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SP-55 TS ROS Two Stroke Engine Single-Cylinder UAV engine
SP-55 TS ROS Two Stroke Engine

Single-Cylinder UAV engine

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SP-55 TS ROS Two Stroke Engine

The SP-55 TS ROS 2-stroke single cylinder with 55 ccm is the largest single cylinder engine in our lineup and well known by industry veterans for its robustness and longevity for many years. The single cylinder engine is designed with twin spark plugs and a top-mounted carburetor as well as a rear output shaft (ROS) for additional equipment mounting. The rear output shaft makes this engine one of the most compact 1-cylinder engines on the market.

The SP-55 TS ROS engine is used by customers for fixed wing, helicopter and VTOL aircraft on the upper end of the “below 55 lb” or “up to 25 kg” class UAS as well as hybrid configurations to produce electricity.

The cylinder is casted aluminum and has been manufactured in its current form for over a decade. The Crankcase is CNC machined in order to be able to adjust customer specific parts to it.

Type 1-Cylinder Gas Engine
Capacity 55 ccm / 3.35 cu in
Power 3.9 HP / 2.9 KW @ 6500 RPM
Speed Range 2200 – 10000 RPM
Weight incl. ignition 5.68 lbs (2.58 kg)
Crankshaft 4 ball bearings
Oil/Gasoline ratio 1:50 / 2% mix
Operating Voltage 6 – 8.4 V DC
Bore diameter 1.77 inch (45.00 mm)
Stroke 1.38 inch (35.00 mm)
Torque 4.7 Nm @ 5500 RPM