Electric VTOL Tilt-Rotor UAV, Delivery Drone for Cargo & Logistics

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Electric VTOL Tilt-Rotor UAV, Delivery Drone for Cargo & Logistics
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Airlogix is a leading developer of delivery UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) solutions for seamless and flexible cargo and logistics deliveries.

Our mission is to make drone delivery universally available and accessible, and to solve logistics problems for a wide variety of essential applications such as healthcare, search and rescue (SAR), construction, and utilities.

Delivery UAV

Hammerhead eV20 Delivery Drone

Advanced electric VTOL tilt-rotor UAV

Electric Drone

The Hammerhead eV20 is an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL), tilt-rotor drone built for middle-mile delivery missions. Featuring autonomous operation, the cargo UAV combines the advantages of quadcopters and fixed-wing platforms, with the ability to switch seamlessly from VTOL and hovering to highly efficient forward flight.

tilt rotor uav

With a top speed of 90 km/h, the Hammerhead eV20 can carry up to 20 kg of critical cargo for distances of up to 100 km. Powered solely by batteries, the eVTOL aircraft is emissions-free and delivers flight times of up to an hour.

The platform can withstand significant gusts of wind and can be operated in costal and offshore environments.

Electric VTOL

The advanced cargo UAV includes a built-in LiDAR altimeter and an IR-Lock sensor for precision landing, as well as ADS-B for enhanced situational awareness.

A comprehensive ground control and fleet management software suite is included, turning any laptop into a convenient ground control station (GCS). Communication methods include 915 MHz radio, 3G/4G/5G cellular, and optional SATCOM.

Cargo UAV


Dimensions (L x W x H) 2900 x 4700 x 755 mm
9.52 x 5.42 x 2.48 ft
MTOW 80 kg (176 lbs)
Maximum Payload Capacity 20 kg (44 lbs)
Cruising Speed 5 m/s (10 knots) – quadcopter mode
20 m/s (39 knots) – fixed-wing mode
Maximum Speed 10 m/s (19 knots) – quadcopter mode
25 m/s (49 knots) – fixed-wing mode
Maximum Flight Time 15 mins – quadcopter mode
1 hr – fixed-wing mode
Maximum Altitude 3000m (9842 ft) AMSL – quadcopter mode
3500m (11482 ft) AMSL – fixed-wing mode
Wind Resistance 25 m/s (49 knots) average
30 m/s (58 knots) gusts

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Drone Delivery Advantages

The use of UAVs for logistics and cargo delivery offers a variety of advantages over traditional methods, opening up unique opportunities for businesses and public services alike.

Drone Logistics

Access hard-to-reach places – many places around the globe are not well-served by road or manned aviation. Drones are able to go where other methods of transport cannot, with little or no required infrastructure.

Avoid traffic – drones are ideal for urban areas with heavy traffic, providing fast, efficient and clean delivery without contributing to the problem.

Timely delivery even in emergencies – drones can be deployed quickly with minimal need for resources, providing the ability to easily and efficiently help those in need when every second counts.

Cost reduction – the use of autonomous UAVs frees up manpower and reduces downtime, leading to improved efficiency and reduced costs for businesses.

Autonomous Drone Delivery

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Tilt Rotor Drone

Urban & remote delivery
Drone delivery is ideal for both crowded urban environments and remote regions, solving the logistical issues of both in a rapid and cost-effective manner.

Logistics Drone

Our delivery drones can deliver a variety of essential medicinal and healthcare cargo, such as vaccines, blood, first aid supplies and defibrillators – faster than any ambulance and contact-free.

Cargo Drone

Search and Rescue
Our versatile electric hybrid tilt-rotor drone can navigate complex and dangerous terrain during humanitarian crises, natural disasters, conflicts and other emergencies, without the need to put first responders and other personnel at risk.

Delivery Drone

Utilities & Construction
Cargo drones can deliver to businesses, depots, construction sites, offshore vessels and platforms and a variety of other destinations within rapid timeframes, minimising downtimes and maximising profitability.

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