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Unmanned Services: Inspection, Medical/Cargo Delivery, UAS Training | Electric VTOL UAV

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missionGO Unmanned Systems
Unmanned Services: Inspection, Medical/Cargo Delivery, UAS Training | Electric VTOL UAV
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MissionGO is a provider of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) solutions for both public safety and commercial applications. Our core competencies include expert survey and inspection of power utility infrastructure, state-of-the-art unmanned aircraft delivery of medical and commercial cargo, and training for eVTOL UAV operators.

Cargo delivery drone

UAS Services

Critical Infrastructure and Utility Inspections

Monitoring & inspection UAV services

We provide advanced UAV-based inspection services for utilities and critical infrastructure, with highly-trained expert pilots and crew.

Utility Inspection Drone

Our efficient and reliable eVTOL UAV platforms provide high-quality imagery and data with repeatable results, utilizing a safe and proven long-linear inspection method that allows us to cover miles of ground to capture the greatest number of inspection items possible in the shortest amount of time.

Inspection Drone

All our operations are in strict compliance with FAA regulations, and follow a stringent Operational Risk Management (ORM) checklist to ensure the utmost mission safety and quality. All our pilots are trained in Crew Resource Management (CRM) for unmanned aircraft operations.

All data collected is immediately uploaded and stored on secure servers, and images are tagged and organized to facilitate seamless accessibility by the inspectors in almost real-time. We can also integrate our data solutions with your Geographic Information System (GIS) database.

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Medical & Critical Cargo UAV Deliveries

Cargo delivery and medical supply UAV solutions

Cargo Drone Deliveries

Our UAS Urban Cargo Airline and Unmanned Urban Cargo Airline fleets are first-to-market solutions for the time-sensitive delivery of critical goods within urban environments.

To find out more about how you can benefit from these groundbreaking transportation services, please get in touch.

unmanned aircraft delivery

UAS Training

Professional training for public safety and commercial UAS operators

UAS Training ProgramOur UAS Startup Program is an all-in-one solution for establishing a professional, compliant, and sustainable UAS program for your organization.

We provide you with expert assistance with pilot certification, aircraft registration, operational procedures and more.

Our professional instructors are FAA Part 107 certified and have decades of experience in both manned and unmanned aviation and public safety/law enforcement instruction.

sUAS Training

The program includes:

  • A full day of instruction on UAS flight operations, safety procedures, and inflight emergencies for up to 6 students
  • A full day of instruction on basic troubleshooting, and mission-specific training scenarios for up to 6 students
  • Two-year subscription to AlarisPro UAS Fleet Management software
  • Textbook, software, and training materials for the FAA Part 107 Exam
  • Customized MissionGO UAS Operations Manual
  • Full assistance with the entire process of establishing a compliant UAS program

We also provide a variety of other specialized training courses including Refresher Training, Collision Reconstruction, Advanced Tactics, Search and Rescue and more.

More information: UAS Training >>

UAS Products

MGV 100 Electric UAV

eVTOL UAV for logistics and inspection

MGV 100 Electric Drone

The MGV 100 is an advanced eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) UAV that unlocks the full potential of unmanned operations for aerial inspection and survey as well as critical cargo delivery.

The versatile platform can carry up to 22 lbs of payload and cargo, and provides a mission endurance of up to 90 minutes.

It features a fully redundant design for maximum aviation safety, and is in the process of FAA Type Certification.

Unmanned Helicopter

The all-electric eVTOL UAV makes it easy to:

  • Safely survey infrastructure assets and capture higher-quality inspection data in less time
  • Securely transport critical cargo such as time-sensitive deliveries, organs for transplant, and crucial medical supplies
  • Deploy state-of-the-art cameras and sensors for efficient aerial surveying

drone delivery


Length: 68”
Height: 17 – 26”
Width: 17 – 23”
Rotor Diameter: 77”
Endurance: Up to 90 mins
Speed: 70 kts dash, 38 kts cruise
Max Altitude: 8000 ft
Max Takeoff Weight: 55 lbs
Empty Weight: 19 lbs
Max Payload Weight: 22 lbs

More information: MGV 100 Electric UAV >>

Video Command Center

UAS video streaming for advanced situational awareness

Video Command CenterThe Video Command Center (VCC) is designed to meet the needs of today’s public safety UAS operations, providing a convenient solution for transmitting critical video from the field to leaders and decision-makers in headquarters or mobile command centers.

Drone Command Center

The portable system is enclosed in a rugged carrying case with integrated wheels and handle, and can provide on-scene commanders with a crucial overview of the incident when no mobile command vehicle is available. The video feed is optimized for computers and mobile devices, and can display video from two UAVs simultaneously via HDMI and Wi-Fi.

Drone Operation Command CentreFeatures of the VCC include:

  • Integrated 22” monitor
  • Utilizes current mobile Wi-Fi connection
  • Power from either AC or DC sources
  • Wireless handheld keyboard with touchpad
  • HDMI-Out to connect to command vehicle or larger monitor

More information: Video Command Center >>

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