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Northwest UAV is a leader in UAV propulsion system design, manufacturing and integration, and is now America’s first one-stop UAV Shop. Founded in 2005, we have a reputation for providing reliable, cost effective, and innovative UAV engine and support system solutions – both custom and COTS.

Today, we design, manufacture, build-to-print, repair, ground test and flight test UAVs in our own FAA-designated airspace. We safely and effectively manage all aspects of UAV development, from initial concept design through production and flight testing, and beyond to maintenance and overhauls. AS9100/ISO9001 Certified.


UAV Engines

Northwest UAV Engines

Our American-made, purpose-built UAV engines are expertly designed for small, low altitude UAS that require fuel efficiency and portable power generation. All our COTS UAV engines are ready-to-fly with minimal or no modifications required, and are equipped with a lightweight quiet muffler, with multiple generator output configurations available. AS9100 | ISO9001 Certified. Learn more >

NW-44 Multi-Fuel UAV Engine

  • Scalable for aircraft in the 18 to 34 kg (40-75 lb.) weight class
  • Tractor and pusher available
  • Multi-fuel (heavy-fuel/gasoline) engine: Non-ethanol 93-100 octane gasoline (R+M)/2, Jet-A, JP-5, JP-8, TS-1
  • Interfaces with popular autopilots
  • Field proven
  • Approved for export | EAR99.

NW-44 Multi-Fuel UAV Engine

NW-88 Heavy-Fuel, Two-Stroke UAV Engine

  • Purpose-built to accommodate aircraft in the 34 to 68 kg (75-150 lb.) weight class
  • Heavy-fuel, two-stroke with fuel injection
  • RPM hold capable
  • Dual ignition (per cylinder) and piston rings
  • Automatic altitude compensation
  • Telemetry: Speed, fuel consumption, throttle position, cylinder temperature, intake air temperature
  • Easy cold start
  • Gasoline/Heavy-fuel engine: Non-ethanol 93-100 octane gasoline (R+M)/2, Jet-A1, JP-5, JP-8, TS-1
  • Interfaces with popular autopilots
NW-88 Heavy-Fuel UAV Engine