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Innovative UAV Platforms for Commercial & Industrial Applications | Advanced EFI Drone Propulsion Solutions

Innoflight Technology
Innovative UAV Platforms for Commercial & Industrial Applications | Advanced EFI Drone Propulsion Solutions
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Innoflight Technology is a leading developer of innovative UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) platforms that serve a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications, as well as advanced EFI (electronic fuel injection) drone propulsion solutions.

With a decade of experience in UAV manufacturing, we control all aspects of the design and production of our systems, ensuring the utmost in quality and reliability. Our cutting-edge solutions have been deployed throughout Australia and internationally for a range of use cases including surveying, mapping, logistics and more.

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UAS Platforms

Multirotor and helicopter UAVs for commercial & industrial applications

Our state-of-the-art unmanned aerial systems are tailored to a diverse range of commercial and industrial applications. With highly modular designs, they can be easily equipped with a diverse range of sensors and payloads for versatile multi-mission functionality.

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The UAVs can be easily repaired in the field, doing away with the need to send them to specialized repair centres and keeping downtime to a minimum.

ScanLift Orbit

octocopter UASA modular octocopter UAS designed to provide long mission endurance and extended range, with a payload capacity of up to 10kg (22lbs). The rugged drone has been tested in some of the world’s most challenging environments, from the Canadian mountains to the Australian desert outback. Ideal for data collection applications in remote regions, the ScanLift Orbit features a wide range of options include ADS-B, BVLOS capabilities, RTK GNSS, and a parachute system.

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ScanLift Mini

foldable quadcopterA versatile and foldable quadcopter designed with portability and rapid deployment foremost in mind. With an endurance of up to 30 minutes and a top speed of 12 m/s, the rugged drone platform can be equipped with a range of payloads including RGB and thermal imaging cameras, gimbals, and LiDAR scanners.

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single rotor helicopter uavThe world’s first single-rotor-UAV to use a direct drive electric tail system, the Galaxy is designed for surveying applications requiring maximum stability and reliability even in high winds. The system is BVLOS-ready and can be assembled and disassembled within minutes, requiring only a single tool.

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ScanLift M Series

ScanLift heavy-lift multirotor UASA professional medium- to heavy-lift multirotor UAS with a fully modular design that enables arms to be easily interchanged and the aircraft to be rapidly reconfigured between a four-rotor and a dual-redundant eight-rotor system. Payloads can also be easily swapped out thanks to a quick-connect dovetail mount system with integrated vibration dampening.

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UAV Engine Systems

Electronic fuel injection engines and generators

Our range of UAV engines and generators features cutting-edge Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology, with engine capacities ranging from 35cc to 215cc.

We can also provide customized turnkey propulsion solutions that are fully tested and calibrated, with the ideal fuel-to-air mapping for your specific requirements. Options include alternators, starter-alternators, and generator integration.

iHE7 Hybrid Generator

iHE7 Hybrid Generator
Lightweight hybrid system with twin-cylinder 2-stroke EFI engine

Saito 120cc four-stroke UAV engine

Saito 120
120cc four-stroke UAV engine with highly efficient fuel consumption

DA35 Compact 35cc 2-stroke UAV engine

Compact 35cc single-cylinder 2-stroke UAV engine

DA 70cc EFI UAV engine

70cc EFI UAV engine for civilian & military applications

DA150 150cc twin-cylinder 2-stroke EFI engine

150cc twin-cylinder 2-stroke EFI engine for commercial & DoD UAVs

High-performance 2-stroke UAV engine

High-performance 215cc twin-cylinder 2-stroke UAV engine

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Future Developments

Innoflight is committed to staying at the forefront of UAV technology, and we invest heavily into research and development to ensure that we provide our customers with solutions that help them stand out from their competitors.

innoflight uav technologySome of our current projects include:

  • Heavy fuel EFI engines designed for use in scenarios where more flammable fuels pose a significant risk
  • A new range of fixed-wing RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems), developed in conjunction with a leading Australasian aerospace company, that aim to redefine the limits of performance, versatility, robustness, and range
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