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Unmanned Helicopter UAVs: Single Rotor VTOL Drones for LiDAR Surveys, Cargo & Medical Deliveries

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Velos Rotors
Unmanned Helicopter UAVs: Single Rotor VTOL Drones for LiDAR Surveys, Cargo & Medical Deliveries
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Velos Rotors is a leading developer of rugged, fully redundant small helicopter drones for industrial applications.

Our easy-to-operate Velos twin-engine UAVs feature robust weather resistance and requires minimal maintenance, providing superior flight time, speed and high payload capacity to comparable multirotor drones.

Velos Small Helicopter Drone

Velos V3 – Small Helicopter Drone

Long-range drone for LiDAR surveys, cargo & medical deliveries

unmanned helicopter uav

The Velos V3 is the next-generation version of our twin-engine UAV, designed from the ground up to provide the utmost efficiency and reliability, and featuring a rugged IP65-rated construction, enhanced stability, and improved payload capacity.

The small helicopter drone has been built with a highly innovative fully redundant design, providing extreme failure tolerance and preventing crashes due to loss of power. The aircraft can safely land and protect its payload even with a complete failure of most major components.

The Velos V3 provides fully automatic navigation and waypoint following as well as emergency auto-landing, and it has been tested extensively with the Here2 and Here3 RTK GNSS systems. Custom firmware provides compatibility with leading ground control software including Mission Planner, QGroundControl, UgCS and more.

helicopter uavs

The aircraft has been engineered with a unique payload rail that provides 28 different locations for mounting off-the-shelf sensors and equipment, providing true multi-mission versatility. The Velos V3 is an ideal platform for mounting LiDAR scanners, medical delivery payloads and other cargo.

Velos POR – Helicopter UAV

Unmanned helicopter with payload over rotor configuration

Unmanned helicopter with payload over rotorThe Velos POR is a variant of the V3 that enables payloads to be mounted above the aircraft’s rotor on the centre of gravity axis, ensuring minimal effect on the helicopter’s balance and flight parameters. The 360-degree clear sky view enables additional operations such as panoramic filming, and detailed inspections with cameras mounted to face both upwards and downwards.

The top mounting also allows the incorporation of a ballistic parachute system, providing an additional layer of safety and protection for both the UAV and expensive payloads. The parachute is ejected in a fraction of a second and allows the helicopter to land with low speed and maximal impact area.

More information: Velos POR – Small Helicopter UAV

UAS Services

Custom Payload Integration
Our team can customize, integrate and test a wide variety of custom payloads, sensors and technologies to meet your specific requirements. These include LiDAR scanners, ISR sensors, LTE and SATCOM datalinks, cargo delivery systems and more.

Custom Payload Integration

We offer a comprehensive three-day training package that provides everything you need to successfully conduct operations with our helicopter UAVs, including mission planning, flight practice, scenarios and exercises, and maintenance. Bespoke training also can be provided to suit additional needs.

Velos unmanned helicopters feature a relatively simple powertrain, and maintenance, inspection and parts replacement can be performed easily by the customer. We offer specific training on how to perform these tasks.

We provide our customers with extensive after-sales support to ensure the continued seamless running of your UAV operations, including online review of flight parameters and data as well as 24/7 phone availability.

Unmanned Helicopter Applications

Mapping & Surveying
Velos helicopter drones with LiDAR scanners and photogrammetric cameras are ideal for the creation of orthographic maps, 3D digital terrain models and other high-accuracy deliverables for mapping and surveying.

small helicopter drone with lidar scanner

Search & Rescue 
Helicopter UAVs equipped with thermal infrared sensors are ideal for covering vast areas of land or water to find missing persons when time is of the essence, as well as for delivering emergency supplies such as water, radios and medkits.

Precision Agriculture
Multispectral sensors and other equipment can gather precision agriculture data quickly and efficiently, providing crucial insights into crop health and enabling farmers to maximize yields.

lidar drone for surveying

Industrial & Infrastructure Inspection
Velos unmanned helicopters can efficiently inspect wind turbines, oil and gas facilities, pipelines, roads, railways, powerlines and more, reducing downtime while minimizing risk to workers.

Medical Drones & Cargo UAV
With its 12kg payload capacity, the Velos VTOL drone is ideal for drone delivery operations and transport of crucial cargo such as medical supplies, with the ability to fly safely over people as well as to reach remote and hard-to-access locations.

Long Range Cargo Delivery Drone

Surveillance & Border Patrol
The Velos V3 can use high-resolution visible and thermal cameras to provide daytime and nighttime surveillance of hazardous or critical regions. Imagery can be monitored in real-time from a remote command centre without the need to put personnel in harm’s way.

Aerial Videography
Thanks to its 90-minute flight time, the Velos V3 can use high-resolution video cameras to capture high-quality aerial footage at lower production costs than manned aircraft.

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