Who to see at Xponential 2024

UnmannedSystemsTechnology.com are thrilled to be working with so many companies attending AUVSI's Xponential this year... By Sarah Simpson / 20 Apr 2024
Who to see at XPO24
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The AUVSI XPONENTIAL event brings together leaders and users from across the globe in the field of autonomous systems and robotics. Demonstrating a dedication to cooperation and technological advancement, this event is the premier trade show and conference for the unmanned industry.

Spanning four days, the event offers demonstrations, keynote addresses, workshops, and networking opportunities at the San Diego Convention Center from April 22nd to 25th, 2024. Anticipation is palpable here at UST, as we eagerly anticipate reconnecting with numerous partners face-to-face.

We’re thrilled to collaborate with numerous participating companies at Xponential this year, whether they’re showcasing products, delivering presentations, or exploring the exhibition floor. If you’re interested in arranging a meeting, feel free to reach out via our platform. Details are provided below:

  • Advanced Navigation at Booth 3917: AI-based Inertial Navigation Systems (MEMS and FOG), Acoustic Positioning Solutions
  • Ainstein at Booth 3817: Radar Sensors for UAVs and Drones
  • Airspace Link at Booth 5041: All-in-One Software Solution for Drone Planning, Management, and Community Integration
  • AlarisPro at Booth 4349: UAS Operations & Fleet Management Software | UAS Monitoring System
  • Alpha Unmanned Systems at Booth 4125: Helicopter UAVs: Rotary Wing Drones for Maritime, Naval & Security Operations | UAS GCS
  • Amprius at Booth 3418: Next-generation silicon anode lithium-ion batteries for drones and robotics
  • Ascent AeroSystems at Booth 4345: Lightweight & Modular Coaxial Drone for Public Safety, Emergency Response & Disaster Relief
  • Aurora Flight Sciences at Booth 2816: Uncrewed Aircraft Systems, Optionally Piloted Aircraft & CUAS Interceptor Drones
  • Auterion at Booth 5143: Drone Control Software & Hardware for Integrated Drone Mission Planning & Drone Fleet Management
  • AVSS at Booth 3637: Parachute recovery systems and flight termination systems for commercial multirotor UAVs
  • Bayonet Vehicles/Greensea at Booth 4740: Autonomous Amphibious Crawler Robots for Underwater Rescues, Surveys & Monitoring
  • Blitz Technology at Booth 5017: VEGA ISR Imaging Systems: UAV Gimbal Camera Payloads & HD Video Processing Solutions
  • Blue Marble Geographics at Booth 5248: Geospatial Data Analysis, Point Cloud Processing and GIS Mapping Software for Drones and UAV
  • C-Astral at Booth 4506: Fixed-Wing UAS, Tactical Drones for Long-Range SAR, C4ISR and Surveying Applications
  • Calian Group Ltd at Booth 5342: High-Precision GNSS Antennas for Position, Navigation & Timing in Drones, Robots & Autonomous Vehicles
  • Centum Research & Technology at Booth 4125: Mobile Phone Detection System for Airborne Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • Charles River Analytics at Booth 4642: Automatic Target Recognition for AUV & AI-Based Maritime Situational Awareness for USV
  • Chess Dynamics at Booth 4738: Electro-Optical Surveillance and Video Processing for Unmanned Systems & Counter-Drone Applications
  • CR Flight at Booth 4043: Electric Propulsion Units (EPU) for Unmanned Aircraft Systems; Drone & UAV Propeller Propulsion
  • CubePilot Pty Ltd at Booth 4237: The Cube Autopilot, GNSS Module, HD Video Transmission System and Accessories for UAVs

UnmannedSystemsTechnology.com will be available at Booth 3440

  • Deep Trekker at Booth 4637: Advanced ROVs – Remotely Operated Vehicles – for Underwater Inspections
  • DeTect at Booth 5519: Drone Detection Systems & Tracking Radars; BVLOS & Sense-and-Avoid Technology
  • Domo Tactical Communications at Booth 5219: Software Defined Radios (SDRs) and IP Mesh Radios for UAV, Drones, UGVs and Robotics
  • Doodle Labs at Booth 4825: Mesh Radio, WiFi Transceivers & Wireless Mesh Network Technology for Drones, UAVs, UGVs & Robotics
  • Drone Rescue Systems at Booth 4026: Drone Parachute Systems: sUAS & Multirotor UAV Rescue & Recovery Systems
  • Dronetag at Booth 4142: Low SWaP Remote ID Modules & Remote ID Compliance for UAV Pilots & OEMs
  • Edge Autonomy at Booth 3729: Long-Endurance Fixed-Wing & Hybrid VTOL UAVs, UAV Payload Camera Systems, & Power Systems
  • Elistair at Booth 4416: Tethered Drone Systems for Military and Commercial Applications
  • Embention at Booth 4839: UAV Autopilot Flight Controllers, Ground Stations, ESC Controllers & Tracking Antennas
  • FIBERPRO at Booth 3416: Tactical-Grade Fiber Optic Gyros & FOG IMU for UAVs & Autonomous Vehicles
  • Fischer Connectors at Booth 3321: High Performance Connectivity Solutions | Rugged & High-Density Circular Connectors
  • Fizoptika Malta at Booth 3652: Miniature Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOG Sensors) & IMUs for UAVs & Robotics
  • Futaba at Booth 4449
  • GREMSY at Booth 5149: Stabilizing Gimbals & Stabilized Camera Mounts for Drones & UAVs
  • Hargrave Technologies at Booth 4600 (with Neumotors): Drone Motor Controllers & NDAA-Compliant Drone ESCs for Brushless Electric Motor Control
  • Harxon Corporation at Booth 3928 and 3939: RTK Antennas – Positioning, Tracking & Surveying GNSS Antennas for Drones & Robots
  • Hitec Commercial Solutions at Booth 5537: Brushless Servo Actuators & Linear Actuators for UAV, Robotics & Unmanned Systems
  • Honeywell Aerospace Technologies at Booth 5137: BVLOS Solutions for UAS & UAM: Fuel Cells, Radar, Navigation Sensors, Flight Control & SATCOM
  • HBK MicroStrain at Booth 5338: Inertial Sensors, MEMS IMU, AHRS Systems, Vertical Reference Units & GNSS-INS for Unmanned Systems
  • Hunan Bynav Technology at Booth 4848: High-Precision RTK GNSS Receivers & GNSS+INS Combined Navigation for Drones & Autonomous Vehicles
  • HZO at Booth 4445: Conformal Coating Solutions for Mission-Critical Electronics & PCB Assemblies Within UAVs & Robotics

UST will be at Booth 3440. See you in San Diego!

  • Inertial Labs at Booth 3425: Inertial Navigation Sensors: MEMS IMU, Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, AHRS, GPS-INS & Point Cloud Generation
  • InfiniDome at Booth 5111: Anti-Jamming GPS/GNSS Protection Technology for Drones & Autonomous Vehicles
  • Innoflight Technology at Booth 3442 – Innovative UAV Platforms for Commercial & Industrial Applications | Advanced EFI Drone Propulsion Solutions
  • Intelligent Energy at Booth 5445: Compact Hydrogen and PEM Fuel Cells for Drones and UAV
  • Iridium Communications at Booth 3617: Maritime Satellite Communications & Connectivity – SATCOM Terminals and Antennas
  • Kongsberg Geospatial at Booth 4929: Geospatial Software for Real-Time Mapping, Data Visualization & Situational Awareness
  • LI-COR Environmental at Booth 4530: Compact 3D Ultrasonic Anemometers & Weather Sensors for Drones, UAVs & GCS
  • MaxAmps Lithium Batteries at Booth 5122: Custom Lithium Batteries for Drones & UAV – Lithium Polymer Batteries & LiPo Battery Packs
  • Maxtena at Booth 4017: High-Performance, Rugged GPS & GNSS Antenna Solutions for Drones & Autonomous Vehicles
  • Mejzlik Propellers at Booth 4142: Custom-Designed Carbon-Fiber Drone Propellers for OEM Manufacturers
  • Mobilicom at Booth 4046: Cyber Protection, Wireless MESH Communications & Data Links, Mobile GCS for Tactical UAVs & Robotics
  • MKS Servos at Booth 5300: Brushless Servo Motor Actuator Systems for Uncrewed Aircraft/Drones & Marine Robotics
  • MP Antenna Multi-Polarized, Omni-Directional Antennas for Long Range Wireless Communications
  • Nanomotion at Booth 3417: Miniature Two-Axis Gyro-Stabilized EO/IR Payloads for Commercial & Defense Applications
  • Neousys Technology at Booth 5147: Industrial-Grade Embedded Computer Systems for AI Edge Computing & Machine Learning
  • Nicomatic at Booth 5629: Micro Connectors for Aerospace, UAVs & Robotics – Rugged, Modular, High-Performance
  • Omnetics at Booth 4828: Micro and Nano Miniature Connectors for Unmanned Systems
  • Overwatch Imaging at Booth 3346: Automated Imaging Systems, Multispectral & EO/IR Sensor Payloads for Airborne ISR & SAR

UnmannedSystemsTechnology.com will be available at Booth 3440

  • Packet Digital at Booth 4047: Custom Lithium-ion Smart Batteries for UAS, Power Management Systems, Fleet Management Software, Solar MPPT Integration
  • Performance Drone Works (PDW) at Booth 3524: Autonomous ISR UAVs – Foldable FPV Drones, Endurance Heavy-Payload Drones | Ground Controllers & C2 Radio Links
  • Phase One at Booth 4245: High-Resolution & Multispectral Aerial Imagery Cameras for Drones / UAVs
  • Phoenix LiDAR at Booth 5246: High-Resolution & Long-Range LiDAR for Airborne Surveys & 3D Mapping
  • Plettenberg at Booth 4549: High Performance Electric Motors, ESCs, Generators & Starters for Unmanned Systems
  • PNI Sensor at Booth 5047: High Accuracy AHRS, Tracking and Orientation Sensor Modules for GPS-Denied Navigation
  • PteroDynamics at Booth 3625: Autonomous Folding-Wing VTOL UAV for Long Range & Superior Endurance
  • Sagetech Avionics at Booth 3437: Certifiable Situational Awareness & BVLOS Solutions for Uncrewed Aircraft Systems in the Defense & Civil Industries
  • SBG Systems at Booth 5412: Inertial Navigation Systems, INS/GPS, AHRS, and IMU Sensors for Unmanned Systems
  • Sierra-Olympia Technologies at Booth 3342: Infrared (IR) Thermal Imaging Camera Modules for Drones, UAV & Robotics
  • Sightline Applications at Booth 3337: Onboard Video Processing Software and Hardware for Unmanned Systems
  • Silicon Sensing at Booth 5241: MEMS Inertial Sensor Solutions, IMUs, Gyroscopes and MEMS Accelerometers for Unmanned Vehicles
  • Sky Power International at Booth 4037: Heavy Fuel, Gasoline Engines & Wankel Rotary UAV Engines
  • Skydio at Booth 5337: Powerful AI-Based Autonomous Drone Solutions For Asset Inspection, ISR & Other Mission Critical Applications
  • SKYTRAC at Booth 4447: UAV, UAS, and UAM Satellite Communications – BVLOS and C2 Satcom Terminals and Mission Servers
  • Specialty Coating Systems at Booth 3131: High-Performance Parylene Conformal Coatings & Electronics Conformal Coating Services
  • Spleenlab at Booth 4925: Modular AI Software Suite for Highly Reliable Perception & Autonomy in UAVs, Drones, & Self-Driving Vehicles
  • Sunhillo at Booth 5736: Radar & ADS-B Surveillance Data Fusion, Integration & Display | UAV Tracking & ATC Integration
  • SwissDrones at Booth 4916: VTOL Helicopter UAV for long-range BVLOS aerial surveillance, search & rescue and inspection missions

UST will be at Booth 3440. See you in San Diego!

  • T-DRONES at Booth 3837 and 3831: Industrial & Multirotor Drones | Drone Motors, UAV ESC & Propellers
  • TEKEVER at Booth 4737: Fixed-Wing UAV Systems: Modular VTOL, Long-Range Maritime UAV, Tactical ISR UAS
  • Teledyne Geospatial at Booth 3325: Survey-Grade Drone LiDAR Sensors & AI-Based Data Processing Software
  • Teledyne Lumenera at Booth 3325: UAV Cameras: CMOS USB3 Cameras & OEM Imaging Systems
  • Times Microwave at Booth 4452
  • TrellisWare at Booth 4615: Radio Communication Systems – TSM Waveform MANET Radio Modules for Resilient Communications
  • Tualcom at Booth 4217: Anti-Jam GPS-GNSS Devices, Tactical Data Links, Telemetry Systems, Electronic Warfare Equipment
  • Tyto Robotics at Booth 3216: Drone Test Stands for Motor & Propeller Testing, Wind Generators for Free-Flight & Drone Resistance Tests
  • UAV Propulsion Tech at Booth 3648: UAV Hardware Solutions: Propulsion & Fuel Systems, Servos & Flight Controllers, Imaging Solutions, Launchers & Parachutes
  • uAvionix at Booth 4845: Certified UAV Communications, Navigation, Control, Surveillance, and Combat ID Solutions
  • UXV Technologies at Booth 3243: Ground Control Systems (GCS) & Handheld Controllers, UAV Camera Gimbal & Field-Oriented Control ESC
  • VB Antennas at Booth 5146: RF & Microwave Antennas for Drones & GCS | Surveillance & Communication Antennas
  • VectorNav at Booth 4714: High-Performance Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) for Unmanned Systems
  • Vertiq at Booth 4149: Industrial Drone Propulsion: High Performance Servos for Aerial Vehicles
  • VideoRay at Booth 4543: Powerful Underwater Robotics for Commercial, Industrial & Military Applications
  • Volatus Aerospace at Booth 4907: Drone Technology Supplier & Drone Service Provider for Public Safety, Transportation & Training
  • Volz Servos at Booth 4729: Precision Electro-Mechanical Servo Actuators for Drones, UAVs, Unmanned Systems & Robotics
  • WISPR Systems at Booth 5614: Customizable, Industrial Quadcopter Drone for Aerial Mapping, Surveying & Inspections
  • XER Technologies at Booth 4248: Heavy-Duty, Heavy Payload Drones for Industrial Inspections, Public Safety and Search & Rescue

… See you there!

UST will be at Booth 3440. See you in San Diego!

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