Inertial Navigation Systems / MEMS GNSS-INS Solutions for Drones and Autonomous Vehicles

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Oxford Technical Solutions (OxTS) design and manufacture compact, reliable and easy-to-use  Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) that combine state-of-the-art MEMS sensors with high precision GNSS receivers to deliver accurate and consistent results.

Our GNSS INS solutions are used in a variety of applications, including sensor position and orientation in autonomous vehicles, and for direct geo-referencing data from drones and UAVs.


GPS-aided Inertial Navigation System for drones and UAVs

xNAV500 High Performance GPS-aided INSOur xNAV systems are complete GPS-aided inertial navigation solutions designed for the size- and-weight-constrained requirements of unmanned vehicle systems (drones/UAVs).

Combining state-of-the-art miniature MEMS sensors and RTK-capable GNSS with high-performance algorithms, the xNAV systems boast one of the best price/performance ratios on the market today, delivering accurate roll/pitch, position and heading data in the most challenging of operating environments.

Tight coupling of the GNSS and INS, differential GPS, dual antennas and an onboard processor all combine to deliver high accuracy and superior performance.


xNAV is available in four different models:

  • The dual-frequency xNAV250 and xNAV550 models achieve constant GPS heading accuracy of 0.1º, and
  • The xNAV200 and xNAV500 single-frequency systems provide 0.15º.

Drift during GNSS outages is minimized to 2.79m (RTK) or 0.95m (PPS) per minute.

xNAV v3 GNSS-INS for dronesAll xNAV models can store 32GB of data for later post-processing, and the xNAV500 and XNAV550 feature the added option of real-time processing. Post-processing and graphing is easily handled by our powerful NAVsuite software package, included free-of-charge with both models.

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Survey+ v3 MEMS GNSS-INS

Inertial Navigation System for position and orientation

OxTS Survey+ Inertial Navigation SystemOur Survey+ family of systems seamlessly combines inertial measurements with GNSS data to provide a highly accurate real-time 3D navigation solution.

  • 0.05° heading accuracy
  • 0.03° pitch/roll
  • 0.01m RTK/PPK

GNSS receivers, an IMU, a powerful processor and onboard storage are all combined into one compact unit that can be used standalone or combined with external sensors such as LIDAR scanners and hyperspectral cameras.

Different variations of the Survey+ are available to suit almost any application – the system can be configured with single or dual antennas, GPS or GPS+GLONASS, 100 Hz or 250 Hz output rate, and L1 or L1+L2 tracking.

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xOEM v3 INS board set

Lightweight MEMS GNSS-INS board sets for system integrators

OxTS xOEM-v3-boardset GNSS INSThe xOEM family of boardsets provides extremely lightweight high-accuracy INS capabilities for UAVs and unmanned systems. Based on our leading xNAV INS, the compact GNSS-aided inertial navigation platforms are designed to be integrated directly into OEM products.

  • 0.1° heading accuracy
  • 0.05° pitch/roll accuracy
  • 2cm position accuracy

With single- or dual-frequency GNSS receiver options, xOEM boards tightly couple state-of-the-art, rigorously calibrated inertial sensors with differential GNSS and dual GNSS heading technologies to provide exceptional orientation accuracy and minimal drift even under the most challenging of navigation conditions.

The xOEM GNSS-INS boardsets are ideal for a wide variety of OEM unmanned systems applications, including integrated LiDAR+INS payloads, remote sensing, airborne photogrammetry, mobile mapping and surveying, and more.

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Our training webinars, hosted by our expert team, are designed to educate and support our customers. The webinars cover a range of topics at both introductory and expert levels, to provide attendees with a background to our technology, how it works and what it can be used for.

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Inertial Navigation Systems / MEMS GNSS-INS Solutions for Drones and Autonomous Vehicles