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Sensus L4-H2 Hydrogen-powered large multirotor UAV
Sensus L4-H2

Hydrogen-powered large multirotor UAV

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Sensus L4-H2

The L4-H2 is a variant of the Sensus L platform featuring four motors and an Intelligent Energy 2400W hydrogen fuel cell. Payload options include Nextvision EO/IR sensors, Yellowscan LiDAR scanners, and Pixy gimballed payloads for aerial imaging, surveying, surveillance, or precision agriculture.


Dimensions (motor hub to hub) 1850 x 1850 x 700 mm
Diagonal Wheelbase 1150 mm
Weight (inc. batteries) 16.5 kg
Max Payload 4.5 kg
MTOW 21 kg
Max Speed 20 m/s
Service Ceiling 3000 m
Max Flight Time (no payload) 150 min
Flight Time (w/ full payload) 80 min