Autonomous UAS Operations to Integrate Airspace Surveillance Systems

American Robotics has partnered with Senhive to enable integrated autonomous drone operations, incorporating DAA, airspace safety and surveillance, and C-UAS solutions By Abi Wylie / 20 Mar 2024
Autonomous UAS Operations to Integrate Airspace Surveillance Systems
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Ondas Holdings Inc.’s wholly owned subsidiary American Robotics Inc. has partnered with Belgium-based Senhive BV, a leading provider of innovative airspace security solutions. 

The collaboration between American Robotics and Senhive enables integrated autonomous drone operations, incorporating cutting-edge Detect and Avoid (DAA), airspace safety and surveillance, and Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) solutions. 

Senhive products are trusted and used throughout the world and have been selected to provide airspace security and safety in Europe’s biggest harbors like the Port of Antwerp, as well as in locations spanning from Antarctica to significant global events hosting millions of people.

This partnership represents a significant milestone for both companies, enhancing their product and service offerings and advancing safe and autonomous UAS operations across defense, government, and commercial sectors.

Notably, this partnership was front-and-center this past week, where American Robotics conducted a demonstration in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Aeronautics (MassDOT) and hosted by Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA).

In this demonstration, the combined team flawlessly operated Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone missions under an FAA-approved waiver, completing challenging and wide-ranging data collection for maritime and infrastructure inspection, perimeter security, emergency management, and more. 

This was all completed while using American Robotics’ Optimus sUAS and the Senhive suite of products. This demonstration showcased the effectiveness of both companies’ technologies in real-world scenarios, highlighting their commitment to innovation and safety.

As part of the collaboration, American Robotics and Senhive will integrate airspace safety technologies into American Robotics’ product portfolio and will offer customers a multitude of standalone solutions. 

This integration will empower customers with enhanced capabilities, including real-time monitoring, streamlined operations, advanced DAA and C-UAS functionalities, Remote ID monitoring, and revolutionizing UAS operations in complex environments.

Commenting on the partnership, American Robotics CEO Timothy “T3” Tenne stated; “We are thrilled to engage with Senhive, aligning with our shared vision of advancing autonomous UAS operations. 

“Senhive’s expertise in airspace management and safety perfectly complements our commitment to delivering world-class autonomous technologies. Together, we are poised to redefine the standards in autonomous drone operations, enhancing safety and efficiency across multiple sectors.”

Senhive CEO Thomas Petracca stated; “Senhive’s systems have been trusted and proven for over 5 years in more than 14 countries, and we believe the combined offering between American Robotics and Senhive is one of the safest autonomous systems on the market, complying to the highest standards within aviation and UAS industries.”

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