Air Traffic Receivers, Drone Trackers & Software for Unmanned Aircraft Visualization and Monitoring

Air Traffic Receivers, Drone Trackers & Software for Unmanned Aircraft Visualization and Monitoring
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INVOLI is the leading provider of low-altitude surveillance systems and Remote ID solutions that allow UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), otherwise known as “drones” to safely share the sky with manned aviation.

INVOLI’s portfolio of turnkey solutions, including air traffic receivers and drone trackers, enables product users to gather a complete air traffic picture. The unique data obtained through receivers and trackers is shared over the dedicated INVOLI online platform or via API, to airports, ANSPs, UTMs or directly to drones, allowing unparalleled traffic awareness and ultimately empowering drones to become fully autonomous.

Air traffic monitoring

G-1090 – Air Traffic Receiver

Plug & Play receiver for ADS-B, Transponder and FLARM, with Multilateration capabilities

The G-1090 is a plug-and-play air traffic receiver that gathers 1090MHz aviation signals from ADS-B, Mode S and Mode A/C transponder. As option, it supports FLARM (868MHz) and UAT (978MHz).

G-1090 – Plug & Play Air Traffic Receiver

Designed to be installed on external locations such as existing infrastructure or rooftops, this compact device relays received aircraft messages to INVOLI servers via Ethernet or 4G (in option).

The G-1090 has multilateration capabilities by design.

The received signals are processed into air traffic data, such as aircraft position, altitude, speed or direction, which is available on air traffic visualisation platform. Same data can also be delivered to third-party software via API or stream.

G-1090 features include:

  • Line-of-sight detection of ADS-B, Mode S, Mode A/C signals on 1090 MHz frequency
  • Measurement of local atmospheric pressure to compensate pressure altitude
  • Communication and power via Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Rugged IP67-rated metallic enclosure
  • Surge protection
  • Native mutlilateration capabilities

LEMAN – UAV Tracker Device

4G drone GPS tracking system

LEMAN is a lightweight 4G drone tracker that features built-in real-time GPS tracking. Once equipped with a SIM card and installed on a drone, the easy-to-configure unit transmits position, speed, direction, and signal quality data.

LEMAN 4G drone GPS tracking systemThe fully independent solution is ideal for drone fleet management, easy recovery of a lost drone or payload recovery, as well as BVLOS missions. The tracker is compatible with remote ID requirements.

Data is visible via the platform, and can also be delivered to third party software such as UTM, or drone operations management software.


Dimensions 61 x 45 x 19 mm
Weight 47g
Frequency Bands Europe: B1/B3
North America: B2/B4
Battery Life 4.5 hrs (position broadcast every 3s)
Latency <2s
Drone tracking software

More information: LEMAN – 4G UAV/drone tracker – Air Traffic Visualization Software

Unmanned aircraft traffic monitoring and management is an air traffic visualization platform that enables safe and efficient airspace sharing by being able to create a direct link between drone operators, air traffic regulators and civil aviation authorities.

Drone tracking system for air traffic visualization

Developed to serve the needs of UAV operators, UTM, ATM providers, and aviation authorities, provides high-quality, high-accuracy data that enhances safety and precision. The web-based software allows you to follow your drones as well as surrounding manned air traffic on a virtual map, providing unparalleled situational awareness. significantly improves the chances of obtaining BVLOS flight authorisation for drone operators, as it helps mitigating risks of collision between a drone and an aircraft.

Features of include:

  • Free with any INVOLI hardware
  • Live tracking and last known position display of drone trackers
  • Visualization of air traffic detected by INVOLI’s receivers
  • Creation of restriction and alert areas (Switzerland only)

INVOLI MLAT – Air Traffic Surveillance Software

Air traffic surveillance software for drone operators

INVOLI MLAT is a server-based multilateration software that, connected to our G-1090 receivers, calculates the position of air traffic emitting signals on the 1090 MHz frequency.

It can be used to complement or substitute secondary surveillance radar (SSR).

INVOLI MLAT can be achieved with a given number of G-1090 receivers and can be implemented either directly for drone operators at a chosen location or at regional airports with cost-benefit in favour of local ANSPs.

INVOLI MLAT includes the following features:

  • Multilateration of aircraft equipped with ADS-B, Mode S or Mode A/C transponders
  • ADS-B validation via multilateration
  • Multilateration Horizontal / Vertical error
  • Multilateration Dilution of Precision

API & STREAM Software License

Air traffic data for third-party software

involi api - unmanned traffic management software

INVOLI air traffic data can be provided for integration into third-party software via our API & STREAM package. Licenses are available for individual or commercial use.

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