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Lightweight & Modular Coaxial Drone for Public Safety, Emergency Response & Disaster Relief

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Ascent AeroSystems
Lightweight & Modular Coaxial Drone for Public Safety, Emergency Response & Disaster Relief
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Ascent Aerosystems is a leading developer of high-performance UAS (unmanned aerial systems) based on unique coaxial rotor drone technology. Designed and built in the U.S., our rugged and highly portable Spirit platform is ideal for a variety of mission-critical applications.

Coaxial drone

Compact Coaxial Drone Design

Modular backpack drone with multiple payloads

lightweight drone

The Spirit UAS features a proven coaxial design with a compact cylindrical airframe that can be easily carried in a backpack and quickly assembled and disassembled in the field.

With the ability to carry multiple payloads on the same mission, Spirit can be used as a replacement for multiple unmanned aircraft that need to be operated separately. With unmatched portability and an extremely low operational footprint, the lightweight modular drone can take off from and land on any type of terrain.

all weather drone

All-Weather Drone

High-performance operation in challenging environments

compact droneThe Spirit’s performance exceeds expectations for lightweight drones in its weight class, with a 10-pound payload and battery carrying capacity and a top speed of over 60 miles per hour.

The rugged, highly dependable coaxial drone delivers reliable operation even in the most challenging of situations, with the ability to withstand heavy wind and rain, snow, sleet and sand.

Coaxial rotor drone

cylindrical drone

Ascent AeroSystems coaxial drone

Versatile modular payloads for multi-mission capabilities

The Spirit’s modular drone design has been engineered to support a growing ecosystem of current and future payloads, with two identical attach points on the top and bottom of the drone that allow easy plug-and-play connection. This versatile system allows you to bring what you need, when and where you need it, with no tradeoffs.

Modular DronePayloads, power sources and launch methods all connect and disconnect with a simple twist, allowing you to create a multitude of different configurations and equip Spirit for missions that would not be possible with conventional drone airframes. Power and data are distributed to the top and bottom of the drone’s core, with connectivity including Pixhawk, high-speed Ethernet, and HDMI.

Payload options include:

  • A wide range of advanced RGB, thermal and EO/IR sensors
  • Airframe enhancements for tethered operations, high speed, extended range flight and more
  • Ultra-high density lithium-ion batteries
  • Landing gear modules with pass-through capabilities

Find out more about the rugged and highly portable Spirit UAS platform

Downselected for BlueUAS 2.0

  • NDAA and EO 13981 compliant
  • Multiple camera and GCS options


industrial droneIndustrial Inspection & Delivery

Spirit is ideal for professional inspection, mapping and monitoring applications in tough weather conditions and environments otherwise too difficult, dangerous of expensive to tackle. The versatile all-weather drone can also be used to quickly transport critical supplies to almost any location.

public safety dronePublic Safety & Emergency

The highly dependable UAS is ideal for rapid deployment in critical situations, providing all-weather information gathering and situational awareness for law enforcement, firefighting, search & rescue, and disaster response.

Backpack DroneGovernment & Military

The rugged Spirit UAS meets the needs of a range of government and military missions, providing mission-critical capabilities including ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), delivery and communications relaying.

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