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Harxon Introduces New GNSS Solution for Precision Agriculture

Harxon's TS122 family of smart antennas for demanding autonomous precision agriculture applications can greatly increase GNSS availability, accuracy and reliability By Joe Macey / 24 Jul 2023
Harxon introduces GNSS solution for precision agriculture
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Harxon has launched its TS122 family of smart antennas for demanding applications of precision agriculture, which can greatly increase the GNSS availability, accuracy and reliability.

There are two models for the new TS122 smart antenna, EUAA and EUUB, with different performance options that allows the company to scale the best product solution for each application.

For high-performance semi-autonomous or autonomous applications that need centimeter-level accuracy, even in highly variable terrain and challenging GNSS-obstructed environments, TS122 EUAA is the best fit, with ±10cm P2P accuracy and STANDALONE technology.

TS122 EUUB has single point 1.5m circular error probable (CEP) and ±15cm P2P accuracy. Both the two models support RS-232 serial ports and Bluetooth communication for easy configuration of the smart antenna via installing configuration app on the phone or tablets.

  • TS122 provides an integrated GPS+GLONASS+BDS+ GALILEO board and antenna in a IP67 rugged housing. The antenna also simplifies the installation by providing three options and suits for various off-road vehicles in agriculture: screws mount/magnetic mount/pole mount.
  • Harxon SLIDE positioning technology is available on TS122, providing ultra-smooth positioning and exceptional pass-to-pass accuracy, suited for manual guidance and auto steering applications. It has steady and smooth output even in tough environments where poor satellite signal tracking occurs or there’s short-term signal interruption.
  • Smart antenna is usually installed on the top of the machinery, and the output coordinates are its own position coordinates. When the machinery is running on the slope, there will be deviation between the position of the antenna projected to the ground and the reference point. TS122 features terrain compensation algorithm that is capable of correcting deviations caused by vehicle’s roll and pitch while working on uneven groups or slopes. It helps users increase operation efficiency and save cost in the field.
  • TS122 EUAA is designed with STANDALONE technology to achieve centimeter-level accuracy which is corresponding to the first navigation point without any external support. This technology will fully use the navigation information from the receiver, and according to the models algorithm and parameter estimation algorithm to eliminate errors form satellite orbit, clock errors, ionosphere and troposphere to get better positioning accuracy by itself.

Agriculture manufacturers can now take advantage of the precise positioning technology, including GNSS and wireless connectivity for superior tracking performance at affordable price.

With Harxon smart antenna, agriculture machines can continue to steer in challenging environments. According to Harxon, the reason why its smart antenna enjoys good reputation in the agriculture market has been the ease of integration and the stable performance it provides.

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