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Quadcopter vs Unmanned Helicopter Drones

Feature Article By Velos Rotors
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Velos Rotors explores the difference between quadcopters and unmanned helicopter drones.

In the article ‘In a World of Quads, Be a Helicopter’ Velos Rotors addresses the differences in design, and notability of the rotor configuration, between quadcopters and professional helicopter drones, specifically the Velos V3 helicopter UAV.

Quadcopters vs Unmanned Helicopter Drones

Velos Rotors highlights the use of differential thrust by quadcopters, versus the use of cyclic and collective pitch controls to maneuver used by unmanned helicopters, comparing safety, speed of ascent and descent, payload capacity, inflight stability, and power management.

The article covers:

  • In a World of Quads, Be a Helicopter
  • How do they actually work
  • What makes Velos V3 so special

When discussing the benefits of the Velos V3 the company references up to 3 levels of safety features, multiple control options, the benefits of the Payload Over Rotor (POR) system when it comes to mounting payload options, as well as custom payload integration capability, and extensive support to ensure the flawless operation.

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