Unmanned Helicopter UAVs: Single Rotor VTOL Drones for LiDAR Surveys, Cargo & Medical Deliveries
Velos V3 Helicopter UAV Small helicopter drone with fully redundant design
Velos V3 Helicopter UAV

Small helicopter drone with fully redundant design

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Velos V3 Helicopter UAV

The Velos V3 is the next-generation version of the versatile Velos unmanned helicopter platform, featuring enhancements in stability, reliability and payload capacity, as well as new robust carbon fiber skid pads. The IP65-rated helicopter UAV can withstand high levels of rain, snow, wind and other extreme weather conditions.

The unmanned helicopter has been built with a highly innovative fully redundant twin-engine design, allowing it to safely land and protect its payload even in the event of motor or servo failure, broken belt or gear, burnt-out ESC or main battery failure.

The Velos V3 provides fully automatic navigation and waypoint following as well as obstacle avoidance and emergency auto-landing, and has been extensively tested with the Here2 and Here3 RTK GNSS systems. Communications options include radio systems such as the Silvus StreamCaster, as well as 4GLTE/5G cellular. Custom firmware provides compatibility with leading ground control software including Mission Planner, QGroundControl, UgCS and more.

The aircraft has a payload capacity of up to 12kg, and features a unique payload rail that provides 28 different locations for mounting a variety of different off-the-shelf sensors and equipment, including visible and thermal cameras and LiDAR scanners.


Dimensions L 1720 mm
H 450 – 650 mm (dependent on skid configuration)
W 420 – 590 mm (dependent on skid configuration)
Rotor Diameter 1950 mm
Weight Empty weight 8.5 kg
Battery weight 4 – 10 kg
MTOW <25kg
Endurance 30 – 90 mins
Speed 30 – 70 km/h cruise
130 km/h max
Payload Capacity 12 kg