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Ripley GNSS Chipset High-precision broadband GNSS chipset
Ripley GNSS Chipset

High-precision broadband GNSS chipset

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Ripley GNSS Chipset

Ripley is a 3-channel high precision broadband GNSS chipset, with each separately configurable channel integrating an RF frontend, IF filter, automatic gain control and ADC. It can simultaneously receive multi-frequency signals from all constellations, with a sampling rate of up to 120 MHz.

The system is highly configurable, with programmable low-pass filter bandwidth from 4 to 40 MHz and either analogue or digital output. The 4 bit-ADC can utilize three common code types (SIG/MAG code, binary complement code and unsigned code), and also supports four-wire SPI with a maximum configuration rate of 10 MHz.

Dimensions 7 x 7 x 0.75 mm
Input Voltage 1.62 – 3.6V
Current 80 mA typical, 100 mA max
RF Input Frequency 1100 – 1700 MHz
Gain 92 – 100 dB
Phase Noise (max) -84 dBc/Hz (1KHz)
-86 dBc/Hz (10KHz)
-90 dBc/Hz (100KHz)
-116 dBc/Hz (1MHz)