UAV Solar MPPT, Battery Management Software, LTE Drone Control System & Flight Planning App

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UAV Solar MPPT, Battery Management Software, LTE Drone Control System & Flight Planning App
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Botlink is the creator of revolutionary communications technology that enables drones to be operated over cellular networks, unlocking a variety of commercial and BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) applications for the drone industry.

Botlink is a subsidiary of Packet Digital, a leading electronic design specialist that develops SWaP (size, weight and power)-optimized battery and power solutions for UAS (unmanned aerial systems).

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UAV Power Systems & Monitoring Software

Packet Digital provide power systems designed to improve UAV flight times and maximise performance, and have developed battery monitoring software to help fleet operators easily manage inventory.

MPPT – Maximum Power Point Tracker

Solar power management system for dronessolar MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracker

The Packet Digital Solar MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) maximises power conversion for solar drone platforms with industry-leading efficiency, taking into account a wide variety of factors such as sunlight changes, solar panel temperature and vehicle orientation.

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Battery Management Software

Monitor batteries for entire drone fleetsBattery Management Software

Packet Digital’s powerful battery management software allows you to control and monitor battery charging and data for entire drone fleets, ensuring maximum safety, reliability, and efficiency for mission-critical operations.

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Custom Battery Development

Bespoke Li-Ion battery development for UAScustom battery design

Packet Digital provides custom design and development of rugged lithium-ion batteries for your unique UAS requirements, featuring superior energy density and lifecycles compared to standard batteries.

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LTE Drone Control System & Flight Planning App

Botlink provide command and control drone hardware and software solutions that allow multiple UAVs and drone fleets to be controlled via cellular networks using LTE technology.

Botlink XRD2

4G LTE drone control for BVLOS operations4G Drone control system

The Botlink XRD2 provides drone command and control (C2) from anywhere in the world with 4G LTE coverage, allowing safe and efficient BVLOS operations with full end-to-end encryption and built-in authentication.

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Botlink Capture App

Drone flight planning app and control softwaredrone flight planning app

The Botlink Capture app provides simple and intuitive mission planning capabilities for DJI and MAVLink drones, featuring fully automated takeoff, landing, flight and data capture.

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