Detect-and-Avoid Drone Collision Avoidance System

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Iris Automation is a pioneering developer of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and drone collision avoidance technology. Our Casia detect-and-avoid system enables Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operation for industrial UAVs, unlocking safer and more efficient extended-range flight.

The Casia collision avoidance system has been extensively tested with over 12,000 real-world encounters and more than 50,000 simulated encounters involving manned aircraft against UAVs. The system is currently fielded by dozens of customers across 12 countries, and holds BVLOS approvals from regulators in the U.S., South Africa, and Canada.

Casia UAV Collision Avoidance System

Combined hardware and software for UAV situational awareness

Detect and avoid for BVLOS drone flights

Casia is a computer vision-based UAV detect-and-avoid system that enables safe and reliable BVLOS operation. The combined hardware and software solution utilises state-of-the-art industrial cameras to provide full situational awareness to sense and detect obstacles and other aircraft. A sophisticated computing platform, based around the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and our proprietary intelligent algorithms, makes rapid real-time decisions and determines the safest course of action to avoid collisions.

Our latest variant, Casia 360, is the first commercially available 360-degree radial computer vision Detect-and-Avoid system for drones.

Casia360 drone detect and avoid system
Casia360 UAV detect and avoid system

Drone collision avoidance technology

Casia’s UAV obstacle detection technology uses three core pillars to equip drones with collision avoidance and vision capabilities that are even better than a human pilot:

  • Modelling of human perception and principles based on traditional aviation
  • Powerful, efficient software at the core of the system
  • Robust AI layered on deterministic systems.