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High-Precision RTK GNSS Receivers & GNSS+INS Combined Navigation for Drones & Autonomous Vehicles

Bynav Technology
High-Precision RTK GNSS Receivers & GNSS+INS Combined Navigation for Drones & Autonomous Vehicles
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Bynav is a leading specialist developer of high-precision positioning and navigation technologies for drones, robotics and unmanned systems. Our products, including high precision GNSS SoC, positioning modules, GNSS receivers and combined navigation systems, are used worldwide for a wide range of applications, including mapping and surveying, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) data acquisition, automated transportation, self-driving vehicles, and more.

Our expert in-house R&D team includes six PhD holders with extensive technical expertise in high-precision satellite positioning, multi-source fusion positioning and related fields, and has achieved more than 40 national invention patents.

RTK GNSS Positioning TechnologyOur certifications include:

  • ISO26262 functional safety
  • ISO21434 automotive network security management system
  • IATF16949 quality system
  • ASPICE certification
  • AEC-Q series: AEC -Q 100 and AEC -Q 104
  • CE, FCC, and RoHS

High-Accuracy RTK GNSS Positioning & Navigation Systems

RTK GNSS Receivers

GNSS Receiver Boards

Our OEM GPS and GNSS receiver boards are ideal for OEMs and systems integrators of drones and robotics, providing high-precision heading and RTK positioning capabilities in a lightweight and compact form factor. With enhanced multipath mitigation, anti-interference and anti-blockage performance, the boards ensure excellent performance even under highly dynamic conditions and in challenging environments.

All C1 and C2 boards are full-constellation and can be deeply coupled with an external INS (inertial navigation system). The two series provide a range of options for frequencies, single- and dual-antenna inputs, NTRIP, L-Band and SBAS.

GNSS Receiver BoardC1 GNSS Receiver
OEM single- and dual-antenna GNSS receiver boards

C2 gnss receiver boardC2 GNSS receiver board
OEM GNSS receiver boards with enhanced dynamic performance

More information: GNSS/INS Positioning Boards

GNSS Receiver Modules

Our high-performance positioning modules are based around automotive-grade GNSS SoCs and are designed to deal with challenging operating conditions such as signal interference and outages and urban canyons. The low-SWaP modules feature excellent anti-interference and anti-jamming capabilities, and the M21 and M22 incorporate a fully temperature-calibrated precision IMU for enhanced positioning accuracy.

The ASIL B-rated modules are ideal for drones, robotics, self-driving vehicles and ADAS. Dual-antenna variants are available for applications requiring high-precision attitude determination.

GNSS ModuleM20 GNSS Module
High-performance GNSS module with NRTK/PPP/PPP-RTK capabilities

GNSS ModuleM21/22 GNSS-INS Module
GNSS-inertial module with high-accuracy dead reckoning

More information: GNSS/INS Positioning Modules

Integrated GNSS & GNSS-INS Units

We provide a number of fully integrated GNSS and GNSS-INS solutions enclosed in rugged housings, designed for demanding drone and robotics applications as well as in-vehicle automotive applications such as autonomous driving and ADAS.

All units provide full-constellation and multi-frequency RTK positioning as well as dual-antenna heading capabilities. The X1 and X36D GNSS-aided INS units can be easily interfaced with external sensors such as LiDAR scanners, SLAM systems, cameras and odometers.

GNSS-INS receiverX1 GNSS-INS Unit
GNSS-inertial system for high-accuracy position, velocity, and orientation data

GNSS-INS unitX36D Receiver Unit
RTK-capable GNSS/INS unit for in-vehicle applications

rugged gnss enclosureT1 GNSS Enclosure
Rugged enclosure with RTK GNSS receiver

GNSS Systems-on-Chip (SoC)

Bynav’s ultra-miniature GNSS chipsets can be integrated into the smallest drone and unmanned systems designs, providing full-constellation and full-frequency tracking capabilities. The advanced SoCs provide excellent multipath suppression and vector tracking for enhanced anti-jamming and anti-spoofing performance.

GNSS system-on-chip SoCAlice GNSS SoC
High-precision automotive-grade GNSS system-on-chip

Alita GNSS Baseband ASIC ChipsetAlita GNSS Chipset
High-precision GNSS baseband ASIC

Ripley RF ASIC ChipsetRipley GNSS Chipset
High-precision broadband GNSS chipset

More information: GNSS/INS SoC

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