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M1500 Hexacopter Large payload long endurance industrial UAV
M1500 Hexacopter

Large payload long endurance industrial UAV

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M1500 Hexacopter

The T-Drones M1500 Hexacopter is a long endurance industrial UAV capable of flying up to 58 minutes with a 5kg payload.

The aircraft features a T-Motor power system with optimized efficiency, reliability and weight, ensuring stability and safety. Besides improving the reliability of the Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) itself, the M1500 has added automatic LED lamp debugging and motor debugging. Ultra-light propellers are also fitted, making it half the weight of the same specification.

There is plenty of room for onboard installations, with space for up to four lithium batteries. Three GPS installation platforms are available in the body, which is convenient for users to install. In addition, there is the capacity to fit a propeller up to 30 inches.

Frame Size 1580mm
MTOW 28kg
Flight Endurance 5kg payload ≥ 55min 10kg payload ≥ 40min
Battery ARES 6S 30AH
Payload 5-15kg