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T-DRONES is a high-tech innovative enterprise focusing on long-endurance UAV platform and related hardware innovation. With years of practical experience, T-DRONES is committed to becoming a reliable supplier of UAV hardware and driving the UAV industry to the next level.

T-DRONES M690PRO multicopter drone
T-DRONES MX860 Multicopter drone
MX860 9KG
VA23 VTOL UAV Platform

Our multicopter aerial platforms feature an ultra-lightweight aluminium design for superior endurance, and T-MOTOR motors, ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers) and propellers are ideal solutions for superior drone flight control, stability, and safety.

T-DRONES Quadcopter & Multirotor VTOL Drones

T-DRONE drones

T-DRONES M-Series multicopter drones are efficient, reliable and compact aerial platforms. These VTOL drones have been developed with extensive flight tests and collaborative flight projects.

The M-Series Gimbal frame offers flexibility for use with a wide range of payloads and equipment. Suitable for multiple applications, with payloads of up to 15kg, M-Series quadcopter and multirotor drones have been designed for maximum performance.

T-DRONES_M690B multicopter drone
m690pro quadcopter drone
T-DRONES_MX860 Multicopter drone
T-DRONES M1200 drone

All M-Series multicopter drones feature:

  • T-MOTOR power system for long endurance, efficiency and reliability
  • Lightweight aluminium design, for improved endurance capability – 30-37% increase compared to other drones of the same size and payload
  • High energy density Lithium battery for improved power management – can reach up to 72 minutes of flying
  • Ultra-lightweight propellers
  • Reliable Electronic Speed Controller
  • Automatic LED lamp and motor debugging.
  • 100-1000m Typical Altitude, 6500m asl. Max Altitude
  • Force 5 (13m/s) Wind Resistance
  • 10km Range
  • 10~35km/h Typical Speed, 65km/h Max Speed
  • T-MOTOR Power System

Comparison & specifications:

Frame Size  MTOW Flight endurance Battery Payload
T-DRONES_M690B multicopter droneM690B 699mm 5.8kg 1kg payload ≥ 58min
1.5kg payload ≥ 48min
ARES 6S 22AH 0-2kg
T-DRONES M690 Pro droneM690 Pro 700mm 6kg 1kg payload ≥ 55min
2kg payload ≥ 45min
Smart 6S 22AH 0-2kg
T-DRONES MX860 Multicopter droneMX860 860mm 19.96kg 3kg payload ≥ 49min
5kg payload ≥ 40min
ARES 6S 30AH 3-9kg
M1200 quadcopterM1200 1230mm 18.85kg 2kg payload ≥ 70min
5kg payload ≥ 60min
ARES 6S 22AH 2-5kg

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T-DRONES VA series VTOL UAV frame adopts a highly reliable power system that greatly extends flight time of UAV and increases the safety and stability of drones.

VA25 VTOL UAV Platform

All VA-Series VTOL UAVs feature:

  • Ultra long endurance, and the max. flight time is up to 4h.
  • Adopts T-MOTOR stable and reliable power system.
  • Quickly assemble and disassemble the device in less than three minutes without tools.
  • Equipped with portable backpack.

Comparison & specifications:

Frame Length Frame Wingspan MTOW Endurance Payload
VA25 VTOL UAV PlatformVA25 1.56m 2.5m 13kg ~210mins (1kg payload) 1.5kg
VA23 VTOL UAV PlatformVA23 1.25m 2.3m 12.5kg ~240mins (0kg payload) 2.5kg

Learn more about T-DRONES VA-Series VTOL Drones

High-Energy-Density Li-ion Batteries

Extend your drone flight time with a high-capacity battery

T-DRONES Lithium drone batteries
Smart battery
T-DRONES Lithium drone battery
ARES battery

Designed for a variety of small and medium drones, T-DRONES batteries provide greater capacity and can fly longer than traditional lithium batteries.

Comprehensive tests demonstrate that with the same payload and the same volume, T-DRONES high-capacity batteries will increase endurance for your drone motors. With a maximum 10C discharge rate, the stable discharge rate ensures the consistent and reliable power supply to your UAV platforms.

drone battery tests

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T-MOTOR Motors, Propellers & ESCs


Further information about T-MOTOR, please contact us.

Multirotor & eVTOL Drone Motors

T-MOTOR has specialised in the design of propulsion systems for commercial and industrial VTOL platforms for over 13 years.

Developed with rigorous simulation, design analysis and testing, T-MOTOR multirotor motors are precision-machined to exacting tolerances. Within the range of the maximum thrust of a single motor 150 kg, T-MOTOR is committed to providing highly efficient brushless motors to the drone market.

U15XXL Drone Motor

Learn more about T-MOTOR’s Multirotor Drone Motors

Drone Propellers for Multirotors

Carbon fiber drone propellers

T-MOTOR’s ultra-light carbon fiber propellers are ideal for industrial VTOL drones. They offer a range of propellers suitable for a range of requirements: ultra-light propellers providing a maximum thrust of 8kg or 10kg; or two- and three-blade glossy propellers that can provide a maximum thrust of up to 60kg. Foldable carbon props with decreased vortex design are also one of the most popular series. Currently available propeller diameter range:10-62 inches.

Following extensive development, the team at T-MOTOR also accepts ODM/OEM customized variable pitch propellers to prepare for a larger market trend.

Learn more about T-MOTOR’s multirotor propellers

Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) for Multicopter Drones

T-MOTOR ESCs deliver high efficiency and superior flight times for multirotor and VTOL drones. A range of sophisticated safety features, including start-up, throttle signal loss, motor lock-up and overload protection make them an ideal choice for integration in drone flight control systems.

Drone ESC

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Powertrain Channel for Complete Industrial Drone Propulsion Systems

T-MOTOR’s unique Powertrain Channel provides complete powertrain solutions that include T-MOTOR Motors, ESCs, and Propellers, combined with T-DRONES batteries.

Aimed at wholesalers/distributors/trading companies, a professional customer-focused team is on-hand to offer an industrial drone propulsion system consulting service to match your requirements with advanced solutions and OEM customization.

Learn more about T-MOTOR’s Powertrain Channel

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