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Sword 3.0 UAV Long-range surveillance and cargo drone
Sword 3.0 UAV

Long-range surveillance and cargo drone

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Sword 3.0 UAV

The Sword 3.0 is an advanced fixed-wing UAV with a 3-metre wingspan, designed for surveillance, data collection and cargo delivery. Featuring a highly efficient twin-wing design and dual redundant control surfaces for enhanced reliability, it has a low magnetic signature, making it ideal for magnetic surveying and mapping and well as surveillance.

Sword Fixed Wing drone with long range

With a large carrying capacity of 10 kg and long endurance, Sword 3.0 is highly suited to a variety of BVLOS and commercial missions. It is easy to deploy and operate, and can be conveniently stored and transported in protective carrying cases.

The platform can be equipped with a number of propulsion options:

  • Single electric pusher (5 hrs flight endurance)
  • Twin coax electric pusher with "get me home" emergency mode
  • 70cc four-stroke EFI engine (10 hrs flight endurance)
  • Hybrid VTOL fixed-rotor/pusher hybrid
  • Launcher/STOL/STOVL versions also available