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Drones Reduce Construction Site Monitoring by 80%

NTT Communications has successfully used Skydio’s drone and dock technology to monitor indoor construction site progress in Japan By Sarah Simpson / 09 Apr 2024
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NTT Communications and Obayashi have succeeded in significantly reducing site monitoring time in the latest drone demonstration using autonomous, remotely operated, and dock-based drone systems by Skydio.

Skydio 2+ and Skydio Dock at an indoor construction site in Tokyo, Japan (©NTT Communications Corporation)
Skydio 2+ and Skydio Dock at an indoor construction site in Tokyo, Japan (©NTT Communications Corporation)

Leading provider of information and communications technology (ICT) solutions in Japan, NTT Communications, in collaboration with the prominent Japanese construction company, Obayashi Corporation, has recently concluded a successful demonstration test in Tokyo where both underground and aboveground construction was going on.

Increasingly, drones are being employed to perform frequent, minimally intrusive site surveys to detect problems early on and to keep construction site jobs on track.

The companies deployed Skydio Dock and Remote Ops with Skydio 2+ to conduct unmanned drone patrols to monitor and record indoor construction site progress.

Over the course of three months and 56 patrol missions, the results were remarkable: a significant reduction in required time from one hour to a mere ten minutes, constituting just one-sixth of the time required by conventional methods.

Skydio’s autonomous, remotely operated, and dock-based drone systems were able to conduct pre-planned missions safely and securely from remote locations as well as perform automatic takeoff/landing and power recharging.

With Skydio, NTT Communications and Obayashi succeeded in making indoor construction site monitoring and management more efficient by:

  • Reducing the time and effort required to go back and forth between the construction site and office.
  • Enabling construction managers and other personnel to safely access and check the construction progress through a real-time video streaming function.
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