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Nimbus 2K High-speed fixed-wing target drone
Nimbus 2K

High-speed fixed-wing target drone

The Nimbus 2k, a high speed target drone and yet another unique innovation and one of the most prestigious drone of our fleet of unmanned systems, tailored for target drone applications. Featuring a MTOW of 75 kg and equipped with a turbojet engine, this UAV features an impressive speed of upto 630 km/hr and can operate at altitudes of up to 3000 m. Visit Website Contact
Nimbus 2K

The Nimbus 2K is a high-speed target drone powered by a turbojet engine with thrust of up to 450N. Launched by either catapult or rocket, it features a built-in parachute system for safe and effective landing and recovery. It is ideal for testing a wide range of weapons systems and can be configured to drop flares in flight.

The versatile target drone delivers a top speed of 630 km/h and can stay in the air for up to an hour.


Max Payload 10 kg
Max Speed 630 km/h
Flight Endurance Up to 60 mins
Operational Ceiling 3000 m
Communications Range Up to 150 km