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ScanLift Orbit Versatile octocopter UAS with hybrid-electric powertrain
ScanLift Orbit

Versatile octocopter UAS with hybrid-electric powertrain

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ScanLift Orbit

The ScanLift Orbit is a modular octocopter UAS with a hybrid-electric powertrain based around an electronic fuel injected generator that can be started with a single button press. Designed for extended endurance and range, it is ideal for a wide variety of commercial applications such as high-accuracy mapping, surveying and aerial data collection.

The system's design features easily interchangeable arms, allowing rapid field replacement of damaged struts or motors. Payloads can also be rapidly swapped thanks to a quick connect mount system with built-in vibrational dampening.

The BVLOS-ready ScanLift Orbit is equipped with a cutting-edge Jupiter flight controller and is capable of fully autonomous operations. It can be provided with a wide range of optional capabilities including ADS-B, an FPV camera, a radar altimeter, RTK GNSS, and a parachute system.


Dimensions 1750mm motor to motor
2372mm prop tip to tip
572mm overall height
MTOW 27.5 kg / 60 lbs @ 10 kg payload
25 kg / 55 lbs @ 7.5 kg payload
Max Payload Capacity 10 kg / 22 lbs
Endurance 90-240 mins
Max Speed 12 m/s surveying
15 m/s flight
Wind Tolerance Max tested 36 km/h / 22.37mph / 10 m/s
Rated 25.2 km/h / 15.65 mph / 7.0 m/s (ground level, no payload)