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XPO24: High-Performance GNSS Antennas for UAVs and UGVs

Purpose-built for UAVs and UGVs, the new lightweight, multi-constellation and multi-functional GNSS antennas from Harxon are on display at XPONENTIAL 2024, Booth #3928 By William Mackenzie / 24 Apr 2024
High-Performance GNSS Antennas for UAVs and UGVs
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Harxon Corporation has launched a series of high-performance, lightweight, small, multi-constellation and multi-functional GNSS antennas, suited for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and autonomous robotics

Harxon, a leading manufacturer of high-precision GNSS antennas for UAVs, UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) and robotic systems, is presenting its new antennas during XPONENTIAL, April 23-25, Booth #3928.

Harxon antenna applications include:

  • RTK devices 
  • Lawn mowers
  • Field marking robots 
  • Survey-grade locators

Ultra-Low Profile Helix Antenna

HX-CUX615A is the housed version of the super low profile helix antenna HX-CUX012A.

It is purpose built to be extremely low profile and lightweight, which reduces the overall weight of applications and meets the strict demands of low profile.


Smart Antenna Integrated with RTK Module

HX-COX012A and HX-COX008A are multi-band, multi-constellation smart antennas which combine Harxon’s leading antenna technology with Unicore’s full-constellation, full-frequency RTK positioning modules.


  • Single Point Accuracy – Vertical: 2.5m
  • DGPS Accuracy: Horizontal – 0.4m, Vertical: 0.8m
  • RTK Accuracy – Horizontal: 0.8cm+1ppm, Vertical: 1.5cm+1ppm

Helix Antenna with Wi-Fi & BT Antenna

HX-CUX618A is the housed version of the multi-functional helix antenna HX-CUX005A.

Its design integrates GNSS antennas and WiFi/BT antennas, enabling communication and navigation without mutual interference.

XPO24: High-Performance GNSS Antennas for UAVs and UGVs

Harxon is showcasing its antennas at XPONENTIAL, April 23-25, Booth #3928.

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