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ComNav Technology is a leading developer of innovative GNSS positioning solutions for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), drones, UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles), USVs (unmanned surface vehicles) and other robotic platforms.

Our high-precision GNSS modules and positioning technologies deliver improved reliability and enhanced productivity for a wide variety of civil and commercial applications, including land and aerial surveying and mapping, precision agriculture and robotic systems control.

GNSS OEM Modules

The newly launched K8 Series OEM modules incorporate the latest QUANTUM III SoC chip, to provide more reliable and accurate positioning data in challenging environments. Featuring smaller size, lower power consumption, and a surface-mounted design, K8 series modules can be more easily integrated into a wider range of applications.

K803 — Full-constellation GNSS OEM board with onboard IMU

k803 GNSS OEM moduleThe K803 is a full-constellation and full-frequency SMD GNSS OEM module. With an advanced QUANTUM III SoC chip, it provides robust RTK and high-accuracy positioning data in challenging environments, such as city overpasses and urban canyons. Positioning accuracy is verified in this test report.

Furthermore, its performance during lock-lose is enhanced by an onboard IMU to provide responsive and seamless positioning. The ultra-small size and 1.0W low power consumption, makes it easy to integrate and ideal for unmanned applications.

More Information: K803 GNSS OEM Board

K823 – Full-constellation dual-antenna GNSS module

K823 GNSS OEM moduleThe K823 is a full-constellation and dual-frequency SMD GNSS OEM board. Incorporating an advanced QUANTUM III SoC chip, it provides robust RTK and high-accuracy positioning data in challenging environments, such as city overpasses and urban canyons.

Designed with an onboard IMU module, it can provide continuous and high-quality positioning data with inertial navigation fusion algorithm. The ultra-small size and 1.6W low power consumption, make it an ideal choice for OEM integrators. The K823 module can be applied in a wide range of industries, including UAVs, driverless cars and IoT.

More Information: K823 GNSS OEM Board

K8 Module Test Report

ComNav Technology’s R&D team conducted a contrastive field test in order to verify the performance of the K8 OEM modules. In the test, the K8 series OEM modules were tested against three other manufactures in different environments. Watch the test video below:


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K705 – Flexible fully-shielded GNSS OEM board

The K705 is a compact full-constellation triple-frequency GNSS OEM board in a fully shielded module for integration into unmanned systems. Designed with flexibility in mind, it features a variety of I/O interfaces, including LVCMOS, Ethernet, USB, CANBus, PPS and event marking.

K705 GNSS OEM board

More Information: K705 GNSS OEM Board

K706 – Full-constellation GNSS board with onboard storage

The K706 is a full-constellation dual-frequency GNSS OEM board designed specially to provide high-precision positioning for unmanned systems. With a variety of interfaces and 8GB of internal memory, it can be used to record and store static raw data or PPK data.

k706 GNSS OEM board

More Information: K706 GNSS OEM Board

K726 – Compact dual-antenna GNSS OEM board

The K726 is a compact dual-antenna dual-frequency GNSS OEM board designed to provide robust high-precision positioning and heading for aerial, ground and marine unmanned systems. Standard I/O and pin definitions and a variety of ports and interfaces make the K726 a high flexible system that is easily integrated into a wide range of applications.

K726 GNSS OEM board

More Information: K726 GNSS OEM Board

K708 – High-precision GNSS RTK board

The K708 is a next-generation multi-frequency GNSS RTK board designed to work with current constellations and firmware upgradable for tracking of all known upcoming constellations. Designed to provide excellent RTK performance for high-precision positioning, it features 8GB of onboard storage as well as web server capabilities.

K708 GNSS OEM board

More Information: K708 GNSS OEM Board

GNSS OEM Board Comparison

Model K803 K823 K705 K706 K708 K726
Size (mm) 30x30x3.2 30x40x3.2 50x40x8.2 46x71x9.6 60x90x9.6 46x71x9
Weight 8 10 22 26 45 27
Consumption 1.0W 1.6W 1.64W 1.68W 1.7W 1.96W
Channels 965 1226 574 352 496 404
GPS L1C/A,L2C,L2P,L5 L1C/A,L2C,L2P L1,L2,L2C,L5 L1,L2,L2C L1,L2,L2C,L5 L1,L2,L2C
GLONASS L1,L2 L1,L2 L1,L2 L1,L2 L1,L2 L1,L2
BeiDou B1,B2,B3 B1,B3 B1,B2,B3 B1,B2 B1,B2,B3 B1,B2
BeiDou Global B1C,B2a,B2b B1C,B2b B1C,B2a* B1C,B2a* B1C,B2b
Galileo E1,E5a,E5b E1,E5b E1,E5a,E5b E1,E5b E1,E5a,E5b
SBAS L1 L1 L1 L1 L1

Note: “-” do not support. “*” upgradeable

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GNSS Antennas

AT190 – High-gain helical antenna for unmanned vehicles

The AT190 is a high-stability helix antenna for UAVs, UGVs and other unmanned vehicles, with peak gain of greater than 3.5 dBi and a wide beam for reliable signal reception even at low elevation angles. The waterproof IP67-rated construction makes the AT190 ideal for harsh environments.

AT190 GNSS Antenna

More Information: AT190 GNSS Antenna

AT200 – High-performance GNSS antenna for UAVs

The AT200 is a high-performance GNSS aviation antenna for UAVs. It features high gain and multi-frequency tracking of all current and planned constellations.

AT200 GNSS antenna

AT340 – Geodetic antenna for UGVs and ground robots

The AT340 is a high-performance geodetic antenna designed for UGVs, precision agriculture robotics, land surveying vehicles and other ground-based systems. The multi-feed design provides a stable phase centre and excellent multipath rejection capability, and the high gain and wide beam deliver enhanced signal tracking capabilities even at low elevation angles.

AT340 - Geodetic antenna

More Information: AT340 GNSS Antenna

AT410 – 4-in-1 GNSS antenna for marine & land robotics

The AT410 is a high-performance GNSS antenna that features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity as well as full-constellation GNSS tracking. With low-noise and high gain, it has been specifically designed to simplify development of positioning-related applications for systems integrators.

AT410 GNSS antenna

More Information: AT410 GNSS Antenna

GNSS Antenna Range Comparison

Model AT190 AT200 AT340 AT410
Size ⌀27.5 * 59mm ⌀90 * 41.9mm ⌀152 * 62.2mm ⌀135 * 26mm
Weight 25g 150g 374g ≤ 200 g
Antenna Type Helix Aviation Geodetic Multifunction
GPS L1,L2,L5 L1,L2,L5 L1,L2,L5 L1,L2,L5
GLONASS L1,L2 L1,L2 L1,L2 L1,L2
BeiDou B1,B2,B3 B1,B2,B3 B1,B2,B3 B1,B2,B3,B1C,B2a
Galileo E1,E5a,E5b E1,E5a,E5b E1,E5a,E5b E1,E5a,E5b,AltBoC
Gain at Zenith 2dBi 3dBi 5.5dBi GNSS: 5.5dBi
4G: 0.5dBi
LNA Gain 33 ±2dB 36 ±2dB 40dB 40dB ±2dB

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GNSS Receiver Modules

T300 – RTK GNSS receiver with built-in comms

The compact T300 RTK GNSS receiver  module features centimetre-level precision, a hot-swappable battery and built-in GPRS/GSM/4G communications. With full tracking of all current and planned GNSS constellations, it is ideal for unmanned survey vehicles operating worldwide.

T300 - RTK GNSS receiver

More Information: T300 RTK GNSS Receiver

M100 – Compact, lightweight GNSS receiver

The M100 is an extremely lightweight GNSS receiver module weighing just 185 grams, with a compact footprint of 105 x 79 x 25mm that makes it highly suited for SWaP (size, weight and power)-constrained unmanned systems.

M100 Compact GNSS receiver

M300 Mini – Miniature GNSS receiver with integrated modem

The M300 Mini is a miniature multifunctional GNSS receiver module featuring customizable accuracy down to centimetre-level. With an integrated UHF/GPRS modem, the M300 Mini can take advantage of NTRIP CORS corrections.  The rugged receiver is ideal for UGVs, surveying, precision agriculture and other ground-based and marine applications.

M300 Mini - Miniature GNSS receiver

M300 Pro – Full-featured GNSS module with remote control

The M300 Pro is a robust, future-proof full-constellation GNSS solution for land and marine applications. Featuring a user-friendly front panel display and a built-in webserver with high capacity and expandable memory, it provides full remote monitoring and control of configuration, status, firmware upgrading and more. Data can be transferred via RTCM, ComNav binary, NMEA, BINEX, and NTRIP protocols.

M300 Pro GNSS Receiver Module

More Information: M300 Pro GNSS Module

M300 Plus – GNSS receiver

The M300 Plus provides full tracking of all current and planned GNSS satellite constellations, and is ideal for marine and land-based unmanned systems as well as reference stations. It features powerful adaptive detection and cancelling technology for enhanced anti-jamming capabilities, maintaining high reliability even under adverse conditions. The compact, flexible receiver can transmit data either via Ethernet or 4G modem.

M300 Plus GNSS Receiver Module

More Information: M300 Plus GNSS Receiver

GNSS Receiver Range Comparison

Model T300 M100 M300 Mini M300 Pro M300 Plus
Size ⌀158 x 75mm 105 x 79 x 25mm 191 x 142 x 52mm 202 x 163 x 75mm 225 × 176 × 67mm
Weight 950g 185g 800g 2400g <2kg
Consumption 3.1W 3W 2.5W 3.5W <5W

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Wireless Datalink Modems

U30 – Wireless radio module for unmanned systems

The U30 is a wireless radio module specifically designed to be easily integrated into systems requiring real-time wireless transmission for RTK and differential GNSS applications. With high sensitivity and a low SWaP footprint, it is ideal for UAVs, UGVs and other robotic vehicles.

U30 Wireless Datalink Module

The U30’s multiple-link protocol is compatible with a wide range of common equipment brands. The module’s excellent electromagnetic compatibility allows it to be installed into a variety of electronic systems without mutual interference.

More Information: U30 Wireless Datalink Modem

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