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Professional Drones, Quadcopters, Multirotors & Hexacopters for Cinematography, Survey & Inspection

Acecore Technologies
Professional Drones, Quadcopters, Multirotors & Hexacopters for Cinematography, Survey & Inspection
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Acecore Technologies is a leading developer of state-of the-art unmanned aerial solutions for a wide range of professional markets. Our innovative, durable VTOL drones are ideal for taking drone cinematography, broadcasting, inspection, security and surveying applications to the next level.

Acecore professional VTOL drones

Zoe – portable quadcopter

Compact, foldable quadcopter for commercial applications

Zoe – portable quadcopter drone

Zoe is a highly portable drone with a foldable design for easy transportation and deployment. With a maximum payload capacity of 5kg and flight times of up to 47 minutes, it can field a variety of payloads for maximum mission flexibility.

The rugged quadcopter all-weather waterproof construction, and tough carbon fibre design, make Zoe a highly dependable system, even in winds of up to 29 knots.

Zoe portable quadcopter VTOL droneA triple redundancy autopilot option provides even greater reliability for autonomous missions, and an auto-deploy parachute system facilitates safe operation even in the rare event of a critical failure. The George base station can be used to expand on the standard Futaba/ FrSky remote.

Zoe is an ideal choice for Search & Rescue missions, emergency response, aerial inspections and surveying.

Zoe Endurance (x4)

  • Longer flight time

Zoe Performance (x8)

  • More stability
  • Redundancy

Noa – weatherproof hexacopter drone

Long endurance and heavy lift drone

Noa – weatherproof hexacopter drone

Noa is a powerful heavy-lift hexacopter designed for experienced pilots looking to expand beyond the capabilities of their current systems. Ideal for aerial cinematography, LiDAR scanning and 3D mapping, Noa features a payload capacity of 20kg, with flight times of up to an hour.

Noa – heavy lift hexacopter droneWith a modular payload quick release system and flexible battery options, professional users can balance payload and battery weight, providing optimal flight efficiency for specific missions. Advanced avionics and flight safety features include an ADS-B-ready transponder, an AES128 encrypted radio link, and a triple-redundant autopilot.

Noa’s rugged, robust carbon fiber construction makes it highly resistant to impact and allows it to fly even under extreme weather conditions. The hexacopter’s six aerodynamic booms can be quickly and easily removed and reconnected, providing improved portability and tool-less setup.

Noa Hybrid – long-endurance hexacopter

Hybrid gas-electric drone with 175 min flight time

Noa Hybrid - long-endurance hexacopter

Noa Hybrid is a long-endurance hexacopter drone featuring the latest evolution of our hybrid gas-electric powertrain technology. With a flight time of up to 175 minutes and a payload capacity of 6 kg, the persistent UAV platform allows you to undertake a variety of missions without worrying about charging batteries.

Hybrid gas-electric droneThe highly integrated gas-electric power supply utilizes a liquid-cooled generator with remote starter that delivers up to 4000W continuously to the drone’s brushless motors. The system also includes redundant backup batteries that enable the aircraft to land safely if main power is lost. Safe landing can also be carried out even with a loss of one motor or propeller.

Noa Hybrid’s quick-release payload mount allows a range of sensors to be fitted, including leading cameras from Sony and Phase One as well as a wide variety of LiDAR systems.

Zoe Zetona – professional multirotor

Lightweight commercial drone with front-mounted payload

professional multirotor drone

Zoe Zetona is a portable, easy-to-deploy multirotor drone based on the proven Zoe platform. It features a unique 2-axis gimbal that allows payloads to be mounted in front of the drone’s body, providing operators with the ability to tilt the gimbal from 90 degrees upwards through to 90 degrees downwards.

The professional drone also introduces a new proprietary coaxial UAV motor that can be upgraded to a fully redundant propulsion system in addition to the standard quadcopter configuration.

commercial drone with front-mounted payloadZoe Zetona has been specially optimized to work with a limited number of high-end sensors, such as the 60-megapixel Sony A7r IV mirrorless camera. With robust weatherproofing, the platform is ideal for challenging inspection and survey missions such as oil rigs and wind farms.

Zoe M4 – military-grade quadcopter

Portable ISR drone with 80x zoom EO/IR gimbal

Zoe M4 military quadcopter

The Zoe M4 is the first Acecore drone designed specifically for military applications. Based on the proven Zoe platform, it provides a reliable and rapidly-deployable overwatch capability with minimal logistical footprint, and is ideal for security, ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) and emergency response applications.

Portable ISR droneThe NDAA-compliant quadcopter is equipped with the state-of-the-art NextVision Raptor X80 EO/IR, delivering stabilized daytime and night-time imagery with 80x zoom and a thermal imaging resolution of 1280×720. The complete UAS package also includes our MIL-STD-810G-rated Signav Ultra handheld GCS for easy and intuitive control.

Learn more: Zoe M4 – military quadcopter

Neo – heavy lift drone

Powerful cinematography drone for film-making, security & industrial inspection

Acecore Neo Heavy Lift Drone

Neo is an advanced heavy lift drone powered by eight motors, designed to easily handle bulky cameras and heavy payloads for cinematography drone applications such as film-making, aerial surveying, SAR, security and inspections.Neo professional multirotor drone

This adaptable and versatile cinematography drone features a modular Cube autopilot and Futaba radio controller. In addition, the George base station can be used to expand on the standard Futaba/ FrSky remote.

Neo’s state-of-the-art engineered carbon fibre body and weatherproof drone design, coupled with a heavy payload capacity of 9 kg (19.8 lbs), make it a rugged, never-fail solution for even the toughest missions.

George Herelink – modular drone controller base

Drone ground control base station

George Herelink is a modular base station that allows drone pilots to expand the functionality of the standard FrSky controllers, with up to three FPV displays or other modules. Capable of powering the drone controller and attachments through multiple flights, George Herelink provides a highly convenient way to control the drone and its payloads from one setup, doing away with the need for multiple drone controllers and inefficient switching.

George Herelink Modular Drone GCS by Acecore Technologies
George Herelink modular drone GCS by Acecore Technologies
Drone Controller Ground Station
George Herelink + Ground Station Pro

With a lightweight carbon fibre construction and modular quick-release attachment system, George Herelink provides an ideal way to seamlessly transition from piloting to camera and payload operation and back with ease, facilitating a wide range of commercial drone missions.

Learn more: George Herelink – modular drone controller base

SigNav Ultra – radio-agnostic ground control station

Military-grade handheld drone GCS with configurable frequency range

handheld drone GCSThe SigNav Ultra is a rugged handheld drone controller based on the Panasonic FZ-M1. The MIL-STD-810G-rated GCS features enhanced drop resistance and dust and water ingress protection.

The controller is radio-agnostic, with available options including the Doodle Labs Helix and Persistent Systems MPU5. The system can be factory-configured for compatibility with existing military networks or for frequency bands between 1625 to 2510 MHz, providing truly global coverage.

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Dual Operator Setup – linked ground control stations

Dual-controller configuration for individual pilot and payload control

dual controllerWe provide ground controllers that can be linked together, enabling separate pilot and payload controls to suit more complex inspection applications. The dedicated camera operator can take advantage of a 1000cd/m2 high-brightness display for enhanced detail, without needing to worry about controlling the aircraft.

Both smart ground controllers are IP53-rated, and can operate at ranges of up to 15 kilometers.

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Drone Tether System

Unlimited endurance for secured tethered drone operations

Acecore Drone Tether System

The drone Tether System enables long-duration missions for both our Neo and Zoe professional drone systems. The rugged Kevlar-core tether delivers continuous power with redundant backup as well as unjammable communications, high-speed data transfer and superior quality live imagery.

Unlimited hovering, with the ability to perform agile manoeuvres, and the swappable payloads on both Neo and Zoe open up a variety of persistent mission options for applications such as crowd control, traffic management, surveillance and post-disaster communications.

Persistent Drone Tether Systems

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Commercial Drone Applications

Acecore Noa drone for cinematography and broadcasting

Cinematography & Broadcasting

Our portable drone platforms, coupled with a wide range of cameras and imaging payloads, are ideal solutions for the needs of film-makers and live broadcasters. With all-weather capabilities, our equipment can be replied upon to provide smooth, high-quality shots.

Acecore Zetona drone for industrial inspections

Industrial Inspections

Using our VTOL multirotor solutions for your industrial inspection needs saves time, money and manpower; as well as decreasing risk. With quicker set-up times and unlimited viewing angles, drone inspections provide huge efficiency advantages over traditional manned methods.

Acecore Zoe heavy lift aerial surveying drone

Aerial Surveying

Aerial mapping and surveying with Acecore is faster and more accurate, even with high levels of vegetation cover. We have partnered with an expert LiDAR systems developer to create a fool-proof unmanned aerial surveying system to meet almost any surveying need.

LiDAR drone

Airborne LiDAR

Our portable drone platforms, coupled with a choice of LiDAR scanner, are the ideal solution for generating photo-realistically colored and survey-grade 3D representations of the real world at the highest accuracy.

Acecore search and rescue drone

Emergency Services

Our multirotors offer superior performance for critical, time-limited missions day or night in even the harshest of weather conditions. Stabilised gimbal payloads with high-tech optical zoom and IR capabilities provide vibration-free imagery for emergency response, and search and rescue operations.

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