

Learn more: Full Service UAS Manufacturing Facility

Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell

Clean and reliable energy for UAVs & unmanned systems

Our high-reliability, lightweight PEM fuel cell has been designed specifically to provide efficient, clean energy for unmanned systems and can be easily scaled to a variety of vehicle power requirements.

Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel CellPowered by hydrogen and with a quick start time of less than a second, the PEM fuel cell requires less maintenance and operating costs than traditional power sources, and is ideal for advancing the propulsion capabilities of small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS).

Dimensions (L x W x H) 16 x 6.8 x 6.8 in
40.6 x 17.3 x 17.3 cm
Weight 9.9 lbs / 4.5 kg
Rated Power 1400 W
Rated Performance 24V @ 50A
Hydrogen Consumption 95 g/hr at rated power
63 g/hr at cruise power (1/3 rated power)

Testing & Diagnostics

UAV Engine Testing & DiagnosticsUtilizing engine run-in stations and various dynos to qualify design elements, we’ll help ensure you have the best propulsion system for your application. Our advanced testing and analysis capabilities, and ability to control the testing environment, mean we can significantly reduce flight risk; saving you time, money and resources.

Using National Instruments data acquisition modules and LabVIEW®, we’re able to capture real time acoustics and data down to 1/24 octave from 20Hz to 20kHz. Our software systems allow you to access and test your running engine from anywhere.

Whether your UAV engine is big or small, or you want to run your tests in our facility or elsewhere, talk to our team about the testing and analysis for your unmanned project. NWUAV testing capabilities include:

  • Engine durability & endurance testing
  • Engine fuel mapping
  • Engine break-in stations with digital acquisition systems
  • FAR 33 based engine testing
  • Small & large (180 hp) engine dyno
  • Environmental temperature-controlled altitude chamber
  • Accessories testing: Pumps, fuel tanks, injects, camera’s and more
  • Exhaust analyzers — 5 gas
  • Fuel flow transmitters — minimum 1cc/min
  • In-Cylinder pressure mapping at 100 KHz
  • Propeller dyno
  • Propeller noise characterization per MIL Standard 1474D
  • FAR 35 based propeller testing
  • Mass airflow flow bench
  • Acoustical Testing & Computational Fluid Dynamics Testing.

Learn more: Testing & Diagnostics

Maintenance Repair Organization (MRO)

UAV Engine Maintenance Repair Organization (MRO)With experience from thousands of engine builds, we can provide all levels of repairs, overhauls, and customized modifications at fast turnaround times, to get your engine running efficiently and effectively for its next deployment.

Our team will work with you to determine the most cost-effective service option for your budget and operational needs – we understand that engine repair turn-time is an important factor in the overall cost of ownership of UAVs. We’ll work with you to establish inventory of all major subassemblies to minimize lead time and reduce space engine requirements. NWUAV MRO Services provide:

  • Engine overhaul
  • Engine repair
  • Engine testing/monitoring
  • Component overhaul
  • Component repair
  • Wiring repair
  • Custom modifications.

NWUAV Research & Development Services

R&D Services for UAVsWith a sophisticated on-site research and testing facility, experienced team of in-house R&D experts, and alliances with reliable vendors and suppliers, you can rely on us for your R&D requirements.

From heavy-fuel engine conversions to fuel injection systems; hybrid or electric propulsion systems to propellers, we’ve worked on a wide range of UAV R&D projects.

NWUAV R&D facilities and equipment include:

  • Engine dynamometers for small engine characterization
  • Sound booth for noise characterization of engines and propellers
  • Altitude chamber
  • Environmental chamber
  • Five gas exhaust analyzers
  • Fuel flow transmitters
  • Sixty-nine engine run-in stations for fully automated engine break-in procedures.

FAST UAS Range Flight Testing

FAA Approved COA FAST Test Range

FAA Approved COA FAST Test RangeWith a Certificate of Authorization (COA) by the FAA, Northwest UAV offers our own Flight, Analysis, and System Testing (FAST) UAV Test Range just 12 miles south of our main campus. Fly up to 4,000 feet within a 5 nautical mile radius of airspace. With our own licensed private and unmanned vehicle pilot managing air traffic and field operations, you can rest assured that your flights will remain within FAA regulations and safe, for you, those around you, and your equipment. The FAST Range is part of the Pan-Pacific UAS Test Range Complex.

The best part? When your UAV has an issue or needs a quick rethink in design, you can send it down the road to NWUAV where the rest of our team is ready to help. Notable features of the FAST UAV Test Range include:

  • Just 12 miles south of the Northwest UAV full-service facility
  • Fly up to 4,000 feet in the air
  • Fly within a 5 nautical mile radius
  • UAS Pilots available from the NWUAV team
  • Wi-Fi, power, and water available.


NWUAV UAS Range Flight TestingWith a campus spanning 10 acres and over 60,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and office space, Northwest UAV offers visiting customers even more than the services already mentioned. We’re thrilled to be able to offer RV parking and hookups, facility space for rent, and free WIFI. We also have an MRO and repair shop on site for quick fixes, and our 3D printing sister company, Northwest Rapid Manufacturing, who prints some of our most important engine components.

Northwest UAV campus accommodations include:

  • MRO and Repair Shop
  • Engine Test Cell Availability
  • 3D Printing/Manufacturing Shop
  • CNC Machine Shop
  • Free WIFI
  • RV parking, with hookups
  • Facility office rental space up to 15,000 sq. ft.
UAV Engines, Autopilots, Servo Actuators and Design, Development & Testing Services
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