Volatus Aerospace

Drone Technology Supplier & Drone Service Provider for Public Safety, Transportation & Training

Volatus Aerospace
Drone Technology Supplier & Drone Service Provider for Public Safety, Transportation & Training
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Volatus Aerospace is a leading provider of drone and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) products and services for a wide range of civilian and military applications. Our fully integrated solutions encompass turnkey UAS (unmanned aerial systems), drone pilot training and consultancy, drone services, custom solutions engineering, and more.

Our team of drone technology specialists provide expert guidance to clients and select the best tools, software, and sensors for their unique requirements.

We are the largest UAV distributor in Canada and the largest drone service provider in the US, and carry products from leading drone companies such as DJI, Emesent, Phase One and FIXAR.

We also boast a professional network of over 1,200 certified contract drone pilots across North America, providing coast-to-coast superior quality services for both established industries and new use cases.

Enterprise Drones for Agriculture

construction drones

Drones for Energy & Utilities

Public Safety Drones

Drone Technology & Equipment

Unmanned aerial vehicle platforms, sensors & software

As a leading supplier of drone technology and equipment, our specialist team can guide you through the process of selecting the right UAV platform, sensors, and software to meet your requirements and budget.

We’ve partnered with the following drone equipment manufacturers and can provide you with detailed technical specifications, in addition to purchase and lease agreements.

Vedette High endurance drones

Vedette – long-range, high-endurance fixed-wing UAVs for ISR

dji commercial drones

DJI Enterprise – quadcopter drones for agriculture, energy, public safety, survey, mapping

DJI Matrice 350 RTK

DJI Matrice 350 RTK – Versatile drone platform carrying up to three payloads simultaneously

NDAA-compliant and Blue sUAS-certified drones

Inspired Flight – NDAA-compliant and Blue sUAS-certified drones for commercial and government applications

Compact and modular coaxial drone

Ascent Spirit – Compact and modular coaxial drone with rugged all-weather construction and 10 lb carrying capacity

ACSL SOTEN - Aerial photography sUAS

ACSL SOTEN – Aerial photography sUAS with one-touch swappable camera system

Avidrone Tandem rotor drone

Avidrone – fully-automated, long-range tandem-rotor drone with heavy-lift capabilities for cargo transport and delivering critical supplies

Phase One cameras

Phase One – advanced camera payloads for high-resolution drone mapping and inspections

Emesent Hovermap

Emesent Hovermap – mobile LiDAR scanning payload for autonomous BVLOS mapping

More information: Drone Technology & Equipment >

Public Safety Drone Solutions

Drones for public safety and first response operations

Public Safety Drone SolutionsWe provide first responder organizations, including police, fire, SAR (search and rescue) and maritime, with state-of-the-art professional services that allow users to augment their response capabilities with advanced drone technology.

Avidrone Firefighting Drones in public safety

Drones in public safety provide critical and timely situational awareness during dangerous and complex incidents, and allow rapid information capture for essential site documentation, all while keeping first responders safe.

Public safety drone trainingVolatus can guide you every step of the way, from the initiation of a public safety drone program through to the development of more complex long-range and BVLOS operations.

We can also provide drone training courses of any level, tailored to your agency’s requirements, as well as contracted equipment, manpower and services on both short- and long-term arrangements.

Cargo Delivery Solutions

Drones for cargo transportation & logistics

Drones for cargo transportation

Our solutions for drone logistics and cargo delivery enhance productivity and reach remote and inhospitable regions that may be inaccessible by manned aircraft or road vehicles.

Drones for cargo transportationOur drone delivery solutions incorporate the Avidrone tandem-rotor drone, an all-new approach to fully automated long-range drone flight and heavy lifting, as well as the HIVE droneport, a fully automated drone station that enables 24/7 continuous and autonomous operations.

Our remote and long-range drone delivery solutions are ideal for:

  • Inter-island delivery of mail, medical supplies and other vital cargo
  • Tool and parts delivery for mining, construction and industrial applications
  • Delivery to offshore oil and gas platforms
  • Providing medicine and supplies in first responder and emergency situations
Drone delivery of supplies to mining sites

More information: Cargo Delivery Solutions >

Autonomous Remote Drone Station

Rugged nesting station for BVLOS drones

aerieport Autonomous Remote Drone Station

AeriePort is an autonomous nesting and docking station that has been designed from the ground up to support BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) drone operations. The UAV- and payload-agnostic system is built around an open-source architecture that allows it to change with technological and regulatory advances.

The rugged docking station can withstand extremes of weather and temperature, and facilitates control of remote missions from anywhere in the world. Communications options include a four-SIM 5G-capable cellular link as well as SATCOM.

Designed with safety foremost in mind, AeriePort also includes a ground-based detect and avoid system from Iris Automation as well as a built-in weather station.

Other features of the AeriePort drone docking and nesting station include:

  • Streaming of data and camera feeds to control centre
  • Autonomous battery replacement
  • Automated self-charging
  • Remote mission flight planning
  • Independent cybersecurity

More information: Aerieport Drone Station >

Drone Services

Skilled drone pilot network delivering mapping, surveying & inspection services

We can deploy multiple teams with the latest drone technology and data capture training to provide a range of services at short notice across the Americas. We have delivered these drone services to leading clients including government, key industry partners and more across all industry verticals.

Drone service provider

Our advanced Quality & Safety Management System (QSMS) ensures that all our operators remain fully compliant with regulations and best practices, encompassing thorough documentation, sophisticated airspace and flight operation management technology, and frequent audits and reporting.

Our portfolio of trusted drone services includes:

  • Construction & Engineering
  • Infrastructure & Telecoms
  • Property Development and Maintenance
  • Environmental, Forestry and Conservation
  • Public Safety
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Mining, Energy & Oil and Gas
Drone technology and services

We are also currently working on remote autonomous BVLOS operations for a variety of use cases, acting as subject matter experts and supporting regulators and aviation organizations in multiple countries as the industry matures towards full adoption of autonomous unmanned aircraft operations.

More information: Drone Services >

Drone Piloting Training

Training and courses for drone pilots covering FAA Part 107, BVLOS, RPAS & QSMS

We provide a variety of drone training courses covering a wide range of subjects, allowing your organization’s drone pilots to future-proof their knowledge and skills and deliver high-quality results.

Drone training course

Our training courses have been developed in conjunction with professionals from diverse backgrounds including airline and helicopter pilots, aviation lawyers, mechanical engineers, military veterans and more.

BVLOS trainingOur drone training course offerings include:

  • FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test
  • RPAS Technical Skills Diploma
  • Transport Canada Advanced RPAS Certificate
  • Transport Canada Advanced Flight Review
  • Quality and Safety Management Systems (QSMS) and Specific Operations Risk Assessments (SORA) for BVLOS drone flights
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