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AI-Powered, US-made, Autonomous Drones With Versatile Open Payload Capabilities

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Flyby Robotics
AI-Powered, US-made, Autonomous Drones With Versatile Open Payload Capabilities
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Flyby Robotics is a U.S. developer of medium-lift UAS (unmanned aerial systems) platforms with accessible on-board ML computing power for commercial, industrial, public safety and defense applications. Our open and modular product philosophy provides users with a wide range of payload options and the ability to directly access or program our on-board GPUs.

Our team, made up of experts from Yale, Princeton, NASA JPL, and Anduril Industries, is committed to redefining what American drones can accomplish. We strive to create a flexible and autonomy-ready drone platform for developers and operators in commercial, government, and military use cases.

Flyby F-11

NDAA-compliant autonomous drone built for developers & operators

AI Powered Autonomous DroneThe Flyby F-11 is a full autonomy-capable quadcopter drone with an NDAA-compliant supply chain.  Developed and built by drone pilots as main project contributors on the engineering staff, the platform has been created from the ground up to be highly intuitive in every operational aspect, simplifying field complexity and providing a seamless user experience.

Developed and assembled in the United States, the highly secure Flyby F-11 is ideal for operators looking to reduce dependence on foreign-made hardware.

NDAA compliant drone platform

The versatile platform is BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight)-ready, featuring a triple-redundant LTE-capable cellular communications module available as well as radio link with a 10 km range. The aircraft delivers mission endurance of up to 50 minutes and includes dual hot-swappable batteries, allowing you to get back into the air almost immediately.

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Powerful machine learning at the edge

With an open compute architecture and an onboard NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX module boasting more than 50 trillion operations per second, the F-11 is perfect for hosting advanced and custom edge AI and machine learning software.

autonomous drones

AI mission planning & machine learning

This impressive computing power allows the aircraft to be equipped with state-of-the-art autonomy capabilities, reducing the cognitive load on the pilot and allowing operators to focus on higher-level decision-making and mission strategy. It also enables developers to deploy robust real-time data analysis that enhances a wide range of applications, including critical infrastructure inspection, gas leak detection, tactical reconnaissance and more.

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Versatile modular payload capabilities & LiDAR obstacle avoidance

modular drone payloads

Lidar obstacle avoidance

AI drone autonomy

Featuring a 3 kg (6.6 lbs) payload capacity and quick-release modular mounts on both the top and bottom of the aircraft with 12 mounting hardpoints, the versatile F-11 can be customized and equipped for almost any mission imaginable. The UAS is available out of the box with the following payload options:

  • Gremsy VIO gimbal (Sony Block 4K, FLIR Boson 640, and laser range finder)
  • Gremsy ZIO gimbal (4K hybrid 30x zoom, 20x optical, 12x digital)
  • Sony ILX-LR1 light-weight (240 grams) full frame 60 MP camera
  • Sony A7R IV full frame 60 MP camera

Additional payloads can also be integrated upon request – contact us for more information.

LIDAR Obstacle Avoidance

The AEGIS model of the Flyby F-11 includes an Ouster OS-1 LiDAR payload for 360-degree obstacle avoidance with an unmatched range of up to 295 ft. Overcoming the range limitations of camera-based obstacle avoidance, this multi-array LiDAR scanner delivers centimeter-level precision distance measurement for the utmost in safety, even in foggy and low-light or night-time conditions.

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autonomous quadcopter droneThe full Flyby F-11 UAS package includes:

  • One NDAA-compliant F-11 drone with carrying case
  • Smart Controller with Flyby Ground Control App
  • Intelligent Battery Charging Station

With the provision of a fully-refundable deposit, we offer customers a free immersive evaluation of the F-11’s capabilities, held either at a location of your choice or at the Flyby headquarters. To find out more, please get in touch!

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