Unmanned Helicopter UAVs: Single Rotor VTOL Drones for LiDAR Surveys, Cargo & Medical Deliveries

Rugged Helicopter UAVs for Mapping, Inspection & Cargo Delivery

The Velos V3 features a rugged IP65-rated construction and a fully redundant design that provides extreme failure tolerance By Mike Ball / 11 May 2023
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Velos Rotors is a leading developer of rugged and reliable unmanned helicopters for industrial and civil applications. UST is delighted to welcome Velos Rotors on board as a supplier partner, and we will be highlighting their unique solutions and capabilities across our channels over the next 12 months.

We’ve just launched Velos Rotors’ UST supplier profile, which has been written and built by our team in collaboration with the company. The Gold profile highlights the Velos single-rotor UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) platform, which features robust weather resistance and requires minimal maintenance, and provides superior flight time, speed and payload capacity over comparable multirotor drones.

Read on to find out more:

Velos Small Helicopter DroneThe Velos V3 is the next-generation version of the single-rotor Velos UAV platform, designed from the ground up to provide the utmost efficiency and reliability and featuring a rugged IP65-rated construction, enhanced stability, and improved payload capacity.

The unmanned helicopter has been built with a highly innovative fully redundant design, providing extreme failure tolerance and preventing crashes due to loss of power. The aircraft can safely land and protect its payload even with a complete failure of most major components.

helicopter uavsThe Velos V3 provides fully automatic navigation and waypoint following as well as emergency auto-landing, and it has been tested extensively with the Here2 and Here3 RTK GNSS systems. Custom firmware provides compatibility with leading ground control software including Mission Planner, QGroundControl, UgCS and more.

The aircraft has been engineered with a unique payload rail that provides 28 different locations for mounting off-the-shelf sensors and equipment, providing true multi-mission versatility. The Velos V3 is an ideal platform for mounting LiDAR scanners, medical delivery payloads and other cargo.

Unmanned helicopter with payload over rotorThe Velos POR is a variant of the V3 that enables payloads to be mounted above the aircraft’s rotor on the centre of gravity axis, ensuring minimal effect on the helicopter’s balance and flight parameters. The 360-degree clear sky view enables additional operations such as panoramic filming, and detailed inspections with cameras mounted to face both upwards and downwards.

The top mounting also allows the incorporation of a ballistic parachute system, providing an additional layer of safety and protection for both the UAV and expensive payloads. The parachute is ejected in a fraction of a second and allows the helicopter to land with low speed and maximal impact area.

Velos also offers a comprehensive suite of UAS services, including custom payload integration, training, maintenance, and 24/7 phone support.

To find out more about Velos Rotors and their rugged helicopter UAV platforms, please visit their profile page: https://www.unmannedsystemstechnology.com/company/velos-rotors/

To learn more, contact Velos Rotors: Visit Website Send Message View Supplier Profile
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