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Hitec Commercial Solutions is a manufacturer and supplier of professional fixed-wing, multirotor and hybrid VTOL drones/UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) designed for a wide variety of aerial applications. Our Drone Services division provides actionable aerial data to a variety of industrial clients.

Our partnerships with leading UAV manufacturers provide efficient, innovative solutions for mapping, data acquisition and many other applications.

Fixed-Wing UAVs and VTOL Drone Platforms

We offer a range of fixed-wing UAV and VTOL drone platforms, designed for aerial mapping, surveying, inspections and surveillance. Our professional drones are ideal for use in the following industries: agriculture, construction & excavation, energy & gas, mining & aggregates, and public safety, amongst many others.

XENO FX – fixed-wing UAV for mapping and surveying

Lightweight, hand-launched autonomous drone

Xeno FX Fixed Wing Mapping Drone

The Xeno FX is a proprietary fixed-wing UAV designed for highly efficient mapping, surveying and monitoring missions. Constructed from durable Multiplex Elapor foam, the collapsible modular system is easy to transport, setup and reconfigure.

Featuring fully autonomous flight, the Xeno FX drone can be programmed before launch with custom flight plans to ensure thorough, efficient coverage of the target area. A modular payload bay allows quick swapping of hardware for a variety of missions.

Compatible sensor & payload packages include:
Xeno FX Fixed Wing Mapping sUAS

  • MAPIR Survey3 multispectral survey camera – ideal for general photogrammetry
  • MAPIR Kernel single/dual modular camera platform – ideal for highly precise custom missions
  • Sentera Double 4K multispectral camera – ideal for precision agriculture
  • LWIR thermal camera payload – ideal for first responder, security and wildlife monitoring.

Learn about the XENO FX UAS features:

UAV specifications:

Weight2.35 lbs. (1.1 kg) with standard camera
Wingspan:49 in. (1245 mm)
Cruising Airspeed:27-45 mph
Endurance:60 minutes
Max Survey Range:Up to 675 acres per flight (2.73 km2) @ 400 ft AGL

Endurance LT – professional multirotor drone

VTOL UAV for mapping and surveying

Hitec Commercial Solutions Drone Services

The Endurance LT is a professional multirotor drone built with a lightweight carbon fibre construction and featuring a modular payload bay for quick interchangeability and maximum mission flexibility.

The advanced autopilot capability and robust safety features allow users to seamlessly transition between manual and autonomous flight modes. With Hitec’s Mission Control app, complete survey missions can be programmed from take-off to landing without any need for manual control.

Thanks to lithium ion smart batteries and optimised aerodynamic design, the Endurance LT drone features an endurance of over 30 minutes, maximising area coverage with every flight.

The Endurance LT payload bay compatibility includes:

  • Integrated Drone Ground ControllerMAPIR Survey3 multispectral survey camera – ideal for general photogrammetry
  • MAPIR Kernel single/dual modular camera platform – ideal for highly precise custom missions
  • Parrot Sequoia multispectral camera – ideal for precision agriculture
  • FLIR Duo/Duo R thermal & visual camera payload – ideal for first responder, security and wildlife monitoring.

Quadcopter specifications:

Weight5.7 lbs. (2.6 kg) with standard camera
Frame Size Extended:28.5 in. (725mm) Motor-to-Motor
Frame Size Folded:20 x 11.5 x 10 in. (508 x 292 x 254 mm)
Endurance:30 minutes

Quantum Systems Trinity – VTOL fixed-wing (hybrid) drone

Efficient fixed wing UAV for mapping and surveying

Trinity F9 Fixed WIng VTOL Drone

The Quantum Systems Trinity is a compact fixed-wing VTOL UAV precision engineered from Elapor foam and advanced composite materials. With its intuitive assembly and unique VTOL capabilities, it provides the ability to fly a wide range of aerial missions providing superior endurance and coverage.

The system includes inbuilt PPK and an iBase GNSS reference station for increased geotagging precision and improved data post-processing. Live air traffic information can be incorporated via support for the pingUSB dual-band ADS-B receiver.

The payload compartment can be 3D printed to fit custom configurations. Integrated payload packages include:

  • Trinity Fixed Wing VTOL DroneSony UMC-R10C 20.1 MP camera payload – ideal for surveying, mapping, GIS and disaster control
  • Quantum Snap NIR-RED/GREEN Multi-Spectral Imaging System – ideal for precision agriculture
  • Professional Combined Payload Package – ideal for advanced agricultural analytics including growth & health monitoring, volume calculation and insurance projects.

UAV specifications:

Weight9.9 lbs. (4.5 kg) with standard camera
Wingspan:7.48 ft. (2.394 m)
Cruising Airspeed:38 mph (17 m/s)
Endurance:60 minutes
Max Survey Range:70 km (500 ha)

UAV/Drone Ground Control Station (GCS)

Integrated Ground Controller

SUI Integrated Drone Ground ControllerThe Integrated Ground Controller is a handheld control station for small UAS, transmitting both control and MAVLINK telemetry through a robust RFD900x modem.

The built-in access point provides a wireless telemetry bridge to a centrally mounted tablet or other nearby smart devices or PCs. This telemetry link is compatible with the majority of MAVLINK ground station software, such as Hitec Mission Control, Solex, Tower, Mission Planner, and QGroundControl.

The R/C input channel configuration, switch layout, and specific software features can be custom-configured to suit any mission requirements.