High-Precision RTK GNSS Receivers & GNSS+INS Combined Navigation for Drones & Autonomous Vehicles
X36D GNSS/INS Dual-Antenna Receiver Unit RTK-capable GNSS/INS unit for in-vehicle applications
X36D GNSS/INS Dual-Antenna Receiver Unit

RTK-capable GNSS/INS unit for in-vehicle applications

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X36D GNSS/INS Dual-Antenna Receiver Unit

The X36D receiver is a high-precision GNSS-INS navigation and positioning unit featuring a dual-antenna RTK-capable receiver and a built-in tightly-coupled and fully-calibrated IMU for enhanced accuracy. Optimized for in-vehicle applications, it outputs robust position and heading data even under challenging conditions such as in tunnels, urban canyons, and during satellite signal outages and interference.

The lightweight and compact unit is ASIL B-rated for safety-critical automotive applications, and provides Ethernet, serial port, CAN/CAN FD, and PPS interfaces. It can be interfaced with other sensors such as LiDAR and SLAM systems.


Dimensions 153 x 100 x 30 mm
Weight 290 ± 30g
Signals BDS B1I/B2I/B3I/B1C/B2a/B2b(PPP)
GAL E1/E5a/E5b
No. channels 328
Horizontal Positioning Accuracy Single Point 1.5m (RMS)
RTK 1cm + 1ppm (RMS)
Vertical Positioning Accuracy Single Point 2.5m (RMS)
RTK 1.5cm + 1ppm (RMS)
Timing Accuracy 20 ns (RMS)
Velocity Accuracy 0.03 m/s (RMS)
Direct car connection cable available Y
Operating power: max. [V] 32V
Operating power: min. [V] 9V
Typical consumption [W] 3W
Connectors TE 2311622_1
Reacqisition time [s] ≤35S
Initialization time on the fly [s] ≤10S
Phase: RTK kinematic (variable part) [ppm] 1ppm
NMEA output format Y
Other formats for differential data RTCM
Other output formats BYNAV
RTCM standards for differential data Y
Communication ports RS232 x1 automotive ethernetx1 CAN/CAN FD bus x2 PPS x 1
PPS Out(Y/N)) Y
Humidity resistance 95%non-condensing
Operating temperature: min. [°C] -40°C
Operating temperature: max. [°C] +85℃
Shock and vibration proof JESD22-B103
Water sand and dust proof ingress protection:IEC 60529 IP52