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Helicopter UAVs: Rotary Wing Drones for Maritime, Naval & Security Operations | UAS GCS

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Helicopter UAVs: Rotary Wing Drones for Maritime, Naval & Security Operations | UAS GCS
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Alpha Unmanned Systems, SL., is an aeronautical engineering company that manufactures small tactical helicopter UAVs. Founded in 2014 and based in Madrid, Alpha’s team of young professionals is dedicated to building and distributing Alpha’s helicopter UAV platforms as the preferred tactical UAV platform of choice for maritime security, border control, infrastructure inspections and other critical missions.

With product sales to the US DoD, the Indonesian Coast Guard and to leading clients in more than 9 countries, Alpha’s helicopters fill an important market niche; small tactical fuel-powered helicopter drones that are reliable and versatile for multi-mission use.

Border patrol drone
unmanned ISR Security UAV

Fully automatic, Alpha’s helicopter UAVs can fly up to 4 hours and carry payloads that weigh up to 4 kg including some of the world’s most sophisticated electronic sensors for civilian and security purposes. Alpha is ISO9001 certified and its A900 platform is built “STANAG-Compliant” with fully redundant critical systems.

Alpha Unmanned Systems provides the full engineering value chain for its small tactical fuel-powered helicopter UAVs and for related control systems. Working closely with large defense companies, Alpha also offers Advanced Engineering Services, using its systems as test platforms for much larger UAVs.

Following 9 years of organic growth, Alpha has just completed its first seed round of external investment. Alpha is very proud that its seed round investors include UAV industry expert Joseph Menaker, Alpha’s senior business development director, Tobias Webster, former Managing Director of UAV Navigation and Alpha’s CFO, Javier Castaño. With this funding and its strong base of support and expertise, Alpha is confident that it will continue to develop outstanding UAV helicopter platforms and grow significantly worldwide.

Helicopter UAVs

Alpha 900 – Rotary Wing UAV

STANAG-compliant maritime drone for coast guard and naval applications

naval drones

The Alpha 900 is a fuel-powered rotary-wing UAV designed specifically to excel under challenging marine and maritime conditions. With an MTOW of less than 25 kg, the STANAG 4738-compliant platform can easily take-off from and land on the deck of a ship, and also features robust weather-proofing.

Helicopter UAV for maritime surveillanceThe versatile naval drone can carry up to 4kg, and features a main and secondary payload bay as well as external hard points and an internal electronics bay.

It is an ideal choice for ISR and security missions, for coast guard and naval operations.

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Alpha 800 – Single Rotor Drone

Versatile rotary-wing UAV for civilian & military applications

rotary wing uav

The Alpha 800 is a versatile multi-mission rotary-wing drone with extremely low logistical footprint and maintenance requirements. The highly reliable system can be transported in a pick-up truck or van, and can be set up and airborne in minutes.

Single rotor drone

The single-rotor drone can carry up to 3kg and can be equipped for a wide range of civilian and military missions, including mapping, inspection, surveillance and reconnaissance, and search and rescue.

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UAS Control Stations

Vessel-Based Control System

Portable tracking antenna system for long-range maritime UAV communications

Portable UAV tracking antennaOur vessel-based control system (VCS) uses dual-antenna GNSS and a high-gain gyrostabilized tracking antenna to provide reliable long-range encrypted communications between UAVs and their motherships. Multiple datalink options are available providing ranges of up to 50 km.

The system includes two rugged laptops for UAV and payload control, as well as an IP67-rated rugged handheld joystick that enables communication via Ethernet at distances of up to 40 metres from the control room.

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G-Case Duo UAS Ground Control Station

Portable GCS with dual screens and rugged carry case

UAS Ground Control Station

The G-Case Duo is a portable UAS GCS designed for use by two operators. The rugged and easy-to-deploy system is housed within a waterproof Pelican case, and features two sunlight-readable 15” HD screens for vehicle and payload control.

UAS GCSThe GCS can be equipped with different antenna systems to provide communication ranges of up to 50 kilometers. Up to four UAVs, UGVs or USVs can be controlled simultaneously, and telemetry and video data is transmitted via an encrypted MIMO link.

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Payload IntegrationUAS Payload Integration

We can provide precisely-engineered payload integration to suit your exact requirements, covering all aspects of mechanical, electrical and communications engineering as well as thorough testing. Options include high-resolution cameras, infrared thermal imagers, multispectral sensors, LiDAR scanners, magnetometers, altimeters, transponders and more.

UAV MaintenanceUAV Maintenance

We offer a full maintenance and service program that covers everything from minor repairs to complete overhauls, ensuring that your UAVs continue to fly safely and at full efficiency. Systems can be sent to our facilities in Madrid, or our fully qualified technicians can visit your premises.

Training ProgramsUAS Training

Our comprehensive training programs for Alpha unmanned helicopters include online courses as well as on-site training at our facilities, providing users with all the knowledge and skills required to plan and execute automated missions. Additional BVLOS and advanced maintenance training modules are also available.

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unmanned ISR Security UAVISR

Our single-rotor helicopter drones are designed to provide the very best in unmanned ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance), providing critical situational awareness for superior tactical advantages and decision-making.

Border patrol droneBorder Control Drone

Alpha rotary-wing UAVs are ideal for frontier patrolling and border control, and multiple units can be flown together to cover wide geographical areas. Sensors can be used to detect and recognise objects such as people and vehicles, and identify details at long range.

maritime surveillance dronesMaritime Security UAV

Our naval drones are ideal maritime surveillance drones, providing support for naval vessels and coast guard personnel as well as oil rigs and commercial fishing operations. With automated take-off and landing capabilities, they can operate from moving ships with limited deck space.

UAS for Contamination DetectionContamination Detection

With long endurance and large payload capacities, Alpha helicopter UAVs are highly suited to ecological disaster prevention and recovery on land or at sea. They can be used to monitor emissions, and can be equipped with a system that analyzes and records air samples and reports testing results in real time.

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