Multirotor Drones

AirRobot AR200 VTOL UAV

AirRobot AR200 VTOL UAV

What is a multirotor drone?

Multirotors are UAVs that use more than two rotors with fixed-pitch spinning blades that generate lift. By changing the speed of the rotors so that the thrust generated is greater than, equal to or less than the forces of gravity and drag acting on the aircraft, the drone can be made to ascend, hover or descend. By varying the speeds of particular rotors, it is also possible to make the drone turn or move in a horizontal direction.

Multicopter configurations and sizes

Multirotor UAVs are typically found with three, four, six or eight rotors, and aircraft with these configurations are typically known respectively as tricopters, quadcopters, hexacopters and octocopters. Quadcopters are the most common design, having a less complex stabilising mechanism than tricopters and fewer parts (and therefore less manufacturing cost) than hexacopters or octocopters.

The more rotors a multirotor drone has, the more thrust it can generate and thus the greater a payload it can lift. Heavy lift multirotor drones that lift very heavy industrial cameras or delivery