Quadcopter Drones for Aerial Mapping, Surveying, Inspection and DaaS Solutions

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Microdrones offer fully integrated drone solutions, combining quadcopter UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) with payloads and software for commercial Drones-as-a-Service (DaaS) applications, such as drones for aerial mapping, surveying, industrial inspection, mining, construction, and precision agriculture.

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Integrated VTOL Drone Solutions for Mapping, Surveying and Inspections

At Microdrones, our goal is to empower you to deliver the best possible work while cutting costs, saving time, and completing projects more easily.

We currently offer three families of integrated quadcopter drone solutions:

mdLiDAR Drone LiDAR Mapping and Surveying

mdMapper Drone Photogrammetry Mapping and Surveying

mdTector Professional UAV Gas Inspection Packages


Drones-as-a-Service Solutions for LiDAR Mapping & Surveying Applications

Microdrones’ end-to-end drone LiDAR solutions feature state-of-the-art payloads and a fully integrated software workflow, with expert support for the entire surveying mission from start to finish.mdLidar mdCockpit software

Our fully integrated UAV LiDAR packages allow you to acquire and process high quality data and produce detailed 3D point clouds, all optimized for land surveying, construction, oil & gas, and mining applications.


The mdLiDAR3000 system combines our md4-3000 heavy-lift drone with a Riegl miniVUX‑1UAV or miniVUX‑1DL LiDAR sensor and a Sony RX1R II 42.4 megapixel camera, allowing users to rapidly produce professional quality 3D colorized pointclouds. Simple mission planning, automated execution and thorough data processing are all integrated into an intuitive, seamless workflow.

mdLiDAR3000 Quadcopter UAV SolutionWith dual-IMU direct georefencing hardware from Applanix and sophisticated post-processing software, the mdLiDAR3000 provides high-accuracy data deliverables for professionals working in mining, construction, forestry, environmental monitoring, and more.


Featuring the same high-efficiency end-to-end workflow and direct georeferencing capabilities as the mdLiDAR3000, the mdLiDAR1000 is based on our md4-1000 multirotor and features a SICK LD-MRS4 LiDAR payload and FLIR 5MP global shutter camera.

Microdrones mdLiDAR1000 Quadcopter UAV Solution

Case study:
In this video Spatial Data Consultants (SDC) highlight the workflow and operations they use to help plan a mission, fly the mdLiDAR3000, and process and visualize the data.

More Information: mdLiDAR 


Quadcopter Packages for DaaS Photogrammetry Mapping & Surveying

Microdrones’ aerial mapping solutions allow you to complete large-scale projects in a fraction of the time with unparalleled professional-grade data quality. A range of drones-as-a-service solutions are available to suit all aerial mapping requirements and budgets.

Our drones for aerial mapping are ideal for DaaS surveying, construction, inspection, and mining applications.

mdMapper1000DG Drone for Aerial Mapping, Surveying and Photogrammetry


The mdMapper1000DG is Microdrones’ flagship mapping solution, harnessing the power of direct georeferencing to achieve superior data accuracy without the need for ground control points. The system reduces overlap and sidelap, and enables highly efficient corridor mapping, covering more ground in a single flight and providing significant time savings.

The mdMapper1000DG pairs our md4-1000 multirotor drone with a Sony RX1R II 42.4 megapixel camera on a custom lightweight, vibration-free, nadir mount for smooth, high-accuracy image capture.

Microdrones mdMapper1000DG


The mdMapper1000PPK is designed around the same powerful quadcopter platform as the mdMapper1000DG, and aimed at businesses that do not yet have direct georeferencing requirements.

The system provides a versatile aerial mapping solution that delivers high accuracy with only 1 – 3 ground control points. Up to 45 minutes of flight time means superior efficiency and coverage for precision agriculture, mining, construction and many other use cases.

The mdMapper1000PPK can be easily upgraded to full direct georeferencing capability with a simple firmware upgrade.


The mdMapper1000+ is our entry level aerial surveying package that provides basic GCP-intensive mapping capabilities. Based on the rugged all-weather md4-1000 multirotor drone, an easy firmware upgrade will convert it to either full PPK or direct georeferencing to support your expanding business needs.

We also offer a full range of aerial mapping systems to meet DaaS requirements for a specific application. From PPK technology down to basic GCP-intensive photogrammetry, we have a drone-as-a-service solution that will meet your project needs and budget. Learn more >


Complete Drone Inspection Packages

Microdrones mdTector1000

Our mdTector professional aerial inspection packages make it easy to plan, monitor, adjust and analyze your missions, while eliminating risk to operators and allowing access to even the toughest terrain.


mdTector drone inspection systems are compatible with our mdCockpit Android app that allows you to view potential gas leaks in real time during flight. Sensor status and methane column density data in ppm × m are fed back to the operator, with the ability to plot the LMm readings.

The mdTector Android app provides graphical visualization of exported post-flight data, as well as overlaying on Google Maps. Data includes LMM reading and GNSS position, and can be quickly and easily exported to .csv for exploitation in GIS software.

mdTector1000CH4 – Aerial Methane Inspection Package

The mdTector1000CH4 is a fully integrated aerial methane inspection package, specially designed for professional methane gas infrastructure inspectors. Consisting of a Pergam laser sensor mounted on our powerful md4-1000 quadcopter UAV, it features an onboard HD video link that provides essential visualization in real time.

The easy-to-deploy system handles a broad range of detection, from 1 – 50,000 ppm × m. It is ideal for natural gas line surveys, compressor stations, tank inspections, gas well testing, landfill emission monitoring, plant safety and more.

More Information: mdTector UAV Solutions

Commercial Quadcopter Drone Platforms

In addition to our packaged solutions, thousands of commercial and university customers worldwide have used our quadcopter drones to develop their own custom applications or research.

Learn more about the benefits of our commercial grade quadcopters:

Benefits of Microdrones Quadcopter UAVs

mdLiDAR3000 surveying and mapping applications

Commercial Applications

Surveying & Mapping

Microdrones aerial solutions cover more ground in a single flight, providing high-accuracy data deliverables for a wide range of geospatial applications, mapping and drone surveying needs.


Drone-based inspection of large, complex structures and critical infrastructure provides superior efficiency and reduces required manpower, while allowing access to difficult-to-reach or hazardous areas and eliminating risk to operators.


Our drone surveying packages are ideal for a wide range of construction applications, including site surveying, accurate stockpile measurement and volumetric calculation.


Microdrones UAV solutions provide the mining industry with flexible, efficient, cost-effective ways to map deposit sites, survey mines, explore for minerals, monitor stockpile volumes and more.


Using drones for precision agriculture ensures healthy crops and improved yields, providing vital insights into nutrient and moisture levels, soil and vegetative cover, pest and weed proliferation, and a variety of other essential data.

Security and Public Safety

The rapid deployment, flexible payload capabilities and increased flight times of Microdrones unmanned aerial systems make them ideal for security, first response and search & rescue operations, where critical intelligence for situation awareness must be obtained quickly.

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Quadcopter Drones for Aerial Mapping, Surveying, Inspection and DaaS Solutions
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