Quadcopter Drone for Mapping & Surveying; Drone Imaging Sensors & GNSS Devices

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GGS is a leading developer and integrator of systems and solutions for UAS (unmanned aerial system)-based aerial surveying. Using state-of-the-art high-resolution sensors together with sophisticated drone flight management systems and mission planning software, we provide all-in-one solutions for drone mapping and aerial survey missions.

AeroSpector Quadcopter Drone

Professional Mapping & Surveying Drone

Electric quadcopter drone

The AeroSpector is an electric quadcopter drone designed for drone aerial survey missions with a flight endurance of over 30 minutes. The modular construction is optimized for a payload of up to six kilograms, and the multirotor can be equipped with both an RGB detector and a LiDAR scanner.

With integrated GPS and RTK, the AeroSpector can be programmed with waypoints for fully autonomous operation, and features manual intervention capabilities in case of emergency. The system also features a triple-redundant flight controller, parachute and optional sensor payload airbags for maximum safety.

Professional Quadcopter Drone for Mapping & Surveying

Electric quadcopter drone designed for aerial surveying

GGS specialises in complete in-house UAS systems integration, providing customers with the highest possible system performance and efficiency for a broad range of applications, including infrastructure inspection, surveying and mapping, flood and fire monitoring, and post-disaster relief.


Length (diagonal) 1414 mm
Maximum Takeoff Weight 25 kg
Payload Capacity 6.5 kg
Endurance 30 min at 20° C and 0 m ASL
Thrust Up to 48 kg at 20° C and 0 m ASL

AeroSpector Quadcopter Drone

Imaging Sensors for Drone Mapping & Aerial Survey

AeroScan LiDAR Sensors for Mapping Drones

AeroScan LiDAR Sensors for DronesOur AeroScan LiDAR solutions are based on RIEGL airborne laser scanners, and are ideal for rapid, high-accuracy 3D data capture of agricultural assets, forestry sites, urban areas, industrial plants, utilities and infrastructure, and more.

The compact, lightweight sensors are designed for even the most challenging UAV LiDAR surveying missions.

Drone Imaging Sensors

Drone Aerial Imaging Sensors

5-Band Red-Edge Sensors

Our 5-Band solution for precision agriculture and other red-edge vegetation analysis applications uses three stabilized PhaseOne cameras with direct georeferencing for maximum position and orientation precision. The 5-Band system works with specially modified iX Capture software to provide an efficient, intuitive workflow for generating RGBI, NDVI and CIR images for data analysis.

5-Band Red-Edge Sensors

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Drone Hyperspectral Sensors

Hyperspectral Sensors for Drones and UAS

Our hyperspectral sensors are ideal for drone-based mineral prospecting, precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, security and more. Based on state-of-the-art pushbroom technology, the hyperspectral sensors guarantee simultaneous data capture of multiple parallel spectral bands for precise radiometric data analysis.

Lightweight and robust for drone operations, the hyperspectral sensors can be combined with our high-resolution RGB AeroCam systems, the AeroTherm ThIR camera, or LiDAR sensors. With our AeroTopoL FMS and AeroDiDOS direct referencing, these sensors can form highly flexible turnkey solutions to suit a wide range of mission requirements.

HyCam M2 HyCam M2
Sensor type Refractive VPH grating
Mass 3 kg 1.5 kg
Power supply 12V 12V
Minimum object distance 180m 180m
Spectral range 400 – 950 nm 400 – 900 nm
Spectral bands 120 256
Pixel quantity 1024 1452
Scan rate 60-90 lines/sec 60-90 lines/sec

Hyperspectral Drone Sensors

Drone-based Hyperspectral Sensors

UV/RGB Detector Sensors

UV:RGB Detector SensorsOur UV/RGB detector systems, ideal for power line monitoring and failure detection, capture both corona radiation and corresponding visualized RGB images, blocking sunlight to generate pure amplified UV radiation. The systems provide up to 1.4 MP resolution at up to 30 fps, with a choice of 18 or 25 mm diameter image intensifiers with spectral sensitivities from 180 to 850 nm.

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AeroTherm Infrared Camera

AeroTherm Infrared CameraThe AeroTherm infrared camera supports a variety of thermal radiation monitoring requirements, for missions such as utilities and infrastructure inspection, forest fire management, industrial plan monitoring, and security.

Available with cooled or uncooled sensor, AeroTherm can be fully integrated with our AeroTopoL FMS and AeroStab stabilizer family, and is managed by AeroTherm Control software via Firewire, with real-time data control and visualization.

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Aero OTS Oblique Thermal Imaging System

Aero OTS Oblique Thermal Imaging SystemThe Aero OTS high-resolution multi-sensor platform combines up to nine cameras based on FLIR industrial thermal imaging sensors, with five cameras providing continuous cross-track coverage, and two back and two front cameras for oblique data.

The OTS Capture software allows control of all synchronised cameras within the system, and can be interfaced with the AeroTopoL FMS for precise, efficient mission planning. The OTS Capture interface can also be accessed remotely via web browser.

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GNSS Devices & Camera Interfaces

AeroNav GPS for Navigation and Control

The AeroNav GPS is an entry-level solution providing precise mission navigation and camera control for accurate aerial imagery. Based around smoothed L1 GPS receivers, the AeroNav GPS uses bi-directional RS232 communication to facilitate operations such as aerial camera operation via electronic switch, determining camera event signals on an open collector, and event-based positioning with 0.01 second accuracy.

Receiver type L1, C/A code, with carrier phase smoothing
Channels Two 12 channel, parallel tracking
(Two 10 channel when tracking SBAS)
Update rate 10 Hz (20 Hz optional)
Horizontal accuracy < 20 cm 95% confidence (L-Dif)
< 50 cm 95% confidence (DGPS)
< 2.5 m 95% confidence (autonomous, no SA)
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 200 x 85 x 50 mm
Power 9-30 V, 150-350 mA

AeroNav Vector Dual-Receiver, Dual-Antenna GPS

The AeroNav Vector is a dual-receiver, dual-antenna GPS solution that provides true heading determination for UAVs with a 10 Hz refresh rate. The system is ideal for precision aerial camera operations, including triggering via electronic switch, determining camera event signals on an open collector, and event-based positioning with 0.01 second accuracy.

Update rate 10 Hz (20 Hz optional)
Heading accuracy <0.4º RMS @ 0.5m antenna separation
<0.2º RMS @ 1.0m antenna separation
<0.10º RMS @ 2.0m antenna separation
Pitch/roll accuracy <1° RMS
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 200 x 85 x 80 mm
Power 9-30 V, 250-450 mA

AeroNav INS

The AeroNav INS is an inertial navigation systems that combines GNSS positioning and attitude measurements.

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AeroMCC Multi-Camera Interface

AeroMMC is a multi-camera interface that can electronically trigger up to 5 cameras simultaneously, using either galvanic separation or sequential 200 or 400 msec delays. A single port GNSS event can be used to detect the projection centres of each camera, with serial commands used to trigger cameras separately or all at once.

AeroMMC allows interfacing of a wide variety of GNSS receivers and cameras along with AeroTopoL and other FMS.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 200 x 85 x 80 mm
Power 9-30 V, 200-300 mA

Oblique Imaging Systems (OIS)

Multi-camera systems for 3D mapping

Oblique Imaging Systems (OIS)Our Oblique Imaging Systems combine multiple cameras for 3D mapping applications such as generation of high-precision models of urban environments.

All perfectly-synchronized cameras are controlled by our Smart Shooter software, which controls a variety of parameters and procedures including image exposure and storage procedures.

Oblique Imaging System OIS-S
Oblique Imaging System OIS-M
Oblique Imaging System OIS-L

All systems can be equipped with different lenses and tilt angles can be modified for flexible operation. Our AeroTopoL FMS and AeroDiDOS GNSS-INS can be integrated to generate directly georeferenced data for a smooth workflow.

Cameras 5 x Canon 5DSR 4 x Canon 5DSR
1 x PhaseOne IXU-1000
5 x PhaseOne IXU-1000 1 x PhaseOne IXM-150 RGB
1 x PhaseOne IXU-1000 NIR
2 x PhaseOne IXM-100
Rotation Angle
Rotation Angle
Tilt Angle
Tilt Angle
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