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UAV Engines, Autopilots, Servo Actuators and Design, Development & Testing Services

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Northwest UAV is a leader in UAV propulsion system design, manufacturing and integration, and is now America’s first one-stop UAV Shop. Founded in 2005, we have a reputation for providing reliable, cost effective, and innovative UAV engine and support system solutions – both custom and COTS.

Today, we design, manufacture, build-to-print, repair, ground test and flight test UAVs in our own FAA-designated airspace. We safely and effectively manage all aspects of UAV development, from initial concept design through production and flight testing, and beyond to maintenance and overhauls. AS9100/ISO9001 Certified.

NWUAV small COTS UAV Engines

UAV Engines

Northwest UAV Engines

Our American-made, purpose-built UAV engines are expertly designed for small, low altitude UAS that require fuel efficiency and portable power generation. All our COTS UAV engines are ready-to-fly with minimal or no modifications required, and are equipped with a lightweight quiet muffler, with multiple generator output configurations available. AS9100 | ISO9001 Certified. Learn more >

NW-44 UAV Engine

  • Scalable for aircraft in the 18 to 34 kg (40-75 lb.) weight class
  • Tractor and pusher available
  • Multi-fuel (heavy-fuel/gasoline) engine: Non-ethanol 93-100 octane gasoline (R+M)/2, Jet-A, JP-5, JP-8, TS-1
  • Interfaces with popular autopilots
  • Field proven
  • Approved for export | EAR99.

NW-44 Multi-Fuel UAV Engine

NW-88 UAV Engine

  • Scalable for aircraft in the 34-68 kg (75-150 lb) weight class
  • Boxer configuration
  • Tractor and pusher available
  • Multi-fuel (heavy-fuel/gas) engine: Non-ethanol gas, R+M/2:93-100 octane; Jet-A1, JP-5, JP-8, TS1
  • Interfaces with popular autopilots.

NW-88 Multi-Fuel UAV Engine

NW-500 UAV Engine

  • Scalable for aircraft up to the 250 kg (551 lb.) weight class
  • Hirth F23 engine core
  • Vibration isolation system to minimize interference
  • Tractor and pusher available
  • Gas engine: 98 Octane gasoline (R=M)/2, non-oxygenated, non-ethanol, unleaded fuel
  • Simple interface and self-contained.

NW-500 UAV Gas Engine

Rotron Rotary UAV Engines

Smaller. Lighter. More fuel efficient.

Rotron Rotary UAV Engines are 4-stroke Wankel cycle rotary engines that are considerably smaller, lighter, and contain fewer moving parts than piston engines of equivalent power output. The engines are fine-tuned to optimum operating efficiency and feature high endurance and power-to-weight ratios. Fuel injection and ECU-controlled altitude compensation are fitted as standard.

Seven standard configurations are available, with custom configurations available on request.

Rotron RT300 EFI-UAV-Engine

Rotron RT300 EFI


Rotron RT300 HFE


Rotron RT600 HFE


Rotron RT600 LCR

Rotron RT600 LCR-EXE UAV-Engine


RCV Small UAV Engines

Easy to calibrate. High power-to-weight ratio. Minimal carbonization.

RCV Rotary Valve Engines are 4-stroke single and twin cylinder engines designed for small UAV engine applications in the 1kW to 6kW range. The engines feature dual ignition, multi-fuel operation, fuel injection and side starting, with muffler and airbox design options available for low acoustic signatures.

With a capacity range from 20cc to 140 cc, RCV Engines are made of lightweight materials, providing fuel efficiency for a variety of UAVs. And for unmanned and hybrid systems, and portable power requiring engine Control Systems RCV Limited Engines has you covered.

RCV20 Single Cylinder Engine

RCV20 Single Cylinder Engine

RCV35 Single Cylinder Engine

RCV35 Single Cylinder Engine

RCV70 Twin Cylinder Engine

RCV70 Twin Cylinder Engine

Autopilots, Control Stations & Accessories

Veronte Autopilots for Unmanned Vehicles

Embention’s Veronte Autopilots are a series of high-reliability avionics systems for fully autonomous control of unmanned vehicles (including hybrid VTOL, multirotor and fixed-wing UAVs, as well as USVs and UGVs). The Veronte autopilot automatically adapts to any changing conditions, such as actuator failure or mass changes, and is compatible with a wide variety of sensors to provide autonomous sense-and-avoid capabilities.

The Veronte UAV Autopilot features satellite and 4G connectivity for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operations and UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management), meeting DO-178B/ED-12, DO-254B, DO-160 and IP67 compliance standards. Control modes include fully automatic, full manual, assisted manual and combined, all selectable at any time during flight.

Veronte Autopilot

  • Cloud connectivity
  • Automations
  • Sense and avoid / UTM
  • Custom flight phases
  • RTK precise positioning
  • DO-178B/ED-12 and DO-254B, DO-160 and IP67 compliant
  • Certification support

Veronte UAV Autopilots

Veronte Redundant Autopilot 4x

  • Elimination of single point of failure
  • High reliability
  • Automations
  • Sense and avoid / UTM
  • Custom flight phases
  • RTK precise positioning
  • DO-178B/ED-12 and DO-254B, DO-160 and IP67 compliant
  • Certification support

Veronte Redundant UAV Autopilot 4x

Veronte Autopilot Kit

  • Airborne autopilot
  • Veronte pipe SW
  • GCS electronics
  • HIL simulation
  • Embedded datalink
  • Wiring & Accessories

Veronte UAV Autopilot Kit

Veronte Hill Simulator

  • Safe environment operation and testing
  • Training and development
  • Real actuator movement
  • Full hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation
  • Real autopilot hardware and software

Veronte Hill UAV Simulator