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Woot Tech Aerospace
Commercial Drones for Delivery, Surveying, Agriculture, Security & Mapping - Target Drones - UAS GCS
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Woot Tech Aerospace is a leading UAS (unmanned aerial systems) manufacturer and an operator of industrial and commercial drone platforms for a wide variety of applications. Providing both COTS and bespoke products, we can deliver custom end-to-end solutions that include support and training tailored to your exact requirements.

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We have developed a range of different UAS including multirotor and fixed-wing VTOL drone platforms, and our flagship products include advanced hybrid VTOL drones that combine the manoeuvrability of rotorcraft with the efficiency and long range of winged flight.

Woot Tech’s UAS designs incorporate sophisticated in-house-developed artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that utilize the state of the art in computer vision to enable advanced autonomy and navigation.

Commercial Drones

VTOL drone for ISR & cargo delivery


VTOL drone for ISR & cargo delivery

  • All-electric or hybrid powertrain
  • 10 kg payload capacity
  • Flight range of up to 1000 km & endurance of up to 8 hours

VTOL drone for ISR & cargo delivery

Alien-X SD

Smaller VTOL ISR & payload delivery drone

  • Scaled down version of Alien-X
  • 3 metre wingspan
  • 5kg payload capacity

Mapping & Surveillance Drone


Hybrid VTOL mapping, inspection & surveillance drone

  • Endurance of up to 120 minutes
  • Flight range of up to 120 km
  • Payload options include EO/IR systems, LiDAR & multispectral sensors

VTOL delivery drone


VTOL delivery drone for food & humanitarian supplies

  • Specially designed for efficient delivery with highly stable hovering
  • Maximum payload of 5 kg
  • Flight range of up to 40 km & endurance of up to 30 mins

Quadcopter drone for inspection


Quadcopter drone for inspection & surveillance

  • Foldable arms & propellers
  • Payload options include EO/IR systems, multispectral sensors & Sony photogrammetry cameras
  • 60 mins max endurance & 50 km max flight range

Target Drones

Turbojet-powered VTOL target drone

FireBolt Jet

Turbojet-powered VTOL target drone

  • Launch from land or vessel
  • Enables testing of air-to-air and surface-to-air weapons
  • Maximum speed of 500 km/h & endurance of up to 60 minutes

VTOL target & surveillance drone


VTOL target & surveillance drone

  • Ideal for training, target practice & surveillance
  • No runway or catapult required
  • Maximum speed of 180 km/h & endurance of up to 60 minutes

High-speed fixed-wing target drone

Nimbus 2K

High-speed fixed-wing target drone

  • Catapult or rocket takeoff & parachute recovery
  • Maximum payload of 10 kg
  • Maximum speed of 630 km/h & endurance of up to 60 minutes

UAS Ground Control Station (GCS)

Rocksteady GCS

Rocksteady 2.5 GCS

Rugged UAS GCS for drone control & mission planning

  • IP67 rated
  • Dual-screen for simultaneous drone & payload control
  • Up to 10 hours battery life


Our long-range delivery drones enable critical cargo to reach remote destinations in a timely manner, operating with a reduced carbon footprint and avoiding traffic congestion.

drones for security surveillance

Drones are ideal for round-the-clock security surveillance, providing a persistent capability under all weather conditions and delivering real-time data both during the day and at night.

commercial drones - uav survey and inspection

Oil and Gas & Infrastructure Inspection
Our drone platforms provide a variety of advantages for inspection of oil and gas facilities, roads and railways, powerlines and other infrastructure, enabling asset digitalization and real-time insights without shutting down operations or introducing additional safety risks.

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Mining & Excavation
Woot Tech commercial UAS enable the creation of highly detailed and accurate 3D models, allowing mine and quarry operators to assess deposits, precisely measure volumes, and plan for expansion.

uav agriculture

Precision Agriculture
Equipped with advanced multispectral camera payloads, our drones are ideal for precision agriculture data gathering, enabling farming professionals to gain insights into crop health and maximize their yields.

drone land surveying

Land Mapping & Surveying
UAS mapping and aerial surveying provides an efficient alternative to traditional manned methods, covering large areas in a single flight and producing high-accuracy topographic maps and models.

fixed wing vtol drone

Construction & Architecture
Our UAS platforms provide the construction industry with a vital aerial surveying capability, enabling efficient site planning and monitoring, stockpile measurement, terrain and building modelling, and more.

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