VTOL Fixed-Wing Drone for GIS Mapping, Surveys, Agriculture & Construction

VTOL Fixed-Wing Drone for GIS Mapping, Surveys, Agriculture & Construction
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Atmos is the creator of the innovative Marlyn Cobalt VTOL fixed-wing drone, designed to push the boundaries of commercial survey and GIS mapping UAVs. The versatile platform enables professionals to enhance their efficiency and capture more high-accuracy data on every mission, while allowing companies to meet environmental sustainability goals.


To ensure high quality and maintain ethical trade standards, all Marlyn UAVs are designed, created, and assembled in the Netherlands.

Marlyn – Advanced VTOL survey and mapping drone

The Marlyn Cobalt VTOL UAS features a state-of-the-art hybrid design that combines the advantages of both multirotor and fixed-wing mapping drone platforms. Operations can be launched from a minimal 2×2 metre footprint, switching to airplane-like forward flight for maximum efficiency and coverage.VTOL Survey droneThanks to the integrated Topcon PPK system, surveyors can achieve accuracy of down to 1cm with Marlyn Cobalt, without the need for placing ground control points or for a constant datalink between the aircraft and base station.

VTOL Mapping Drone

Marlyn Cobalt can survive tougher wind conditions than any other VTOL survey drone. With the ability to operate in wind speeds of up to 45km/h at ground level and 55km/h at cruising altitudes, you can fly on days that would ordinarily be a “no-go” for any other platform, adding up to significant productivity boosts every month and year.

To find out how many days of productivity you could gain with Marlyn Cobalt, try out the Wind Benefit Calculator feature on our website.

VTOL fixed-wing mapping drone with intuitive operation and safety-first design

Marlyn Cobalt has been designed from the ground up with safety foremost in mind, and is intended to be used by anyone no matter their level of experience. Each phase of the operation, from takeoff through to landing, can be performed entirely automatically, and operators can take over at any time. Before each flight, the system performs a comprehensive self-check, ensuring that any errors are detected safely and successfully.

Fixed-wing survey drone

The aircraft features a number of built-in emergency flight modes to ensure safe operation under a variety of circumstances. The system also includes dual redundant batteries, as well as smart navigation and anti-collision lights for maximum visibility in the air.

VTOL UAS with industry-leading cameras and payloads for surveys and inspections

Marlyn Cobalt can be equipped with a number of different sensors and payloads, selected and thoroughly tested by us to provide maximum accuracy for a range of different GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping, surveying, research and inspection requirements. Further sensor integrations are currently under development, and we are constantly reviewing new options to meet industry demand.

Fixed-wing mapping drone

The current lineup includes:

  • Sony A7RIV – 61 megapixel camera with 21mm lens for wide-area mapping
  • Sony A7RIII – 42.4 megapixel camera for clear imagery down to 0.85cm GSD
  • MicaSense RedEdge-P – industry-standard multispectral (RGB/red edge, NIR) sensor for precision agriculture
  • Altum PT – cutting-edge agricultural sensor capturing synchronized multispectral, thermal, and panchromatic data

Learn more: Cameras & Payloads >


Intuitive flight planning softwarevtol uas flight planning software

Included with Marlyn Cobalt is Navigator, a user-friendly flight control software package designed in-house to simplify piloting and allow you to focus on surveys. All you need to do is set your desired mapping area and survey parameters, and the software takes care of the rest.

Flight plans and maps can be saved to your laptop or tablet before you go out in the field, doing away with the need for a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Navigator also includes a special smart corridor mode for efficient linear mapping of railways, pipelines and powerlines.


PPK processing softwareGeoTagger PPK processing software

Our GeoTagger post-processing software is also included with Marlyn Cobalt, and provides an easy drag-and-drop interface that simplifies the workflow. GeoTagger provides automatic visualisation of trigger events, flight lines and reference station locations on the map, ensuring that the correct files are selected and errors are avoided.

The versatile software is compatible with all major cameras, sensors and photogrammetry platforms.


Surveying and GIS Drone mapping

Drone for GIS Mapping & Survey
Marlyn Cobalt is ideal for efficient centimeter-level surveying and GIS drone mapping, with the ability to capture data up to 10 times faster than multirotor drones and up to 30 times faster than traditional terrestrial survey methods.

Drone for construction & infrastructure

Drone for Construction & Infrastructure
Capturing detailed datasets with millions of points, the Marlyn Cobalt VTOL UAS can help you create 3D models and gather critical insights for construction sites, roads, railways and power lines.

Drones in mining

UAV for Mining & Aggregates
Covering massive areas in a single flight, Marlyn Cobalt can undertake high-accuracy volumetric surveys, capture DTMs and orthophotos for prospecting, and detect unstable geological features before they become significant hazards.

Environmental Research Drone

Environmental Monitoring, Protection & Research Drone
Marlyn Cobalt can be equipped with multispectral and thermal imaging sensors to provide research insights into plant growth and animal behaviour, providing an effective alternative to satellite data.

Precision agriculture drone

Precision Agriculture & Farming Drone
Marlyn Cobalt’s agricultural sensors can provide accurate NDVI/NDRE measurements, enabling farmers to monitor crop health, disease, irrigation and fertilization and significantly boost yields.

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