Marine Band Communications, GPS and Navigation Equipment for USV

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Marine Band Communications, GPS and Navigation Equipment for USV
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Garmin is a leading developer of cutting-edge navigation equipment and communications solutions for USVs (uncrewed surface vessels). For more than 30 years, Garmin has been the worldwide leader in GPS and Navigation technology. Our robust marine-grade products provide enhanced collision avoidance and situational awareness capabilities, ensuring safer unmanned and autonomous missions at sea.

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Cortex® Neuro

Marine band VHF USV communications system for autonomous navigation

Cortex® Neuro is an advanced communications gateway that provides unmanned vessel operators with remote command and control capabilities from anywhere in the world.

The smart solution combines VHF, DSC, GPS, AIS and heading data with intelligent processing to provide proactive collision avoidance, making it an essential tool for safe autonomous operations.

Marine VHF Communication for USV Guidance

Robust marine band VHF and AIS communications for safe operations

Cortex® Neuro enables efficient monitoring and control of the USV, allowing full access to vessel AIS, DSC and VHF data via Ethernet. Operators can check vessel status, receive alerts, and remotely control system settings for squelch, channel selection, transmit power and more.Marine VHF AIS communications

Our proprietary VHF over IP protocol enables VHF voice communications over Ethernet, allowing a remote operator to communicate with local marine traffic in the vicinity of the USV. The system also broadcasts AIS, providing other vessels with clear situational awareness. GPS position is updated at 10Hz thanks to a high-accuracy multi-constellation GNSS receiver.

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cortex neuro

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Low-SWaP rugged design

Cortex® Neuro has been engineered with a rugged design that ensures longevity and robust performance even under the most challenging of marine conditions. Rated to IPX7 water ingress protection, the system is enclosed within a heat- and corrosion-resistant thermal polymer housing.

Communications ports and crucial internal components are galvanically isolated to protect both Cortex® Neuro and any connected equipment from electrical shorts and circuit damage in damp and corrosive maritime environments.

Rugged Marine Communications

VHF Communication hub

The compact Cortex® hub has been designed to draw minimal power from the vessel’s electrical system, ensuring that mission endurance and payload performance are impacted as little as possible. The hardware will operate on 12- and 24-volt power supplies, providing plug-and-play compatibility with a wide range of electrical systems on USVs of all sizes.

A comprehensive SDK (software development kit) is provided, simplifying integration with your command and control systems. Garmin also provides comprehensive support, enabling you to work with our expert engineers for integration guidance and answers to your queries.

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