Fixed-Wing UAS for Tactical, Long-Range SAR, ISR and Surveying Applications

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C-Astral Aerospace is a leading developer of fixed-wing UAS (unmanned aerial systems) for tactical, long-range and high-precision data gathering applications.

Fixed Wing UAS for ISR

Manufactured from advanced aerospace-certified materials, our durable platforms provide excellent flight stability, wind resistance and silent operation.

With flight endurances of up to three hours and datalink range of up to 40 kilometers LOS, our fixed wing UAV solutions provide unparalleled efficiency and productivity for a wide range of missions, including battlefield reconnaissance, force protection, first response, large-scale mapping in high precision, forest management, precision agriculture, change detection, utility inspection and more.

Our fully autonomous fixed-wing drone platforms are controlled via our intuitive, easy to use C3P (command, control, communications and planning) software. Users can plan and execute flight missions, control flight parameters and sensors in real time, and collect and aggregate geospatial data all through one convenient interface. The software features modular support for any new sensors and systems.

Our expert team can provide global support with rapid response times, and can assist with your queries and help you find the right fixed wing UAS for your requirements.

C-Astral Fixed Wing UAS


Fixed-wing UAS for real-time ISR

BRAMOR C4EYE – UAS for real-time C4ISR

The BRAMOR C4EYE UAS is a state-of-the-art C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) fixed wing solution designed to provide real-time situational awareness for critical missions.

military surveillance drone

Endurance Drone Capabilities

Featuring a flight endurance of up to 3 hours, a range of up to 180 km and a standard line-of-sight (LOS) datalink range of up to 40km, the BRAMOR C4EYE provides unparalleled efficiency for large-scale, long-range government and private company operations where real-time situational awareness is paramount.

Fixed Wing UAV for real-time C4ISR