Quadcopter Drone for Mapping & Surveying; Drone Imaging Sensors & GNSS Devices

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GGS is a leading developer and integrator of systems and solutions for UAS (unmanned aerial system)-based aerial surveying. Using state-of-the-art high-resolution sensors together with sophisticated drone flight management systems and mission planning software, we provide all-in-one solutions for drone mapping and aerial survey missions.

AeroSpector Quadcopter Drone

Professional Quadcopter Drone for Mapping & Surveying

Electric quadcopter drone

The AeroSpector is an electric quadcopter drone designed for drone aerial survey missions with a flight endurance of over 30 minutes. The modular construction is optimized for a payload of up to six kilograms, and the quadcopter drone can be equipped with both an RGB detector and a LiDAR scanner.

With integrated GPS and RTK, the AeroSpector quadcopter drone can be programmed with waypoints for fully autonomous operation, and features manual intervention capabilities in case of emergency. The system also features a triple-redundant flight controller, parachute and optional sensor payload airbags for maximum safety.

Professional Quadcopter Drone for Mapping & Surveying

Electric quadcopter drone designed for aerial surveying

GGS specialises in complete in-house UAS systems integration, providing customers with the highest possible system performance and efficiency for a broad range of applications, including infrastructure inspection, surveying and mapping, flood and fire monitoring, and post-disaster relief.


Length (diagonal) 1414 mm
Maximum Takeoff Weight 25 kg
Payload Capacity 6.5 kg
Endurance 30 min at 20° C and 0 m ASL
Thrust Up to 48 kg at 20° C and 0 m ASL

AeroSpector Quadcopter Drone

Imaging Sensors for Drone Mapping & Aerial Survey

AeroScan LiDAR Sensors for Mapping Drones

AeroScan LiDAR Sensors for DronesOur AeroScan LiDAR solutions are based on RIEGL airborne laser scanners, and are ideal for rapid, high-accuracy 3D data capture of agricultural assets, forestry sites, urban areas, industrial plants, utilities and infrastructure, and more.

The compact, lightweight sensors are designed for even the most challenging UAV LiDAR surveying missions.

Drone Imaging Sensors