Tactical Helicopter Drones & GCS for Military, Security & Defense

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Alpha Security and Defense is a leading developer of military-grade gasoline-powered helicopter drones (UAVs, UAS, RPAS) for ISR (Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) and ISTAR (intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance) missions.

Alpha Security and Defense is a division of Alpha Unmanned Systems, (AUS). Founded in 2014, AUS is an independent privately held company based in Madrid, Spain.

Our Alpha 800 tactical drone is ideal for a wide range of military, security and defense applications and is already in use in Asia, the Middle East and Europe for border control and surveillance.

Alpha 800 Helicopter Drone

Military-Grade Tactical VTOL Drone for ISR Missions

Military Grade helicopter drone for ISR

The Alpha 800 is a tactical unmanned aerial vehicle designed for detection, identification and classification of both conventional and non-conventional targets. Classified by NATO as a Class 1 mini UAV, it features a comprehensive range of payloads and can be flown both autonomously or in manual mode. The flexible and easily manoeuvrable system can be unpacked, pre-flight checked and launched by two trained operators in under seven minutes.

Technical Specifications

Rotor Diameter1800 mm (5.9 ft)
Total Length2100 mm (6.8 ft)
MTOW14 kg (30.8 lb)
Endurance (hover)3 Hr (2.5 Hr)
Data Link Range30 km (18.6 mi)
Payload Capacity3kg (6.6 lb)
Service Ceiling10.000 ft

Advanced Capabilities:

  • GPS Denied Navigation
  • Automatic Autorotation
  • MAG Denied Navigation
  • Maritime Conditions
  • EMI Shield

Alpha 800 VTOL Drone features:

Maximum flight endurance

The Alpha 800’s gasoline-powered engine gives the aircraft, which has a mean takeoff weight of 14kg including 3kg of payloads, an endurance of up to 3 hours. This flight performance gives the Alpha 800 an advantage over electric drones in the same weight class, allowing it to fly further and undertake more complex missions. The helicopter drone also features a 10,000 ft service ceiling.

The alternator and intelligent power management system provide energy on demand, concurrently charging the triple-redundant back-up battery system that allows safe landing even in the event of a generator failure.

Small endurance helicopter drone

Fully autonomous autorotation capability

The Alpha 800 features a fully autonomous autorotation capability, allowing the UAV to be safely landed in case of engine or tail rotor failure. This manoeuvre is incredibly challenging for even trained pilots to perform manually, and the Alpha 800, powered by a VECTOR autopilot, is the first aircraft of its kind to feature this autonomous capability.

Alpha 800 tactical military drone helicopter

Advanced GPS-denied navigation

The Alpha 800 integrates advanced GPS-denied navigation technology that allows the system to retain navigation and remote control capabilities in the event of UAV jamming attacks.

Providing accuracy that exceeds that of standard GNSS-aided INS systems, the Alpha 800 uses its high-end VECTOR autopilot and integrated ADS (air data system) to calculate estimated wind and ground speeds. This provides sufficiently precise UAV position estimation to allow the aircraft to fly out of jamming range or return to a home position.

Alpha 800 surveillance helicopter drone

Military field mission and tactical environment operation

The Alpha 800 is ideal for a wide range of tactical and army UAV applications, including:

  • Battlefield recon and surveillance and forward observation
  • Ambush detection and early warning
  • Support for ground combat vehicles and troops in indirect fire roles
  • Correction data provider for artillery fire
  • Communications relaying
  • Urgent logistics and precision supply dropping.

Tactical drone for military security & defense

Alpha 800 Helicopter Drone Payloads

A variety of integrated payloads can be fielded on the Alpha 800 platform, such as:

Alpha 800 tactical recon drone

  • EO/IR with integrated laser illuminator for ISTAR missions
  • LiDAR and multispectral sensors for aerial imaging and mapping
  • Radio relays and transponders
  • Laser altimeters.

G-Case Duo Ground Control Station

Rugged GCS for drones, UGVs and USVs

Ground Control Station (GCS) for drones, UGVs, USVs

The G-Case Duo is a rugged, flexible Ground Control Station (GCS) for use with the Alpha 800 or a wide variety of other small military drone