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Fixed-Wing Drones for Inspections & Monitoring; Surveillance & Security

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Robot Aviation is a leading developer of fixed-wing drones (UAVs, UAS) for military and commercial applications. With many years of experience in the UAV industry, we have created solutions for a variety of range and endurance needs, all designed to operate under highly challenging conditions.

SkyRobot™ FX20 Fixed-Wing UAV

Catapult-launched, medium-range fixed-wing drone

SkyRobot FX20 Fixed-Wing DroneThe FX20 is a high-performance medium-range UAS that can be operated by a crew of two and transported in a small truck or van.

A portable launcher allows for runway-independent operation, with recovery conducted either by net or skids.

UAV Portable GCSWith efficient, low noise operation, the FX20 meets all FAA regulations for small UAS under 55lbs. Endurance of three hours or more allows for high-coverage missions, and a GCS that can control multiple UAVs provides convoy operation for uninterrupted surveillance coverage.

The FX20 carries an advanced EO/IR payload with multiple-axis stabilization, and is capable of providing radio communications relay support. Thanks to its long endurance, range of 300km and the ability to stream live video from up to 60km away, the FX20 is ideal for both line-of-sight and BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) missions.


Wingspan3.0 m
Airframe Length1.0 m
MTOW12 kg
Empty Weight5 kg
Endurance3 hours
Range300 km
Cruise Speed27 m/s
Maximum Speed50 m/s

SkyRobot™ FX450 Fixed-Wing UAV

Long-endurance, BVLOS fixed-wing drone

SkyRobot FX450 Fixed Wing UAV

The FX450 is a long-endurance, long-range unmanned aircraft specially designed for advanced BVLOS applications. With a highly efficient engine running on gasoline or heavy fuels, and an aerodynamic stall-resistant canard design, it is a highly cost-effective solution compared to manned aircraft with the same size payload and performance.

BVLOS Fixed-Wing UAVThe system can be equipped with different communication and datalink options, including live video streaming up to 200 km with high bandwidth and encrypted communication options.

An open architecture allows for integration of advanced and customized payloads, including external sensor pods, geo-referenced EO/IR, radar, LiDAR, and multi/hyperspectral sensors.

A flight endurance of 20 hours and an advanced triple redundant flight control system make this rugged UAV platform an ideal choice for prolonged and persistent ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) missions.


Wingspan7.2 m
Airframe Length4.0 m
MTOW180 kg
Empty Weight
80 kg
Endurance20 hours
Range2000 km
Cruise Speed35 m/s
Maximum Speed50 m/s
Typical Mission AltitudeUp to 4000 m (above ground level)

SkyRobot™ FX10 Fixed-Wing UAV

Hand-launched fixed-wing drone

SkyRobot FX10 Fixed-Wing UAVThe FX10 (previously the Spy Owl 200) is a highly portable hand-launched UAS designed for professional surveillance applications.

Capable of being launched within minutes, the aircraft is built around a composite airframe and features a retractable gyro-stabilized EO/IR gimbal. The long-endurance electric propulsion system gives the aircraft a flight time of up to two hours.

Hand launched Fixed-Wing UAVThe integrated SkyView EasyPilot autopilot uses GPS, INS and laser altitude sensors to provide autonomous operation, including landing. A rugged Ground Control Station provides a long-range (up to 30km) communications and video link, allowing pilots to direct the flight of the aircraft, control the gimbal, and land the UAV.


Wingspan2.1 m
Airframe Length1.53 m
MTOW6.5 kg
Endurance2 hours
Cruise Speed22 m/s
Maximum Speed40 m/s
Typical Mission Altitude75-1500 m (above ground level)


Catapult launched Fixed-Wing UAV

Aerial Inspections & Monitoring

Robot Aviation is one of the few operators licensed to operate RO3-category drones in Norway, and our UAVs are used to perform BVLOS inspections of thousands of kilometres of power lines.

The endurance and range of our UAVs makes them ideal for a wide range of inspection and monitoring applications, such as oil & gas exploration and wind farm inspection, increasing operational efficiency and decreasing costs and time spent.

Security & Surveillance

Long Endurance Fixed Wing Drone

All of our SkyRobot™ unmanned aerial systems can be set up for security and surveillance operations and missions, such as border patrol, national security and search & rescue. The systems are ideal for providing persistent and reliable coverage, and can be configured with different payloads to match a variety of operational requirements.

Fixed-Wing Drones for Inspections & Monitoring; Surveillance & Security
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