SATCOM for BVLOS UAV Satellite Communications & Control

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Cobham Aerospace Communications is a leading global developer of state-of-the-art avionics, connectivity and SATCOM (satellite communications) solutions for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), drones, RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems) and other unmanned vehicles.

Our innovative, cutting-edge drone satellite communication designs enable enhanced performance and more efficient communications and control for tactical UAVs.

Aviator UAV 200

Superior integrated SATCOM connectivity for drone satellite communication

Aviator UAV 200 BVLOS UAV control deviceAVIATOR UAV 200 is the world’s smallest and lightest Inmarsat SwiftBroadband solution for UAV SATCOM. Providing an all-in-one satellite communication and control package, AVIATOR UAV 200 has been size- and weight-optimized for small tactical UAVs and drones, weighing in at just 1.45kg in a compact 24 x 16 x 6cm form factor.

With this new and unprecedented SwaP-conscious capability, unmanned aircraft designers can take full advantage of the higher speed connectivity of modern satellite networks, while still maximising UAV range, endurance and operational use.


Connectivity Class 4 SwiftBroadband with full Inmarsat hemisphere coverage to 5° elevation
Size 24 x 16 x 6cm
Weight 1.45 kg
Power 28W
Aircraft Interfaces DC Power (14 – 28VDC)
Nav in via RS-232 or Ethernet
User Interfaces 2 x Ethernet, 2 x RS-232

Compact UAV SATCOM control

SATCOM for BVLOS UAV control example

Image courtesy of AnsuR Technologies

Aviator UAV 200 SATCOM control and communications back

aviator uav 200 top

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UAV satellite communication with high-reliability secure global coverage

Inmarsat SwiftBroadband provides global always-on high-speed data for reliable UAV satellite communication and control. Available everywhere except extreme polar regions and with greater than 99.95% uptime, the service provides the AVIATOR UAV 200 with a beyond line of sight (BVLOS) back-to-base connection a