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Harxon XPONENTIAL 2024 Roundup

Harxon Corporation showcased a range of high-precision GNSS antennas and modules for unmanned systems at XPONENTIAL 2024 in San Diego, California By Joe Macey / 10 May 2024
Harxon XPONENTIAL 2024 Roundup
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Harxon Corporation was back at XPONENTIAL for 2024 showcasing the company’s latest solutions.

The company launched a series of high-performance GNSS antennas suited for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and autonomous robotics.

New Solution for Unmanned Systems

High-precision positioning is one of the crucial factors for unmanned drones and systems. To provide highly accurate, highly robust positioning and navigation information, we integrate high-precision antenna technology with the full-constellation full-frequency RTK position module from Unicore.

The new smart antenna delivers precise positioning performance in a compact and integration-ready structure. It provides single-point meter level accuracy, DGPS sub-meter level, and RTK centimeter/millimeter level accuracy for unmanned drones and systems, even in complex environments.

New products highlighted include:

Smart Antenna Integrated with RTK Module

HX-COX012A and HX-COX008A are multi-band multi-constellation smart antenna, Harxon’s latest offer in unmanned systems & robotics solutions. Combining Harxon’s leading antenna technology with Unicore’s full-constellation full-frequency RTK positioning module, they deliver precise positioning performance in a compact and integration-ready structure.

Key Features: 

  • Single Point Accuracy: Vertical: 2.5m
  • DGPS Accuracy: Horizontal: 0.4m, Vertical: 0.8m
  • RTK Accuracy: Horizontal: 0.8cm+1ppm, Vertical: 1.5cm+1ppm

Helix Antenna with WiFi & BT Antenna

Harxon also introduced its newest Helix Antenna HX-CUX618A, which is the housed option of HX-CUX005A. In addition to its impressive GNSS capabilities, the HX-CUX618A has been upgraded with integrated WiFi and BT antennas, further enhancing its utility and convenience. Compact and lightweight, it is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications including surveying, UAV operations, personnel and vehicle monitoring, and more.

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