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Galaxy CM2000 Corridor LiDAR Scanner Airborne LiDAR sensor with adjustable FOV
Galaxy CM2000 Corridor LiDAR Scanner

Airborne LiDAR sensor with adjustable FOV

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Galaxy CM2000 Corridor LiDAR Scanner

The Galaxy CM2000 is a next-generation airborne LiDAR scanner designed specifically for low-flying corridor mapping applications.

With a measuring rate of up to 2 million points per second, it captures the most precise details of corridor elements such as power cables and pylons, railway signs and cellular tower antennas, and can also detect fine changes in the ground over time for pipeline monitoring.

The flexible low-footprint sensor features an adjustable field of view that can be narrowed to the exact width of the corridor, allowing laser measurements to be focused on a precise target. Built-in roll compensation corrects for UAV turbulence, maintaining a constant swath width on the ground.

With point density and efficiency previously seen only with dual-beam sensors, and the highest-quality data precision and accuracy, the CM2000 enables advanced analytics, insights, and decision making for a wide variety of corridor mapping and scanning applications.

Dimensions (LxWxH) Sensor: 0.34 × 0.34 × 0.25 m
PDU: 0.42 × 0.33 × 0.10 m
Weight Sensor: 27 kg
PDU: 6.5 kg
Performance envelope 150-2000 m AGL, nominal
Pulse repetition frequency 50-2000 kHz (programmable)
Beam divergence 0.16 mrad (1/e) or 0.23 mrad (1/e2)
Wavelength 1064 nm
Absolute horizontal accuracy 1/10,000 × altitude (1 σ)
Absolute elevation accuracy < 0.03-0.12 m RMSE from 150-2000 m AGL
Scan angle 20-60°
Scan frequency Maximum 160 Hz (320 scan lines/sec)